Monday, June 19, 2017

Summer Concert With Friends

 Today after work, we jumped in the car and headed over to the amphitheater for free In-N-Out food & a free concert. I'm glad we got there early, b/c we only waited in line for food for about 6 minutes. Closer to 7:00, the wait was 35 minutes! 

 It was so fun to sit w/ a big group of friends from church.

 Especially Liz, b/c she's so fun & crazy & wild. She's the life of the party wherever she goes.

 Autumn was so cute w/ taking Olivia around to look at all of the fun things they had set up for kids. She also hung out w/ some of her cheer friends that were there. I LOVE this stage of life, where Autumn can go off and do things and I don't have to follow her around. But she also knows to come back and check in every once in a while. She's such an awesome kid!

 We left the concert a little after 8:00 b/c we had to run some errands. We went to WalMart to get Frank some more work pants. He only has 2 pairs, so we're doing laundry every night. This way he'll have some for in between laundry days. I didn't even notice (until Frank pointed it out) that they now have cameras recording you if you're at the self checkout lines.

We hurried over to Target before they closed to get a few more things. We had some gift cards from our wedding that we used. We all thought this cake that looked like a hamburger was really cool (no, we didn't buy it). What a fun evening!

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