Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Missionary Moments

 Look at this COOL Ghostbusters car I saw on the freeway on the way to work this morning. That's not something you see everyday!

 Activity Days was focused on missionaries today. Sis. M & I were both asked to share some experiences from our missions. That was so neat to relive some of the highlights of my mission and share my testimony w/ the girls. Then the Elders each took a turn and spoke for a few minutes.

 The last part of the activity was spent writing letters to the missionaries currently serving from our ward. A lot of the girls (Autumn is NOT one) said they'd like to serve a mission someday.

For YW tonight we met at the church and then went shopping. Only 2 Laurels were able to come tonight b/c the rest of them were working. We went to the $1 Store and got a bunch of food items to fill up a bucket for the Bishop. He's stuck at the church all the time for meetings and sometimes doesn't get a chance to eat. This way he can have some treats stashed away for a food emergency. Then we went to my house to put the basket together and have ice cream for our treat.

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