Saturday, July 8, 2017

Cheer Practice, Pool Party, & Ribeye Steaks

 Autumn & I got up early (for a Saturday) b/c today was her first day of cheer practice for this season. I went & dropped her off and this is the crazy sight that greeted me on the way back! I know some yahoo teenagers think it's a funny & harmless prank to put soap in the fountain, but it causes a lot of damage. Not to mention all the time it takes for the HOA to empty out the fountain & clean out all the residual soap. UGH!

 I gave Miss Georgia a bath b/c her owners came to pick her up today. We are so sad she won't be here anymore, and I'm sure we'll still yell out for her when we walk in the door for a few days. She was such a good dog, and we enjoyed getting to love on her.

 I went back to Autumn's cheer practice a few minutes early to see what they were working on. They're learning their half time dance & it's super cute so far.

 They're also working on stunts from last year. This year I think the girls that are the base get to extend their arms all the way up instead of keeping their elbows bent!

 Coach had a parent's meeting after practice to go over some items of business for the rest of the season. The girls got to work on a cute coaster/tile art project while we had our meeting. I'm so thankful for Coach & how organized she is and that she always makes sure we have all the info we need to make the season run smoothly.

 While we were doing that, Frank took the boys out to lunch since he won't be seeing them again for a while. It's really hard for him to be away from them for so long.

 I'm so thankful for his parents and the great example they are to us. They are FABULOUS in-laws & I'm grateful that we all love each other. That would be so hard to not like your in-laws.

 After Autumn's cheer practice we ran home to get some things and then headed over to Mom & Dad's for our annual pest control party. We didn't have quite as many people there this year, but that's OK. It was awesome to see Sheila & her family who are here visiting from back East. We ate & swam & partied hard.

 The party was cut short when it started thundering & lightning out of nowhere. A HUGE storm came through, and it even blew the umbrella into the pool. I was going to go get it out, but was afraid I would get struck by lightning. A HUGE bolt of lightning & clap of thunder went off between our house & the neighbor's house! There were even a bunch of big trees knocked over throughout town b/c of the storm. So sad!

 Frank got home from OK around 5:30, and we were so thankful, especially since he had to drive through some stormy weather. We went & picked up a FREE crib for Nick & Savi that Liz found on her neighborhood Facebook page. We went & dropped it off at their house and then Frank & Autumn picked a few tomatoes from the garden.

We went to Target to use some of our wedding gift cards to get some groceries. We found some ribeye steaks on a great sale, so we had those for dinner when we got home at 9:30 pm. LOL! What a fun filled Saturday.

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