Sunday, July 23, 2017

2 New Callings

 The boys need haircuts so badly, but everything was closed by the time they got home last night. So, Frank just trimmed their sides & back before church today. I love snapping pics of him being the FABULOUS Father that he is. He's so loving & good.

 I made some brownies for my guys to take home teaching w/ them. This is the first time they've visited their new family that was assigned to them, and I was BEAMING w/ joy. They are so handsome & I am so stinkin' proud of them.

 When they got home we all got ready & headed off to church. It was a big Sunday for us, b/c both Frank & I got new callings. He is going to be teaching the 16/17 year old Sunday School class. Our Relief Society presidency got reorganized today b/c the current Relief Society President is moving soon. I am sooooooooooooooo excited to serve w/ Sis. J & Sis. A. I am now the new 1st Counselor. There was confusion as to who would be conducting opening exercises today, so I just jumped in and did it since I was in the old presidency & will be in the new presidency. I also taught the lesson.

 We stayed after church so Frank & I could get set apart. Then we came home, our home teacher came over, and then Christy came over to eat dinner w/ us. We were laughing about how all of the boys just happened to be wearing blue shirts. So Julian jumped up & went and changed. So funny!

After dinner we hung out, Autumn did my hair, and we watched the new King Kong movie. It was actually really good & had a good story line. Why is it that the weekend always go by so fast?

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