Saturday, January 12, 2019

Bitter's First Movie

 We took the baby to her very first movie. We sat in the back in case she made any noise so we could get up and take her out. She actually did really good.

 Of course we didn't give her any popcorn, but we let her touch it to take this funny picture. The container of popcorn is as big as she is! LOL!

 She started a new trick tonight where she'll stick her tongue out at us.

She laughs when we do it to her too. She's just the sweetest bundle of joy.

Sunday, August 5, 2018

Friends & A New Dress

 One of Autumn's friends at church is moving to the West coast and Autumn is sad. I had to make sure to get a picture of them together after church today.

 My visiting teacher said that she ordered this dress for herself, but it was too big and too long for her so she wanted to know if I wanted it. It fit perfectly and I LOVE it. I got a lot of compliments on it at church today. It was such a tender mercy to have a nice new dress that I feel good in.

 We went over to Liz's tonight to say hi and hang out b/c we haven't seen them in a long time. She wanted to love on the baby and also let us borrow some baby seats she isn't using. For some reason, Bitters always hits new milestones when we're at Liz's house. Tonight we put her in one of the baby seats and she full on belly laughed like I have never heard before. It was SO STINKIN' CUTE!!!

Saturday, August 4, 2018

Bumbo Baby

 Frank LOVES having Bitters fall asleep on his chest. He said it's one of his very favorite things in this world. He's soaking it up while he can, b/c before we know it she'll be too mobile and big to lay on his chest. We have to put socks on her hands b/c she keeps scratching her face.

 She loves being able to sit up and enjoy time in her Bumbo. We had a pretty laid back Saturday with not a lot going on, which was really nice for a change of pace!

Friday, August 3, 2018

Bitter Bugs Is 3 Months Old

 I can't believe that little bug is 3 months old already. I love her cute fatty rolls on her legs.

She's been the sweetest little bug. She's so happy and easy going and my only complaint is that she doesn't sleep through the night. She still wakes up a few times. But I'll gladly take that any day over her being a needy & whiny baby.

Thursday, August 2, 2018

Breakfast With My Babe

 Frank & I were both wide awake pretty early this morning thanks to a crying baby. So, we decided on a spur of the moment to get up and go to breakfast. We took the baby with us and luckily she slept in her car seat carrier the whole time. It was nice to sit and visit and have it just be the two of us getting to reconnect.

It was our ward's (church congregation) turn to provide lunch for a group of underprivileged kids. There are a lot of kids in our town that depend on school lunch for their only meal during the day. Well, during the summer those kids often go without food. So, a bunch of different churches in our area take turns providing food for these kids. It was our turn, and our ward decided to keep it super simple and just get pizzas and apples & carrots. It felt good to do service and help those less fortunate than we are.

Wednesday, August 1, 2018

Tree Trimming & Swimming

 Little Bug is making so many funny faces lately. It's hard to capture them on film, but I got this one which is just too cute!

 I LOVE this Vera Bradley onesie that I got at a consignment store for $1.50! This is one I might have to keep to pass down to Autumn or Alisa when they're Mom's and have baby girls of their own.

 We stopped at Taco Bell & got Frank some lunch and went and dropped it off to him. He was working super hard trimming some tree branches and bushes and hauling them off to the dump for someone. I feel bad that he has to work so hard physically, especially when his back hurts him so much.

Autumn is not a big fan of Activity Days, b/c she thinks she's too grown up & mature for it. But she was more than happy to attend this Activity Day swim party. It's funny to see the difference in heights and growth in the girls even though they are just a year or two apart. Autumn is definitely one of the taller & more physically mature girls in the group. I'm glad she had fun!

Tuesday, July 31, 2018

Ministering Interviews

 I love this cute giraffe outfit with matching pants, so I did a quick little photo shoot while she was in a good mood after I had changed her diaper.

 For some reason she is obsessed w/ this burp rag. I'm guessing it's b/c of the big contrast of the dark blue stars against the white background. She gets so excited and moves around like crazy when we wave it in front of her.

 This is pretty much where Autumn lives during summer break. She takes over the couch and sleeps here at night. She likes to cocoon up and cover her head and leave just enough room to breathe. She cracks me up & is such a good helper with the baby while I work.

 Tonight we did Relief Society ministering interviews at the church. It went well, even if it was a little bit awkward with some people. They just apologized over and over for not being better at doing their ministering. This was meant as more of a check in of how it's going than a guilt trip type of thing. I reminded those people that ministering does not have to mean an in-home visit once a month.

Our amazing secretary made these DELICIOUS homemade treats to help entice people to come do their ministering interviews. I even took a few home to share w/ Frank b/c they are so delicious.

Monday, July 30, 2018

Potato Skin Birthmark

 I called my doctor's as soon as he opened this morning and they were able to fit me in this afternoon. He said things are looking the way they should, and he put me on a strong antibiotic just in case. I'm relieved to know things are ok, and I'm thankful for medicine to help with the pain. We went down to the food court area and got some lunch.

 I thought these braided plants in the lobby were so interesting!

 I forget that I have a birthmark on my arm until someone points it out. The other day Nate said that it reminds him of a potato skin at Chick Fil A.

 Today he texted this to me and I about died laughing. He's spot on!!! LOL!!!!

I am taking so many different medicines right now that I had to create a spreadsheet to remember what time to take them. Some of them are every 3 hours, one is every 4 hours, one is every six hours, and one is twice a day! It's too confusing to keep up with the timing of it all without a spreadsheet.

Sunday, July 29, 2018

Cute & Thug

 Needless to say, I did NOT go to church today. I stayed home and rested. I had ordered some ADORABLE outfits from Ruffle Butts, b/c I got a killer deal on them. Autumn & I decided to play dress up w/ Alisa and see what they looked like. This ballerina tutu one is so stinkin' cute!

 This blue ruffle one with the ruching at the top is too precious.

 After all that cuteness, we had to "thug" her up a bit. I think this is a clean sock where the elastic was completely shot, so it fit on her head. LOL!

 Such a big girl sitting up in her Bumbo.

Andrew turned 12, so he got the Aaronic priesthood today. We are so happy for him and PROUD of the great young man that he's becoming. Go Andrew!

Saturday, July 28, 2018

Trip To The ER

 I got over to Nate & Riannon's and was just going to pick up the meds and go home. When they found out that Frank was in Oklahoma, they insisted that I stay so they could help if I needed something. Autumn & I fell asleep on the couch and I slept for maybe 30 minutes. But, the medicine didn't help and I was pacing the kitchen and sobbing uncontrollably b/c the pain was so bad.

A friend had had hemorrhoid surgery done several years ago and had warned me that pooping after that surgery is the most painful thing he's ever lived through (and he's had broken bones before). He was right! Plus, it doesn't help that my doctor decided to remove some internal hemorrhoids while he was fixing the fissure instead of just removing the external ones.

Long story short, I finally had to go wake Nathan up about 5:00 am and ask him to take me to the Urgent Care to get some help. We went to the Urgent Care but the lady at the desk said I should got straight to the ER b/c they would end up sending me there anyways and that would save me time and money. So, we loaded back in the car and went to the ER. Mind you, I'm still sobbing this whole entire time ... even while checking into the ER.

Luckily there was no wait and they took all my info and got me right back into a room. The ER doc ordered me a lidocaine  suppository and some morphine to help with the pain. I was expecting the morphine to completely remove ALL the pain, but it didn't. But it did help a lot and took my pain level from a 9 to a 3. I sobbed even more uncontrollably when the nurse did the lidocaine suppository b/c it hurt so bad.

The ER doc said that anyone who has ever had hemorrhoid surgery and come into the ER looked exactly like I did and was also in excruciating pain. He said the doctors don't warn you how bad the pain will be, b/c otherwise no one would go through with the surgery. He was shocked that my doctor had only written me for Norco 5 instead of Norco 10 for the pain. He wrote me a script for Norco 10 so I could get that filled today instead of the Norco 5.

Poor Nate was exhausted too, but he stayed with me the whole time and was a trooper. I'm thankful our Dad was a doctor and that we talked about medical stuff all the time. So Nate wasn't phased at all with all this talk of butts and suppositories.

We finally left the hospital around 9:00 am and Nate went and got my prescription filled right away. He had called Frank once we got to the ER to let him know what was going on. He said he was leaving Oklahoma immediately and would be there in 3 hours. We went back to Nate & Riannon's house to wait for Frank to drive me home since I shouldn't be driving w/ morphine & Norco in my system. I felt so bad that Riannon had to handle all the kids by herself especially since she had just had a c-section 4 days ago. But Autumn was a super good helper, and I helped as much as I could when we got back.

You can see how tired and in pain I am in my eyes in this picture. Frank came and got us, took us home, and took care of me the rest of the day. I rested and slept and stayed on top of my medications to keep the pain at bay. The whole thing was a wretched ordeal and I will be so thankful once my butt is completely healed.

Friday, July 27, 2018

Botox In My Butt

If medical talk grosses you out, you can skip this post.

 Well, for our 14 month anniversary I got to have butt surgery! LOL! It seems like we've always got something medical happening on the 27th day of the month. We went to the surgery center where I filled out all of the paperwork and got checked in. 

I had decided not to have surgery on my anal fissure and hemorrhoids, b/c I thought they were getting better. And why go under anesthesia and the knife if you don't have to? Well, about a week ago I couldn't take the pain anymore. Things weren't getting better and it had to be done, so I scheduled the surgery.

The doctor said they were going to inject Botox into the anal muscle to keep it relaxed for 90 days so it wouldn't keep contracting. That would allow the fissure to heal instead of being ripped open every time I pooped. He was also going to stitch the fissure together to help it heal. He also said he was going to remove some external hemorrhoids that were like skin tags.

I didn't tell a whole lot of people about the surgery, b/c then they naturally want to know what type of surgery. But, when I did have to tell someone I would just say that I was getting Botox in my butt b/c then it sounded like I was going to get a Kim Kardashian or J-Lo butt. LOL!

 They changed my surgery time 3 different times, but it finally happened today. Frank & the baby stayed in the waiting room instead of coming back to my pre-op room with me, b/c I was afraid I was going to lose it and start crying. They got me prepped, and then I just laid there in the bed for 2 hours waiting for my surgeon to arrive. I had to go to the bathroom at least 3 times b/c I was so nervous.

Finally the time came, they rolled me back to the operating room, I laid down on my stomach, and that was the last thing I remember before waking up in recovery. I remember my chest hurt really bad b/c I hadn't pumped for over 6 hours and I had been laying on my stomach. Frank & Alisa were there to greet me when I woke up. They said everything had gone great. I came out of anesthesia pretty quick which was good so we could pack up and go home.

 Frank left to take Spencer to Oklahoma so Spencer could spend the weekend with his Mom & brothers. Frank ran into his nephew & his nephew's Dad while out and about.

 He also got to stop by and see Marissa and Aubrey. Aubrey's growing like a weed and is so stinkin' cute!

Autumn & Alisa kept me company, and I was doing great until the local anesthesia wore off from the surgery. Then I started hurting pretty bad. I couldn't get my Norco prescription filled until tomorrow, and about 1:30 in the morning I couldn't stand the pain any longer since Motrin wasn't helping at all. So, I texted Nate & Riannon to see if they happened to be up with the baby. Nate said they had some from Riannon's recent c-section and that I could have a few pills to tide me over until I could get my prescription filled. I told him I'd load up the girls and be on my way.

Thursday, July 26, 2018

The Two Babies Meet

Baby girl looks so cute in her giraffe onesie and her pink car seat. The car seat was a big purchase ($50) but it has definitely been worth it and I'm glad I splurged on it (I used a coupon and it was on sale).

We went over to Nate & Riannon's to Spencer & Olivia while they took Rosalind to her follow up doctor's appointment. Baby Alisa looks so big & grown up in this baby bouncer!

Their first family picture as a family of FIVE instead of four. I love seeing all their personalities represented in this picture (especially Olivia in her sunglasses).

Brother & sister with our new babies

Nate with the 2 babies. Look at the size difference that just a few months can make!

Us Mamas look tired, because WE ARE! Autumn is such an angel and is such a good helper. I'm so happy that she's finally gotten on board with wearing shorts!

The 2 baby girl cousins. SO SWEET!!!

Since we have the boys with us, we had signed up to feed the missionaries for dinner. We kept it simple with pizza and salad.

Wednesday, July 25, 2018

Epidural & Green

 What a STUD MUFFIN! He had to have an epidural in his back to try and alleviate the pain he's been having. A paper gown has never looked so good.

 Getting the IV before he goes back for the procedure. They put him out, but only for a few minutes and the whole procedure only took about 15 minutes. The worst part is that they had him face down on his stomach and had him put his arms up. When he came back to the room he was almost in tears b/c of how bad his shoulder hurt. It's the one he had surgery on last year, and he didn't realize how putting it up would make it hurt like that. Poor guy!

 No special occasion for this picture. I just love my hubby so much and thought we both looked good in green (we didn't even plan our outfits to both be green).