Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Lunch With Uncle Nate & Olivia's Blessing

I'm putting this picture here, b/c this morning when I was dropping Autumn off at school, and officer had someone pulled over in the school parking lot. Come to find out, it was Uncle Nate! He was assigned to that area of town, so he went & got Chick-Fil-A and went and had lunch w/ Autumn. That was soooooo super nice of him to do. Autumn said all the kids in her class were asking about it, b/c he was in uniform. They forgot to get a picture, so I took this one of them together (Olivia wanted to be in it too) tonight.

 We needed to go shopping at WalMart, but it's never a good idea to shop on an empty stomach. So, we stopped at In-N-Out to get a hamburger. You KNOW it's a good hamburger when your hands are super messy & you have sauce dripping off your fingers.

 After our WalMart shopping trip, we went over to Nate & Riannon's. Spencer is at such a fun age where he smiles as soon as you start talking to him. He also spit up 3 times while we were there. LOL!

 Mom had been at the church all day setting up her nativity collection (over 140 of them are on display). We had pork tacos for dinner w/ all the side fixins and they were so good.

 Olivia was ON ONE tonight & went into full melt down mode several times. I was finally able to distract her by having her show me all her pretty princess dresses. She decided she wanted to wear her Belle dress and "dance with Papa." Autumn got in on the action too and it was so stinkin' cute!!!

When Nate got home from work, he gave Olivia a blessing. It had never been done while they were in Spain, so they finally decided that tonight was the night. She didn't want to sit still, so Nate told her if she did then she could get ice cream. That worked like a charm. LOL. I'm glad we live so close to family and can be here for things like this and create memories together. What a special evening.

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