Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Eating Out With Good Friends

IMG_1804 Today Liz said she wanted to try a new place for lunch b/c it was voted best burger in Texas. It’s called Twisted Roots, and I have to say I was NOT impressed at all. The burgers weren’t anything special at all, and it was expensive. The sauces you can put on them were good, but the best part was the atmosphere. This was in the girl’s bathroom…they have chalkboards in there and they had these funny sayings written in there. So, I won’t be going back to Twisted Roots anytime soon.

Then tonight we had our visiting teaching group, which I LOVE! They might be getting rid of our group, which makes me really sad b/c I think our group is great and it’s so convenient for all of us. We met at this Thai place, which was pretty good. We just sat and talked and then had a quick little lesson about our influence on the rising generation. I really need to make more of an effort to not be so quick to lose my temper w/ Autumn and always remember that she’s really just on loan to me from Heavenly Father and that I need to do my best to raise her the best way I can.

After our dinner, we walked over to Yogilicious b/c I was craving the avocado yogurt. I enjoy being around all the ladies in the group and we have such a good time. I think a lot more women would do visiting teaching if it was in a group like we have. It will be tragic if they make us do traditional visiting teaching. Nick was a sweetheart and watched Autumn for me so I could go.

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