Saturday, November 5, 2016

Service, Yard Work, Cheer Game & Sleepover

 We got up early this morning and went to the store to get some bread, meat, and cheese to donate for making meals for the homeless. We got Mom, Dad, Nick, & Savi to meet us there and serve with us. We got there early so we could all sit together.

 The only problem w/ getting there early is that you have to sit and wait until it's time to start. Then, these guys get up and talk and talk and talk! UGH! Just let us get to work already! Once we were finally able to start, we were sandwich making machines!

 The family that serves together, stays together. At the end of the time, we as a whole group made 5,134 sandwiches! YAY!!!

 Even though it was only 10:30 am, Autumn & I had to stop at Costa Vida for lunch. We were the first customers there, and they hadn't even heated up the food yet. It was so worth the wait, especially the yummy dressing. I always get 2 ... one for my salad and one to dip the tortilla in later. YUM!

 After that, we went over to Papa & Mimi's house so Mimi could help Autumn w/ an American Indian diorama for her school project. I tried helping her w/ it last night, and it did NOT go well. She's a perfectionist and I just wanted to get in and get it done. Thank goodness for Mimi to the rescue!

 Nate came over w/ the bed of the truck full of mulch for Dad so he could spread some around the front flowerbeds.
 Nate was SHOCKED when I picked up a rake and started helping. I am NOT a fan of yard work, but it was a nice cool day outside. Nate had to take a picture to document the fact that I was helping in the yard. After seeing this pic, Mom said I am NOT allowed to wear these jeans again b/c of how baggy they are. She said I HAVE TO go buy some smaller ones b/c of all the weight I've lost.
 Autumn & I hurried home to get ready for her cheer game. This was our playoff game, and I told the other parents I would be happy if we win (for the football players & cheerleaders) and I would be happy if we lost (for us parents so it could be OVER). LOL! The girls are really doing so much better w/ their stunts now compared to the beginning of the season.

 This picture of them catching Olivia during a cradle made me crack up. Their facial expressions are hilarious.

 We ended up winning, so now we get to go to the Super Bowl for our division next week. We came home, Autumn packed up her stuff, and I took her over to one of the coach's houses for a cheer sleepover. They had all sorts of fun things planned like mani/pedis, crafts, a BBQ, s'mores, etc. I didn't get any pictures of it b/c none of the coaches took any!

 You would have thought w/ a whole evening free I would have gone shopping or to a movie or out dancing. NOPE! I went over to Mom & Dad's house to help Mom print off labels for Nick & Savi's Open House. It was my way to thank her for helping Autumn w/ her American Indian diorama. Computer stuff is easy for me, but is a struggle for Mom. So, we work together as a great team.

While I was there, Liberty & Liz came over b/c Liberty had been working on his car and it fell and crushed his pinkie finger. He went to urgent care where they stitched him up and took some x-rays. He wanted Dad to look over the x-rays to see if he really needs to have hand surgery or if he can just let it heal on its own. Poor guy! But it was super fun to spend time w/ Liz & crew. When I finally went home & got into bed, I fell straight to sleep b/c it has been a non-stop day.

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