Saturday, October 8, 2016

Cheer & A Late Play Date

 We had a leisurely morning, which is nice since I stayed up way too late last night organizing pictures. We got ready & went over to Autumn's cheer game. We got "rock star parking" b/c we were the first spot closest to the gate. The weather was perfect!

 We were missing a few girls this week, but you would never be able to tell. The girls did a GREAT job! We are FOR SURE the best cheer parents b/c we always cheer along w/ our girls and we are LOUD!

 The other team's cheerleaders were so cute. They're from a neighboring city and there aren't enough girls that signed up for the younger divisions, so they had girls ranging from about age 5 up to age 9. The 2 little girls sitting down were cracking me up! They did their own thing, never stood up for cheers, and at one point were playing patty cake together during one of the cheers. I got such a kick out of watching them.

 Great looking stunts during the halftime performance!

 The other team did a cheer off with us. The one that goes, "we've got spirit, yes we do. We've got Spirit, how about you?" We did it back, and then they said, "we've got spirit, yes we do. We've also got a treat for you!" Then they came over and gave our girls a little bucket w/ some candy it it. SO STINKIN' CUTE!!!

 Autumn & I came home after the game, relaxed, had lunch, cleaned, I organized more pictures, and then I watched the BYU game. At 5:30 her friends came over to play. Every time I drop them off at home after Activity Days they beg and plead to have a play date. So, us Moms finally made that happen. They were all hungry since it was 5:30, so we went and picked up some pizza.

 Then we went to the park and had a pizza picnic party. Autumn's making that sad face b/c when she pulled her piece of pizza out, half of it stayed in the box b/c it hadn't been cut very well. LOL.

 I just had to get a silhouette shot of these 4 cute girls.

 They had a blast racing, playing on the playground, and rolling down the hill. The weather was perfect, and I finally had to make them leave when the sun went down and it got dark.

 We came home & made cupcakes so the girls could decorate them.

 While the cupcakes were baking & then cooling, they watched the new Disney original movie, "The Swap."

 During commercials they would get up and dance around. It was so much fun to be sorting pictures in the other room and hear them giggling and just being girls.

 The cupcakes were finally cool enough to frost and decorate, so they got to work being creative.

 I heard more giggles than usual and the next thing I know, they all come in w/ this bright frosting all over their lips like lipstick. So funny!

We loaded their decorated cupcakes up on plates and then they each got to pick one house to go and "BOO." They had A BLAST running up to doors, leaving the treats w/ an anonymous note, and then running to hide. I would park a few houses down the street and then when it was all clear I would go and pick them up. I didn't realize it was 9:45 at night, which is too late to be knocking on doors in my opinion. So, we'll have to do it earlier if we do it again. What a FUN day!!!

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Jen T said...

You did have a full, fun day! Those girls look like they were have way too much fun! Love the lipstick photo! Yummy colorful cupcakes too! Good to see the good spirit among the cheerleaders! So cute!