Friday, May 26, 2017

The Details

 This is what greeted people when they walked down the hall. It's the sign in table.

 Once inside the cultural hall, there was a little table for gifts & cards in anyone brought any. We weren't expecting any b/c we just wanted people to come & celebrate with us.

 This is my FAVORITE area of the whole thing. We borrowed this bench from Mom & Dad's house, and Frank set his hat on the corner of it yesterday while we were setting up. Aunt Sandy LOVED it and had him keep it there and she put a veil she had on the other side! So perfect!!!

 This is also from Mom & Dad's house and was a cute way to display some of the pictures Frank had printed off.

 This was up on the stage and was just more pictures & a picture book for people to look at. Aunt Sandy has such a talent for making things look AMAZING!

 We had to have a kid's table. It's great b/c it's covered in butcher paper so they can draw on the table. We also had some pages for them to color and some candy spread out on the table. It helps keep the kids a little bit contained since they have their own area & it makes them feel special.

 We had 8 round tables w/ 10 chairs at each table.

 Sandy borrowed this little bistro table & chairs from a friend & we had a little "sweethearts table" where we could sit and try to eat in between talking to our guests. The Mr & Mrs signs on the back were made by a friend of hers and added an awesome touch.

 At the food table we had pulled pork sliders, a green salad w/ 2 dressings, a fruit salad, a bowl of watermelon, individual bags of chips, and water or lemonade. We kept it simple but yummy. I also love how we had different pictures strung on some twine in the background.

Here's our M&M's table treat for guests to take home w/ them when they left.

My friend Rachel made the cake, and it was GORGEOUS! Aunt Sandy made my bouquet, which we used as decoration on the cake table.

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