Saturday, July 29, 2017

Cleaning, Volleyball, & Medieval Times

 We got up early this morning & I took Autumn over to her cheer practice and then I went to the church. It was our turn to help clean along w/ some other families. I'm so proud of our boys for jumping in & helping.

 It's b/c they've learned from the example of their FABULOUS Father. There's nothing more attractive than a man that knows how to work hard & help out. I've totally hit the jackpot with Frank.

 There was also a Stake volleyball tournament going on this morning, so the boys went & played for our ward b/c we didn't have enough players. It was a double elimination type thing & we lost 2 games, so we were out pretty quick. At least they had fun!

 When we went to leave, Frank's truck had a hard time starting. So, he stopped to have the battery checked & when he got home he showed me how to replace it. Luckily that's all it was instead of us having to replace the starter or alternator! "Windows (of heaven) are open (because we pay our tithing)!!!" We went & picked Autumn up from her cheer practice & they had a little swim party w/ pizza after.

 All week we have been telling the kids that if they're good & help out, then we have a fun SURPRISE planned for them. Today it was finally time for the surprise. I had a coupon for El Pollo Loco, so we went there for dinner since Frank & the boys had never tried it before. They said it was good, but I don't think it's somewhere they'll be in a hurry to go back to.

 Next up was Dave & Busters so the kids could play some games. Autumn & I played Dance, Dance Revolution & even got 2 rounds for free b/c someone had left 4 credits on the machine. I was sweaty by the time we were done!

 After that, we headed to the BIG surprise ..

 ... Medieval Times!

 We had tickets to go to an earlier show, but right as we were getting ready to leave the house they called & said they had oversold the earlier show. They asked if we would be willing to come to the later show & if so, they'd upgrade us to premium seating for free. I agreed, which was why we ended up going out to dinner & going to Dave & Buster's.

 Little did we know that the free upgrade included FRONT ROW seats close to the King, free banners to wave, and free rowdy towels. WOOT WOOT! Totally worth going to the later show. Frank was on the end of the row & even got to fist bump the king as he walked pass to his throne!

 While we were waiting to go into the arena, Frank had gone & looked at some of the stuff they have for sale. He got me this GORGEOUS ring & gave it to me during the show. This man is INCREDIBLE & always makes me feel like a QUEEN!

 Autumn was beyond thrilled when our green knight won one of the games & got a flower from the Princess. He kissed it and threw it to her! She felt like a million bucks and was so happy.

 The whole way home the kids kept saying how "LIT" it was & how much they enjoyed it & how appreciative they were that we took them. It was our big end of the summer hoorah since we didn't go on a vacation.

On the drive home, a big group of motorcyclists were going down the freeway doing CRAZY tricks like this guy. He was standing on the back of his bike w/ NO HANDS, and we were going about 50 mph!!! The kids thought it was so cool, and I thought it was so dumb & dangerous. Luckily we passed them before any of them crashed or wiped out. We got home, did scriptures & prayer, and called it a night. What a FUN & MEMORY FILLED day!!!

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