Saturday, June 17, 2017

Parade, Baseball Game, & Fair

WHEW!! We got up this morning, had some breakfast, got packed, and headed out. We stopped to check on a friend's hamster that is out of town and get their mail. Then we went to the bank & got Frank added to my account & got him a debit card so he has access to our money. Then, we were on the road to Oklahoma by noon.

 We got to town and went and found Frank's parents (and his sister) at the Farmer's Market. They have a booth there where they sell various items. It was so nice to meet Frank's sister, Lylalyn.

 His Mom told us there was some good BBQ down the street, so we walked down Main Street to check it out. A vendor was selling soaps, and we found this bath bomb called "monkey farts." Frank is excited to try it out. LOL.

While we were over there, we saw this train and decided to climb up on it and get a picture. So fun! I didn't even notice until I was going back & looking at pics tonight, but the numbers on this train have special meaning to me & Frank. Crazy!!!

We finally found the BBQ place and got a pulled pork & brisket sandwich b/c it was lunch time and we were all super hungry. The pulled pork was actually better than the brisket.

We hung around until 4:00, b/c that is when the parade started. Autumn was happy to go out and gather candy that the people in the parade were throwing.

It was a really small & really short parade, b/c it had rained cats and dogs earlier and the floats got wet. We hurried and left once it was over to go pick up Marissa & Grant.

We stopped at Freddy's to get some dinner before heading to a baseball game. Marissa had won free tickets, and we knew that food at the game was going to be super expensive.

I'm so thankful that Frank was driving in Tulsa, b/c we almost got into a really bad car accident! There were 4 lanes of traffic going the same way. We were merging into the far left hand lane when this jerky guy tried to zoom around us. He ended up going up on the curb and almost hitting a stop sign pole! Frank pulled over to the side and went and talked to the guy. I was getting out the insurance b/c I was sure we were going to have to exchange info. Frank came back to the car about 28 seconds later and I saw the guy speed off up the road.

Frank said the guy had started yelling at him & cussing up a storm. Frank calmly told the guy that he knew he was at fault b/c he was trying to zoom around us on the left. The guy kept going on and on, so Frank gave him a really mean look and the guy dropped his head, turned around, got in his car, and took off!!! I'm so thankful that things ended the way they did and that no one got hurt.

When we went to get Marissa's free tickets, they said they only had 2 seats together. So, we went and sat on the grass. That got old really fast, and we could see that not even half of the seats were filled over in the section that Marissa & Grant were sitting in.

We went over & joined them at the bottom of the 6th inning b/c we wanted to sit in chairs.

Autumn was BEYOND THRILLED that she got to French braid Marissa's hair. She's been wanting to get to do that since she met her at the open house.

Then she got to French brain Grant's hair b/c he's got it long on top.

Lookin' good, guys! I honestly didn't even pay attention to the baseball game & just had fun being together.

Even though it was crazy to drive up to Oklahoma & then drive even further to Tulsa, it was totally worth it. Frank had so much fun being w/ the 2 older kids. We're thankful that they want to spend time w/ us.

On the way home, we stopped at a McDonald's to use the restroom. We saw there was a fair going on, so we drove over to check it out. We didn't know how to get in, so we followed this one car. It ended up going into this section that was only for vendors and we were driving down the sidewalk of a park! Oh, well.

Marissa was so excited to get an alien cup, b/c she loves paranormal things. We even got a funnel cake, b/c that's a must at the fair. We didn't end up riding any of the rides, but still had a great time just walking around and checking things out. We finally got in the car & headed home. What a jam packed day!!!

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