Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Babysitting Olivia & Spencer

 It was fun to wake up this morning & not have to go into work. I got to work from home today, b/c Nate & Riannon are going on vacation to visit our parents in South Africa. They had asked a few months ago if we could watch the kids for them while they're gone. I told them I couldn't take off that much time from work, but that I could work from home for a few days & they said they'd find people to take the kids during the day on the other days. I hope Frank & I are up for this crazy adventure. My house is NOT baby proof at all, & Spencer is so close to walking & is into everything.

 Autumn was such a good helper w/ keeping Olivia busy & occupied while I kept a close eye on Spencer. Autumn was so happy to get to play "beauty shop" & paint Olivia's nails.

 Around 11:00 the kids were getting restless, so we loaded them up in the stroller to go for a walk around the neighborhood. Luckily it was cloudy and not super hot (mid 90's) even though it was really humid.

We had fun checking out all the different flowers in the neighborhood. This one is my favorite b/c it is so pretty & is literally the size of my face! I took a pic next to it so it shows the scale of just how big it is! So pretty!

 We came home, had lunch, and then I Facetimed w/ Mom. As we were talking, Spencer climbed up into my lap and then all of a sudden he was OUT like a light. It's so fun to snuggle a sleeping baby.

I packed everyone & everything up (I forgot how much time it takes) & loaded everyone in the car. We went over to Mom & Dad's house for Autumn's Activity Days. Liz had asked if we could have a swim party at their house. She was so awesome & even had pizza & ice cream sandwiches for everyone. What a cute group of girls.

We helped clean up and then rushed home to make dinner for Frank & the boys. Spencer & Olivia are super good kids, but it's still exhausting to keep up w/ them since I'm not used to having little ones in the house.

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