Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Chigger Bites Suck!

 I got a call at work today from the school nurse saying that Autumn came in complaining about her chigger bites. She said that the redness, swelling, & tenderness around the one on the back of her knee was concerning. So, I left work early and took her to the pediatrician to have it looked at. He said it's infected and that we needed to start her on antibiotics. Poor thing! She started crying when he barely applied any pressure around the bite b/c it hurt so bad.

 We went to Walmart to get the prescription filled & had Subway for dinner while waiting. Their salads are actually really good!

 After we got her meds, we hurried and went over to the church for Activity Days. They were making invitations for a combined event with the Scouts later on in the year.

Our crazy crew! We dropped the other girls off at home, and then hurried and got the house picked up a little bit. I had a Relief Society presidency meeting at our house at 7:00 pm. I'm thankful for the ladies I get to serve with and for all of the good that they do.

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