Thursday, October 27, 2016

Exciting El Salvador Excursions ~ Day 1

 I went into work like normal today, but then I left at 11:30 so I could surprise Autumn at school and take her lunch. That's only happened once or twice before, b/c I'm always working. She was SO SURPRISED when she walked in and saw me sitting up on the stage. We had Chick-fil-A for lunch. Then when it was time to say goodbye, I started crying and couldn't stop. She had asked me what if something happens to me. Then that made her get teary-eyed so she gave me a hug and went in got in line w/ her classmates before she started crying. She is my whole world & my everything!!!
 I hurried home to throw a last few minute things in my suitcase, and then I met Nate over at the auto shop b/c I am leaving my car to have it looked at while I'm gone. It keeps having troubles starting even though I just had a new battery put in. Then we headed for the airport. We did a park'n'fly type thing. We got to the gate about 2 hours early, so I texted Mou to see if he was around and wanted to come say hi to Nate.
He stayed and talked to us until it was time for us to board the plane to El Salvador. It was so good to see him again (we're just friends) and catch up w/ each other.
 The flight to El Salvador is about 3 1/2 hours long and it went by really fast. I just watched a few movies (Central Intelligence w/ the Rock & part of Me Before You). I'll have to watch the rest of that on the flight back b/c I didn't get to finish it.

 We landed and got through customs really fast. BIENVENIDOS!!
 We only waited about 5 minutes before the family pulled up in a van to pick us up! It is HUMID here, but we are SO EXCITED to par-tay!!!

 Savi took us to a little pupusa shop to eat. I had to get a picture w/ this lady named Jennifer, b/c she was in line right behind me in the USA to go through security and we started talking. She was also flying to El Salvador, b/c she's from there and was going back to visit. Then, what are the chances of ALL the places in ALL of El Salvador that we ended up eating at the same little shop??? Too fun!

 Nick has told us over and over about pupusas, so it was fun to see them made and also try them. We were so excited about watching them that they even let Nate throw one on the grill.
 We even got some fancy drinks. The pink one is like Horchata and the orange one is mango. That container full of yellow stuff to the far right of the picture tastes just like it smells when you walk into Subway. You eat that w/ your pupusas, and we were brave and gave it a try. It was actually really good.
 It was so cute to see Nick & Savi together. They're so in love and were semi-oblivious to everyone else around them. Nick is just BEAMING w/ happiness.
 Nate was so excited to see some police cars around. He kept saying he wants to get a police patch from here.
After we ate, we came back to this SUPER NICE house we're renting. It's cheaper than us renting 3 hotel rooms, plus we get the whole house to ourselves and can cook and do laundry. We sat around visiting for a while before calling it a night.

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Jen T said...

Wow what a fun trip for you! Hope you enjoy it!!! You do such a good job of documenting!!! Have fun!