Friday, December 9, 2016

Mommy/Daughter Date To The Ballet

Tonight after work/school Miss Autumn & I got dressed up and went out on a "fancy" Mommy/Daughter date. We were going to go to a nice sit-down restaurant for dinner, but I had to stay later than usual at work so we didn't have time for that. We opted to go to an all-you-can-eat Chinese buffet b/c we had a coupon for it and hadn't been there in a LONG time. We both LOVE their glazed green beans.

After we had stuffed ourselves, we got in the car and went to our next destination. We went to see the Nutcracker ballet. It was more professionally done than the one that Liz & I went to last week. The costumes were gorgeous and it was really delightful. We both enjoyed it so much.

We had to get a pic next to this adorable nutcracker quilt that was on display out in the lobby. It was a great Mommy/Daughter date. I'm glad we have the means to enjoy cultural arts events.

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Jen T said...

What a fun date! That ballet is a classic and so fun at Christmas!