Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Nick & Savi Are MARRIED!!!

So, Nick & Savi got married today! They have to be married civilly first before they can be sealed in the temple. They just went to the lawyer's office and had it done. But, he is officially a married man now!!!!!!!!!!!!!! CONGRATS!!!!!!!!! Dad took a lot of pictures, but they're on his nice camera so I'll have to upload some more once I can get those from him.

 Luna was back in the office today, and Lori put her in Colin's office for a little bit so she could get some work done. That was a bad idea! Look what Luna did in the 15 minutes she was in Colin's office. So much for all of that good dog training working out.
I didn't got to YW tonight, b/c we had too much stuff to get done. Autumn didn't want dinner from the place I wanted to eat (they have healthy options I can have), so we went through Taco Bell for her first and then went to the other restaurant to eat. We came home & World War III broke out b/c I dared to wash her DIRTY clothes so she could pack clean ones. UGH.
But, we got everything washed & dried in time for her to pack. I'm so incredibly thankful for nice things like a washer & dryer that let me get things done so quickly & efficiently. We took her stuff over to our friend's house where she'll be staying. We came home, I got her to bed, and then I got busy packing all of my stuff. What a fun adventure awaits us tomorrow!

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