Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Missionary Moments & Matching Outfits

 For our evening tonight, I made Thai chicken & sugar snap peas for dinner. Frank said it was really good & one to include in our normal dinner rotation. Even though going out to dinner or out on dates is fun, my favorite times w/ Frank are when we're just at home sitting on the couch & talking together. We had a great conversation and were able to really connect on a deeper level. I love this man more & more every single day!

Christy & her Mom came over for another lesson w/ the missionaries. We LOVE having all of them in our home & appreciate the Spirit that is there when we're all learning about the Gospel together. Frank & the missionaries gave Christy & her Mom a blessing b/c they had both asked for one. I was beaming w/ joy while watching my husband participate & knowing that he is a worthy Priesthood holder.

Autumn had a super good day today, b/c Lexie took them to the pool to swim & cool off & burn off some energy.

They also stopped at WalMart & Lexie got her and Autumn matching outfits. SO CUTE! Lexie loves getting to "borrow" Autumn for a week & do girly things w/ her since Lexie & Jon only have boys. Autumn loves getting to have some time away & a change of scenery & pace.

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