Sunday, October 9, 2016

So-So Sunday & A Labor Of Love

Church was OK today. I didn't have any meetings before church, which was nice. We have 2 different teachers in Sunday School, and I definitely have a favorite and least favorite teacher. One teacher really delves in and poses deep-thinking questions, which leads to some GREAT & INSIGHTFUL gospel discussions. One just has us read scriptures out loud and then he talks and talks and talks! UGH.

I taught the lesson in Laurels today and it was about becoming more Christlike in our service. I focused on how each of us have our own unique set of gifts and talents, and how can we use those to serve others. Only 1 of the 4 girls engaged and was participating. The others just sat there like bumps on a log. It's so frustrating and I wish I could engage them in the conversation more.

After church I had BYC, and it was also pretty lackluster. I feel like we just talk about the same youth that aren't coming, but we don't share how we've reached out to them or what each class presidency is doing to make a difference.

 After the dropping a few YW off after the meeting, I went over to Liz's house to get Autumn. We came home, had lunch, and then we were rough housing. She was chasing me and I didn't realize she was so close to me and when I went to shut the door, it slammed into her foot! It took off a few layers of skin and I felt SO BAD! After that we just sat on the couch and watched a movie together while I held an ice pack on her poor foot!

 Mom & Dad got back from their grand adventure tonight, so Nate & Riannon had everyone over for dinner. We LOVE being together, and can't wait for Christmas so that Lexie & her family, and Savi can be with us.

 While everyone else was eating (I had already had my one lean & green meal for the day), I got sit on the couch and love on Spencer. Mom got him this cute onesie and it made me laugh. He's such a chill & easy going baby. I love snuggling him.

We finally came home at 8:00 so I could get Autumn to bed. I had Mom & Dad come over so they could help me figure out approximate dates of when pictures were taken. Mom did an AWESOME job of writing dates & names on the backs of pictures. But, there's always some that don't have any info. They couldn't believe how much I had already sorted through. It's definitely a labor of love and will be great once I get everything scanned so we can share all the pictures digitally!

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