Monday, November 13, 2017

ICE! Treat

 Tonight after dinner, we told the kids we had a fun surprise for them to thank them for all the hard work they've done around the house. It's been 5 weeks since we instituted our new chore chart, and I haven't had to have any "Red Hen" moments in the past 5 weeks. It's been GLORIOUS! All we told them was that it was going to be SUPER COLD & to wear warm clothes. I had a coupon for 50% off, which is why we were able to treat them to this fun surprise. The decorations in the hotel are phenomenal!

 I LOVE the look on Spencer's face when it started to "snow." So fun!

 I'm so glad they give us these big warm parkas, b/c it is COLD (9 degrees) in there!!! The theme of this ice exhibition was "'Twas The Night Before Christmas." All of the ice sculptures depicted the story.

 It was so nice going on a weekday evening, b/c we pretty much had the place to ourselves. There were hardly any other people there.

 Autumn & Spencer had fun going down the ice slides several times, b/c there was no line. I even went down this year & was cackling the whole time.

 It's hard to believe that this whole structure is made out of ice!!! It's so well done & looks so incredible.

 I always love the crystal clear ice depiction of the nativity. So gorgeous & a good reminder of the real "reason for the season."

 See no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil.

 These MASSIVE Santa boots were really cool to stand next to. I always wonder where they store all this stuff during the rest of the year???

 This picture had me laughing so hard when Frank showed it to me! Looks like Spencer got smooshed by Santa's boot! SO FUNNY!

 It was so fun to share this new & exciting experience w/ Frank & the boys. I'm so thankful for this incredible man!

 So much LOVE!

Grant & Spencer making fun of me & Frank. LOL!

We were all hungry by the time we got done, so we stopped at this place that sells fried pies. I'd driven past it several times, and have always wanted to try it. We did the drive thru, and it took over 10 minutes!!! I guess they make the meat pies to order. It was actually super good once the brisket fried pie I got had time to cool down. It was a really fun evening together & we made some great memories.

Sunday, November 12, 2017

Happy Birthday, Savi!

 Church today was really nice. We had fast Sunday, b/c of the regional broadcast last Sunday. I love Sundays where I don't have to teach or conduct or do anything. I just get to show up & be spiritually fed. As soon as church was over we rushed home, changed clothes, and headed over to Nick & Savi's. Today is her birthday & I wanted to make her dinner since I knew Nick probably wouldn't, and no Mom should have to cook on their own birthday.

 While everyone was eating, I got to love on Baby Matthew. He's so stinkin' handsome w/ all of that dark hair!

 We had taco bean soup for dinner b/c it's quick and fast and feeds a lot of people. Nate & Riannon were going to come over, but had other commitments. We also had cornbread & chips w/ the taco soup. For dessert we had tres leches cake. Savi looks so cute in the special birthday glasses.

 Make a wish! We're so thankful that she's a part of our family. She is such an ANGEL & has brought so much happiness to Nick. HAPPY 36th BIRTHDAY, SAVI!

We hurried home, dropped off the kids, and went to our self reliance class. It's almost over, and I'm actually really glad! I'm ready to have our Sunday evenings free again.

Saturday, November 11, 2017

Crepes, A Birthday Party, & The Super Bowl

 We got up early to go drop Autumn off at a friend's birthday party. We were both hungry for breakfast, so I decided to introduce Frank to our favorite crepe place since I've talked about it so much. It's fun to stand and watch them make the crepes.

 If we look super tired, that's b/c we ARE! It was still too early in the morning to be awake on a Saturday. But, it was so worth it to spend some quiet one-on-one time w/ my handsome hubby.

 Frank tried the Piggy crepe (eggs, sausage, bacon) & I got the strawberry cheesecake crepe. In my mind, I thought we were going to share his first & then share mine for a dessert type thing. However, as I kept taking bites of his he sweetly said to me, "honey, what does YOUR crepe taste like?" I laughed so hard, b/c I realized he thought I was going to eat his AND mine. SO FUNNY!

I dropped Frank off at home so he could go to one of his handyman jobs. Then I went & got Autumn from her friend's birthday party. It was an ALOHA theme, b/c the family is Hawaiian.

The cute girls that attended the party. The birthday girl is in the middle in the light blue tshirt. So thankful Autumn has such great friends that are such a good influence.

We came home, relaxed, and then it was time to get ready for Autumn's last cheer game. I was putting on my new pregnancy pants (LOVE THEM) & Frank decided he wanted to try a pair b/c I kept gushing about how incredible they are and how comfortable they make me feel. We were laughing SO HARD!!!

We dropped Autumn to her game an hour early so they could practice. Then we dropped the boys off at a nearby park to play basketball. Frank & I went to the store to get a few groceries we needed. Autumn was SO HAPPY we were all there to support her, even though we embarrassed her a few times w/ our loud cheering. Frank made up a cheer that goes, "Lucky as a four leafed clover, glad this season's finally over!" LOL!

Our cute girls all lined up & ready for their last halftime show. Look at how tall Autumn is compared to the other girls & ever her coaches! Amazon Woman!!!

This is my favorite stunt that the girls do. They hold this girl up & then throw her feet up & behind them, and Autumn catches her feet. Then they push her up into a standing position. Pretty advanced for a bunch of 5th graders.

We had a lot of fun cheering & being silly since this is the last game. It's so much more fun to have Frank & the boys here than in all the years past when I was by myself.

Our boys won their super bowl, and we're super happy for them to end the season on a high note.

This evening, Frank rented the movie Dark Tower and we watched it in bed w/ some popcorn. Grant was gone w/ friends, Spencer was at a Stake Dance, and Autumn was in her room "organizing." It was a creepy movie & Matthew McConaughey did a great job as the bad guy. It's not one I care to ever watch again, but it was fun spending time w/ Frank.

We went & picked Spencer & a few friends up from the Stake Dance at 10:30 & then we all headed to bed.

Friday, November 10, 2017

Shady Gas Station Seafood & Cheer Dance

 Frank was craving fish for dinner, so just he & I went to Long John Silver's. We looked up the closest one and were surprised when we got there. This picture makes it look like a cute cafe setting. However ...

 ... it was actually in a super shady gas station! We kept wondering if the next person to walk through the door was going to do a smash & grab at the cash register! We survived and it makes for a super funny story now. "Remember that one time we ate shady seafood at the gas station?" A super funny thing he said was, "I gave up Applebee's for this???" I had suggested that we could go to Applebee's b/c I had a coupon for buy 1 entree, get 1 free. LOL!

 After dinner we hurried home so I could take Autumn to her cheer dance/celebration. The theme was "Sparkle like a diamond" so the girls were encouraged to dress up & wear anything sparkly they had. This is their "Sassy pose."

 "Blow a kiss pose"

 To get this shot, I had them stand in a circle and then I laid down on the ground. CUTE GIRLS!

 I'm so glad I signed Autumn up for cheer all those years ago, b/c it has been so good for her. I'm glad we're on this cheer team, b/c it's more like a family than just a cheer team. It will be fun to see how much they grow and change in the next few years. Hopefully they'll still stay friends & not turn into mean girl teenagers.

 Hanging out & watching our girls have fun & dance.

 They had a little photo booth set up w/ some fun props. Notice Autumn is wearing my necklace, rings, and bracelets to add some sparkle & shine to her outfit.

 Towards the end of the dance, us Moms went out to dance the last few songs w/ the girls.

 Silly girls

 One more before everyone left for the night.

Thursday, November 9, 2017

Relief Society Gratitude Dinner

 After work today, it was a crazy whirlwind. I stopped at Costco to get some cheesecakes, I rushed home, made dinner, made a batch of THE BEST caramel sauce, and then left for the Relief Society Gratitude Dinner that I was partly in charge of. Sisters had come earlier in the day to set up the tables, chairs, & centerpieces.

 I was super worried when the catered food was delivered, b/c the person in charge of food only ordered 3 salads. But, it ended up being enough for everyone. I was dumb & only got 2 cheesecakes instead of 3, and there were a few people who didn't get a piece. Darn it!

 Our group of AMAZING sisters that were able to come. I think I counted 42 sisters by the time it was over, which is a good turn out. I think it helps that they get to just show up & don't have to bring anything.

 Bonnie was an ANGEL & offered to host it at her house. She had moved all of her living room furniture into her bedroom so there was enough room. Plus, her house is gorgeous & smelled so good.

*a positive experience that comes from recognizing gifts or blessings and feeling thankful
*an attitude, a way of perceiving life, in which individuals are willing to receive & acknowledge the beneficial actions of others on their behalf
*a habit that can be cultivated, causing one to focus on the blessings of life
*a coping response to challenging or difficult circumstances

It was a wonderful evening, and I'm glad so many sisters were able to come. Since this was my first Relief Society activity that I was in charge of, I'm cutting myself some slack on the food. I stayed to help clean up, load chairs & tables into vans, and I took the container of centerpieces back to the sister that let us use them. WHEW! What a night.

Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Fall Out Boy Concert

 For my birthday, Frank bought us tickets to the Fall Out Boy concert. We went & dropped Autumn off at Nate & Riannon's, grabbed some food, and headed to the big city.

 The first opening act was Jaden Smith (Will Smith's son). He was OK, but I'd never buy his music on iTunes.

 Then the 2nd act was Blackbear. His music wasn't horrible, but he said the F-word A LOT! It totally turned me off to even wanting to listen to him or his music.

 Finally it was time for Fall Out Boy.

 They had a MASSIVE screen behind them & some cool pyrotechnics going on.

 In the middle of the concert, they went out on these cool platforms that raised up high into the air. I looked close, and they had tight strings attached to the back of their pants & the platform so they couldn't fall.


 A confetti shower for the end of the concert. They put on a great show.

 We look all sweaty & weird in this picture, but it's just the lighting. It was a great concert & it was so fun to spend time w/ Frank & the boys. Yes, I'm wearing bright orange earplugs, and I'm SO GLAD Riannon had some for me to use, b/c even w/ the earplugs it was super loud. I can't imagine how loud it would have been without them.

Autumn had a great time at Nate & Riannon's. We got back from the concert around 11:30 pm, so we stopped by and picked her up even though she was asleep. That way she could sleep in her own bed and we wouldn't have to wake up early to go get her for school. We all fell into bed exhausted but happy.