Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Combined YW Christmas Activity 2016

 Tonight was the annual YW White Elephant gift Christmas party at my house. Autumn & I got a lot of cleaning done yesterday. I took her to Activity Days and then came home and started putting the final touches on things. I like to take pictures of my kitchen looking clean & uncluttered. I went to Chick-fil-A & picked up one of their big 100 piece platters, warmed up the hot chocolate, set out the desserts, filled up the treat bowls, etc.

 All the white elephant gifts on the left, and a pick of whatever shoes you want on the right. LOL!

 We had an opening prayer and then let the girls dig in. We had A LOT of food! This scene of my living room FILLED w/ people I LOVE just makes my heart so FULL to OVERFLOWING!!!

 After everyone had visited and had their fill of food, we had our special guest share some spiritual thoughts w/ us. We all just adore Sis. L, and it was fun to have her w/ us. She talked about a tradition they started in their house several years ago of giving a gift to Christ. It's personal for each person and is something you want to work on and improve throughout the year. They would write that item down on a piece of paper and then put it in a box where they would see it all the time. Then the next year at Christmas they would discuss with each other how they had done that year.

After she shared her thoughts, we gave each of the girls a slip of paper, and a white box to put their gift to the Savior in. I hope that it's meaningful to them and is something they think about throughout the year. My gift to the Savior this coming year is to work on not getting so angry over little things. I need to be kinder.

 After that, it was time for everyone's favorite part. I read the poem, "T'Was The Night Before Christmas" and every time I say "THE" they pass their present to the right. Every time I say "AND" they pass their present to the left. Then we had everyone open their gifts. It was really funny and there were some good white elephant gifts this year.

I had to get a picture of everyone before they left to go home. I LOVE each of these people so much and pray for them on a regular basis. I hope they know how much they are LOVED & CHERISHED. It was a fun young women's activity. Years past:

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Jen T said...

That looks like a great group! And a really fun party! Being in YW is the best!