Saturday, June 24, 2017

20 Year High School Reunion

 Autumn & I got up early this morning & were on the road by 7:00. We HAD TO stop at Buc-ee's to get some gas, a drink, and a melty ham sandwich. It rained the whole ride south, and I'm thankful we got to our destination safely.

 We went to my old high school for our 20 year reunion. We got to take a tour of the school and see what's changed and what has stayed the same. I'm glad I wasn't the only one that was late and had to be let into the building.

 It was so fun to see Ben again (he reminded me that he had asked me to Senior prom and I had turned him down ... I don't remember that at all and felt SO BAD) & the FABULOUS Mrs. Baty. She came in of her own kindness & goodness to give us the tour.

 It was AWESOME to reconnect w/ good friends that made my high school years so great. Michael & Alyssa were definitely some of those people.

 I kept saying to Autumn how "TRIPPY" it was to be walking these halls again after 20 years. The lockers are still the same as they used to be back then.

 I'm glad I thought to bring my yearbook & the big huge panoramic picture of our Senior class. Everyone was gathered around to look at them and find themselves.

 The lighting in here is horrible, but this was the best we could do. Some of the class of '97 that were on the tour.

 This used to be the theater (they know have a gorgeous state of the art auditorium) area of the school, and I spent most of my time down this hallway. There were thousands of memories that came flooding back.

 We were all saying how much we LOVED getting pizza pockets from this snack bar in the mornings.

 The back of the school where from the view of the parking lot. I am so glad that Autumn was w/ me and was able to see where I spent my high school years.

 We had some time to kill before our next activity, so we went past the house we lived in for the 4 years that I attended high school. I pointed out to her where my room was, and was half tempted to go knock on the door ... but I didn't. It's funny that there was this big conversion van in the driveway, b/c that's what we used to have when we lived here.

 The next even was a luncheon. It was supposed to be at a park, but since it had rained so much everything was too wet. So, Anthony (in the yellow shirt) arranged for us to have it at the church he pastors at. It was nice having a kitchen and A/C while we worked to prep all the food.

 There wasn't a huge turnout, but those that came had a great time. It was so fun to eat and catch up w/ people after 20 years. We kept saying how thankful we are for Facebook to keep in touch.

 I had so much fun seeing Diamond, Christy, & Chris. We were some of the LDS kids and were really close in high school. Autumn & I stayed until 3:00-ish and then we had to go. I missed the adult mixer that evening, and I heard a lot more people came to that. But, we had to get home. We drove by the church where I attended early morning seminary. Then we stopped at WalMart to get a few things and we headed home.

 Frank got to get some things done for his parents, and he also go to spend some time w/ Marissa & Grant. Even though I missed him terribly last night and today, I'm glad he was able to go up early and spend the day w/ them.

He picked up the boys at 6:00, went back to the house & loaded up his mattress and a few other things, and they hit the road towards home. Autumn & I got home around 7:30 pm and had time to clean up and get the house ready before they got here. I also made a big pan of chicken bacon broccoli pasta that Frank loves. They got here around 10:00, we ate dinner, switched out the mattresses, and as soon as our heads hit the pillow we were OUT!

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