Sunday, May 28, 2017

The Mini-Moon

 We got everything back to the house, unloaded the truck, and just stuck it all in the front living room to deal with later. We sat down w/ the boys and went over the rules for the next 24 hours. Then we packed up and took the boys over to Cheryl's house. She was having a bunch of kids over to have a jam session and had invited our boys & Autumn to come! She's A SAINT. She said it would be a great way for our boys to make friends w/ the kids at church & get to know them better.

 We went to a hotel that was about 30 minutes away, got checked in, unpacked our stuff, and then both realized we were super hungry. We didn't really get to eat much of anything at the Open House b/c every time we would sit down to eat, someone new would come and we'd of course want to greet them and talk to them. So, we went to BJ's Brewhouse to get some dinner.

 It was SO NICE to sleep in on Sunday morning. There were no kids & no alarms to deal with. We went down to the lobby and had breakfast. Then we decided on a whim to go get in the hot tub. It was sprinkling/drizzling outside so we had the whole pool area to ourselves.

 We were crazy & even jumped in the pool. I had forgotten to bring my swimsuit, so I just got in the pool & hot tub in my clothes. LOL.

 We went back to the room, got cleaned up for the day, packed up our stuff, and checked out of our room.

 We had 30 minutes to kill before the BIG SURPRISE (Frank didn't know where we were going or what we were doing), so we sat in the hotel lobby and opened the gifts and cards that people had brought to the Open House. We were so overcome w/ emotion at the goodness & generosity of our friends and family.

 I made Frank close his eyes once we got close, b/c I knew it would give it away the second he saw the building. After we had pulled into the parking lot I had him open his eyes to see that we were at Medieval Times. He was SO SURPRISED & HAPPY! He had mentioned a long time ago in one of our conversations that he had always wanted to go, but had never been. So, I knew that's where we had to go on our mini-moon.

We got assigned to cheer for the blue night, and even had a few people comment on how we were both wearing blue.

The show was spectacular, and the food was fabulous. It's fun, b/c you don't get utensils and just use your hands to eat with. We left the show, went & got Autumn, and then headed home to see what the boys were up to.

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