Saturday, October 15, 2016

Donuts, Cheer Practice, Pictures, & Single Adult Conference

 I got up early this morning and went over to Mom & Dad's to get Autumn for cheer practice. Mom went down & picked Lexie up yesterday so she can convalesce and have a break. It was so good to see Lexie, and I talked her into coming with me. We dropped Autumn off at cheer practice and then went to our favorite local donut place for breakfast. YUM!

 We went back to my house and I talked Lexie into going through her pile of pictures and putting them in chronological order. Then I got busy scanning them for her. It's a good thing I set an alarm on my phone as a reminder to go get Autumn, b/c we were so engrossed w/ sorting pictures that we almost forgot. Their practice today was intense b/c they have their showcase next week.

 We came back to my house and Lexie started sorting the piles of pictures of her boys so I could scan those too.

I took Lexie & Autumn back over to Mom & Dad's house around noon, and this picture of them sitting outside talking to Nate on the phone made me SO HAPPY! They always make us feel so loved and welcomed at their home. I dropped Lexie & Autumn off and went to the Single Adult conference.

It had started at 10:00, and I got there at 1:00. All I missed was the morning speaker and lunch. I made it there in time for the workshops and to hear Bro. H speak. He's AMAZING and the Spirit was so strong as he spoke. That alone made going to the conference worth it. After he spoke, we had a catered Mexican dinner that was delicious. Usually at these conferences I try to find a group of people I know and hang out with them. But this conference I just did the loner thing and was by myself, which I didn't mind at all.

Then we got the pleasure of hearing from Sis. Linda K Burton, who is the General Relief Society President. She did a fabulous job and the Spirit was so strong again. I'm glad we got to take this group picture w/ her (she's in the middle sitting next to her husband who is wearing a red tie). I'm in the back holding the sign, right in the middle.

After this, there was a dance. However, they had a live band playing instead of music we could dance to. Plus, there weren't very many men there that were my age. So, I left at 9:30 and went to Mom & Dad's house. Autumn was already asleep so I climbed in bed w/ Lex and we talked for quite a while. I'm thankful she's here and that we can spend time together.

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