Thursday, October 13, 2016

Baby Shower Games Practice

 Tonight after work we had Liz & Liberty come over for dinner. I just made a big pot of taco/bean soup. After we ate, we played some baby shower games. Liz is throwing a baby shower for her sister-in-law on Saturday and she wanted to try out the games on us before she had to do them on Saturday. For this one we were "blindfolded" (hence the reason our eyes are not in the eye holes of these masks) and we had a race to see who could put a diaper on a doll first.

 Then we had a race to see who could drink 4 oz of water from a bottle the fastest. It's a good thing we tested this, b/c it was HARD! Our mouths/tongues were hurting after just drinking 2 oz, so that is all she'll put in the bottles for the real games on Saturday.

After they left Mom & Dad came over when they were done getting interviewed by their Bishop for their next mission! It's going by way too fast already and before I know it they'll be leaving us again. Noooooo! Anyways, it was good to sit and visit with them for a while.

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