Thursday, August 3, 2017

Truck Issues, Missionaries, & Relief Society Meeting

 Poor Frank! His truck died on him today every time he was idling at a stop light. He was able to get off of work a little bit early so he could take it to an Auto Zone to have them run diagnostics on it. The part he needed was over $200, and I told him we had to have it so he & Spencer went to get it while the rest of us ate dinner. When they got home, Frank told Autumn to go outside and look at the front of the truck. She came back in the house jumping up & down w/ excitement & saying how much he must love me. I had to go check it out for myself & this is what I found! CUE.THE.TEARS!!! He ordered this & put it on without me knowing. What's so neat is that his parents have one similar to this. I had made a comment about the one on his parent's vehicle a month or so ago & he filed that away in his memory & ordered this for us. I also love that he used the wooden planks as a background b/c that reminds me of the decor at our wedding open house. I am BEYOND BLESSED!!! He is sooooooooooooooooo thoughtful & good to me & makes me always feel so LOVED.

 The missionaries came over tonight to teach Susan another lesson. I didn't get to be a part of it, b/c Olivia & Spencer were just way too distracting. So I took them in my room & we laid on the bed and watched a Disney movie. Elder S will be leaving soon, and he LOVES Mt. Dew, so we got him this huge case of it to let him know how much we appreciate him & will miss him. We figured we'd give it to him now so he has time to drink it all before he goes home.

As soon as they left, I headed out the door to go to a Relief Society Presidency meeting. I was sooooo tired b/c Spencer had woken up at 4:30 am and hadn't gone back to sleep, plus I am still getting over being sick. But it was a great meeting & we got A LOT accomplished w/ reorganizing the visiting teaching routes. What made it even better is that Rachel (who made our wedding cake) had made a chocolate cake w/ homemade fudge & she offered us a piece. I shouldn't have had any, but I am so glad I did. It was divine & was worth every single calorie. YUM! I love the women I get to serve with, and the strengths we all share & bring to the table.

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