Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Cute Activity Day Girls

 I got Autumn from daycare today, we came home, hurried and ate dinner, and then I helped her get on her Cleopatra costume. For Activity Days tonight they met later in the evening at one of the leader's homes. It was a costume party and they had A BLAST! Look at these cute girls. I'm going to show this to them in about 5 years when they're in the middle of being teenagers and remind them how sweet they were!

 They got to carve pumpkins, roast the seeds, make caramel apples, and play all sorts of fun Halloween games. I'm thankful for great leaders that make things nice for my girl. I try to do the same for the girls that are in Young Women's.

For our activity tonight we watched the Studio C Face To Face broadcast. In the past, we've all met at one person's house but there are too many youth and it's hard to hear. So, we had the Beehives & Deacons meet at one house, the Mia Maids & Teachers meet at one house, and the Laurels & Priests meet at another house. For ours we had pizza, drinks, and all sorts of sweet snacks. It ended up not working out, b/c everyone just wanted to talk and it was hard to hear the broadcast. I sat right next to the TV and was able to hear some of it, and from what I heard it was VERY POWERFUL! The Spirit was very strong. I'll have to go back and watch it online when it's nice and quiet and I can focus on what's being said.

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Jen T said...

Love all the costumes! We have a small group of youth so we were all at our house to watch the studio C Face to Face. It was very, very good. Autumn might like it too. There were some funny parts. Have a great week!