Monday, June 26, 2017

Grocery Shopping For FHE

 After I picked Autumn up, and before going home, we stopped by our friend's house to check on their hamster & get their mail. He seems so big compared to our little Robo hamsters. We were happy to see he's alive & doing well & still has plenty of water and food.

 We ate dinner and then for FHE we loaded in the truck & went grocery shopping. I had quite the list of things we needed to get. We also had a lot of bottled drinks this time b/c they were on super sale, or we had coupons for them.

It's crazy how much more food we buy when the boys are here. For example, we buy 2 gallons of milk for a week when Autumn & Frank & I don't even drink 1/2 a gallon for 2 weeks. But, we LOVE having them here & we wouldn't want it any other way. We came home, unloaded everything, put groceries away, and spent the rest of the evening together.

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Jen T said...

It is a blessing to have many mouths to feed :) I am sure it is quite and adjustment for you too! Good to see things are going well for you!!