Sunday, November 6, 2016


 I am NOT a fan of daylight savings time, even though we get an extra hour of sleep. I hate it that it gets dark so early in the evenings now. UGH. Our combined lesson in YW today was really good. Sis. W talked about the importance of loving & supporting each other. She said we should have a "Friendsgiving" in the month of November where we focus on being good friends to each other. She also had a slideshow of pictures of the YW set to the song, "As I Have Loved You." It was very moving & spiritual.

 Everyone did a big group hug after the lesson.
 Here is what Autumn's diorama looked like after Mimi finished it. Luckily we had some Pocahontas figurines that I used to play w/ as a kid that we were able to use.

 It had to be a tribe from Texas, so Autumn chose the Karankawa Indians, which lived along the Texas Gulf Coast. That's why they're near the water and have things like fish, turtles, and shellfish to eat. Mom & Autumn were so proud of their shark popping up out of water in the front right hand corner. LOL. I think their wigwam looks GREAT! I'm sure she'll get a fabulous grade.

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