Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Surprising Frank At Work With Lunch

 I usually eat lunch at my desk, but I decided to surprise Frank at his jobsite (30 minutes away) with lunch. It was so fun to pull up behind his truck & see the joy on his face when he realized it was me. We sat on the tailgate of his truck in the shade and eat our food while we talked. Then he showed me around the jobsite. I'm beyond thankful for him & the incredibly physically demanding work that he puts in each day to help support our family. Poor guy comes home literally DRIPPING in sweat each day. His clothes are so soaked through that we put them straight into the washer. What a guy!!!

 After I picked Autumn up, we went to check on Emma. She so cute and we just love her so much! Her tongue permanently hangs out b/c her teeth had to be pulled.

Autumn wants a dog so bad, but we're never home during the day. She'll just have to get her dog fix from taking care of Georgia & Emma over the past few weeks.

After dinner, we went over to a lady's house in our ward that heard that Frank was a handyman. She needed to have a bathroom faucet switched out. It ended up being harder than Frank had originally anticipated, especially w/ his shoulders hurting so bad. I tried to help him as much as I could. He's a rockstar and was able to get it switched out for her. I love it that he's so knowledgeable about practical things and that he's able to use his hands to fix things.

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