Thursday, July 17, 2014

Rain, Italian Food & Cheer

IMG_4189 Today was NOT a typical weather day for Texas in the middle of July.  It rained pretty much ALL DAY.  At 11:30 am the temperature was only 66 degrees!!!  I’m so thankful that I had bought this big nice umbrella at Hobby Lobby for just $6.50, b/c I for sure was able to use it today.  My shoes, feet, and skirt got soaked just walking the few feet from my car into work, b/c it was raining so hard.  We spent most of the day in training for our new phone system.  I got an extra 1 1/2 hours of training, b/c I’ll be in charge of the online dashboard.  My brain was spinning by the end of the training.  I probably only retained about 1/10th of what was explained to me, but that’s b/c I learn by doing … not just by watching.  So, I’m sure there will be a few mess ups once our new phone system goes live on Monday, but I’ll get the hang of it pretty quickly.

P1110945Since the weather was so rainy, the girls had cheerleading practice in the coach’s garage.  Mom picked Autumn up for me since she was right by Autumn’s daycare, and I met her at the coach’s house.  I was going to stay and watch, but Mom said we should go to dinner together, so we did.  We went to Napoli’s to get our favorite chicken scarparella.  The sauce is so divine!  It was fun to just sit and visit with Mom without any distractions.  After we ate, I went and filled my car up with gas ($3.28 a gallon at Kroger) and then went to pick up Autumn at 7:30.  I was a few minutes early, so I watched them for a little bit.  Of course Autumn is on the back row … #tallgirlproblems. LOL!

We came home and she showered super quick b/c she wanted me to put curlers in her hair.  I got her to bed, edited pics, did some blogging, and then ended up falling asleep on the couch b/c I was so tired!  I’m so glad that tomorrow is Friday!!!

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Sunrise, Sunset

IMG_4188On the way to take Autumn to daycare this morning, this is what they sky looked like!  It kind of reminded me of waves or sand being overhead.  It was so cool looking!

P1110937Then this was the colorful sunset on the way home.  Last week my boss had asked me if I could take Paula (one of our employees from another city) out to dinner tonight since she would be in town for training tomorrow.  We went to dinner at a Geisha Hibachi Grill.  The food was delicious, and I didn’t take any pictures b/c I was just caught up in the moment of enjoying the experience.  I’m horrible at small talk, but we talked a lot about work so it wasn’t too bad.  I’m thankful that Mom is able to get Autumn for me.

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Happy 37th Anniversary, Mom & Dad! Happy 34th Birthday, Tara!

IMG_4170 Today is Mom & Dad’s 37th Wedding Anniversary.  They went to the Perot Museum in Dallas & were going to see a 3D movie about dinosaurs, but 2 minutes into the movie, the fire alarm went off and everyone had to evacuate.  They texted me this picture, and I posted it on Facebook w/ this caption:

“Happy 37th Anniversary to these 2 crazy kids today. I'm SO THANKFUL that I belong to them and they belong to me. I for sure hit the parent jackpot. I'm glad that 37 years ago they were sealed together for time & all eternity in the Provo, UT temple. Here's to another 37 years!!! LOVE YOU BOTH!!!”

P1110936 Today is also Tara’s 34th birthday.  She died almost 6 years ago, and I miss her terribly.  We are best friends.  Jeremy (her brother), Deb (her Mom), Rachel (her best friend & roommate in college) & I all met up at Cracker Barrel (one of her favorite restaurants) to celebrate her.  I ordered what her & I would always get when we’d go to Cracker Barrel … chicken fried chicken w/ mashed potatoes, fried okra, & fried apples.  I brought these little party hats & leis for us to wear.

IMG_4176We all shared our favorite stories about Tara, and laughed and cried.  I’m so thankful that we were able to get together and celebrate our Tara that we love and miss so much.

Monday, July 14, 2014

Family Home Evening On Baptism

IMG_4163Mom called & said everyone was on their own for dinner.  So, we came home and had chicken pasta w/ veggies, and then we had Family Home Evening.  For the lesson we talked about baptism and what we promise (or covenant) to Heavenly Father that we will do, and what He covenants with us.  We talked about how and why Jesus was baptized, even though He was perfect and didn’t need to be.  He did it to set an example for us to follow, and to be obedient to His Father’s commandments.  I can’t believe that in just 6 months and 3 days, Autumn will be turning 8 and can choose to be baptized if she’s ready.  I need to keep preparing her and teaching her.  For our treats we had double stuffed Oreos (that we got w/ our free coupon at Winco on Saturday).

Sunday, July 13, 2014

Sweet Baby Girl Sunday

IMG_4159 Church was good today.  Sis. Lee taught about the covenants we make at baptism.  I’m for sure going to be using that as our Family Home Evening lesson tomorrow with Autumn.  We came home, changed clothes, and went over to Mom & Dad’s for lunch.  Autumn was so tired that she just curled up in a ball on the couch w/ a blanket and fell fast asleep.  She slept for about 3 hours!

IMG_4160Since she had such a long nap, I let her stay up late (10:30 pm) with me.  I posted this picture on Facebook w/ this caption:

“Sometimes she seems older than her actual 7 1/2 years. However, in sweet moments like this (playing Barbies) she's my little baby girl.”

Saturday, July 12, 2014

Non-Stop Saturday

IMG_4147 Our non-stop day started pretty early.  I got up at 6:30 to get ready and go to the temple.  Autumn woke up, and begged me to stay home today and just snuggle and spend time w/ her.  I was really torn about what to do, b/c both choices were good ones.  I decided that she is my #1 priority and this stage in my life, so I stayed home.  We snuggled for a while, both fell back asleep, and then finally got up at 8:30 and got busy cleaning out her closet.  She has SO MANY clothes & shoes, so we took out the ones that are too small or that she doesn’t wear anymore.

IMG_4148 We left at noon to go pick up the sister missionaries from a service project they were at.  They were helping w/ a garden for another religion’s church building.  It was HOT outside, so we “had” to stop and get a drink on the way to taking them home.  We love the sister missionaries!

IMG_4151 Mom had us stop and pick up Chipotle for lunch, and we went over to Monzingo’s to help them pack.  They’re moving to a new house out in the sticks that is a lot farther away from Mom & Dad’s house, yet they’re moving into Mom & Dad’s ward in their new house.  YAY!!!  After we finished eating, we packed until 3:30 and then had to leave b/c they were having a showing at 4:00.  Autumn & I went and dropped of a 4 big boxes to the local resale shop.  Then we went and vacuumed out the car & got it washed b/c it was FILTHY!!!  We went to Mom & Dad’s and cooled off for a little while, and then we followed Maggie out to her new house & unloaded the back of the truck w/ their boxes.  Unfortunately, their electricity won’t be connected until Monday.

IMG_4155 After we left Maggie’s, Mom & Nick & Autumn & I all went to Winco to do some grocery shopping.  I had coupons for a package of FREE Oreos, FREE 4 pack of Totino’s pizzas, and FREE 2 two liter bottles of Dr. Pepper.  Autumn & I ran home to put away the groceries, and then I took her over to a local cheer place where they were having open gym for just $10.  While she was there I went to Hobby Lobby to get a few items for some gifts I need.  I saw this sign and it called my name, and luckily it was 66% off, so it came home with me.  I LOVE IT!!!

IMG_4156 I had an hour and a half to kill before I needed to go get Autumn, so I went to Mom & Dad’s and we had biscuits and gravy and tater tots (carb fest) for dinner.  The Monzingos got done at their house b/c it got dark, and they came and ate dinner w/ us b/c they’re staying here.  I went and got Autumn at 9:15 (she’s the yellow blur in the back).  She had so much fun playing w/ some of the other girls from her team.

IMG_4157We came home and I put her right to bed b/c it was already 9:30.  I watched the 2nd DVD in the Love Comes Softly series, and I didn’t mind watching these FINE looking gentlemen.  I’m so thankful for good and clean and wholesome entertainment.  WHEW!  This was a crazy busy day, and it will be nice to have a restful Sunday.

Friday, July 11, 2014

Taco Bueno & Persuasion

IMG_4137Tonight for dinner we met up w/ Liz & Jacob (Liberty joined us later) at Taco Bueno.  They had a buy one (for just $5), get one free Bueno meal.  Autumn’s nose is all black, b/c they dressed up at her daycare as cows & went to Chick fil’ A to get their free lunch.  Then they went to 7-Eleven and got free Slurpee’s too.

IMG_4141 We came home and had a relaxing evening.  Once I got Autumn to bed, I had a WILD & CRAZY party for one, and watched Persuasion.  It was good and romantic, but it’s not my favorite Jane Austen story/movie.

Thursday, July 10, 2014

First Cheer Practice & Pizookies With The Laurel’s

P1110934 Today was one of those busy days where it was just go, go, go.  First of all, Autumn had splash day today so she has to wear her swimsuit & daycare shirt.  She also had to pack a change of clothes, towel, and sack lunch.  As soon as I picked her up from daycare I had her change into some cheer practice clothes.  She scarfed down some popcorn & yogurt on the way to cheer practice.  They start at 5:30, so I warned her coach that we’re always going to be a little bit late b/c I don’t get off until 5:00 and have a 30 minute commute if traffic is good.  Then, we had a hard time finding where they were practicing.  We finally found it & poor Autumn cried during part of the practice b/c all the other girls can do a cartwheel & handstand and she can’t.  Her coach was so nice and just talked to her and told her they’ll work on it together.  I’m not going to stay each week for her 2 hour practice, but I did this week just to see what they do.  This is going to be good for her, b/c they run laps, do push ups, and other conditioning exercises in addition to learning cheers.  I’m excited for her to be on this team.

I also enjoyed talking to a few of the other Moms.  One of them is married to a man who’s whole family lives in Orem and is LDS except for him.  Such a small Mormon world!

P1110935As soon as cheer practice was over at 7:30 Autumn & I left to go over to the Lee’s.  Autumn stayed and played w/ Sis. Lee’s kids (don’t worry … her husband was there too) while Sis. Lee & King & I had pizookies at BJ’s Brewhouse w/ the 3 graduating Laurel’s.  It was fun to visit w/ them and let them know how much we love them and how much we’ll miss them.  I’m so excited for the adventures they’re going to have at college next month.  Autumn & I finally got home at 9:30, and she was fast asleep in just a few minutes, b/c it had been such a big day for her.

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

R.A.C.K. Activity

IMG_4132Tonight for our activity it was R.A.C.K. … random acts of Christian kindness.  Since we only had one Laurel, we combined w/ another class.  We went to a family’s house in the ward where the Mom is pregnant w/ their 6th child.  She had us clean her blinds and windows.  She’s such a fabulous person, and I’m so thankful that she allowed us to come serve them.  Some people would be embarrassed to allow the help, but she is so sweet and humble.  It was a great way to spend a Wednesday evening.

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

A Big Interview Today

jcenter Today was a big day for Mom & Dad, b/c they met w/ Dr. Kearl from BYU.  He flew in from Utah just for the day to interview them since they are 1 of 3 couples that it has been narrowed down to, to serve as the medical/housing volunteers for the BYU Jerusalem Center.  It isn’t technically a mission, since there is no proselytizing allowed, but they are so excited and really really want to be picked to go.  If they’re picked, they would leave towards the beginning of next year.  If they’re not picked, then they’ll put in their ppwk to serve a regular mission.

Tonight I had an interview w/ the Bishop.  My mind was spinning w/ all the different things it could be about (like a new calling). It ends up that he just wanted to check in with me and see how I’m doing.  He’s such an incredible man and I’m thankful for all the service he provides to our ward.

Tonight after I got Autumn to bed, I finished the Somerset book that I started at Costco on Saturday.  It was really good and I want to find the other 2 books that Leila Meacham wrote so I can read those.

Monday, July 7, 2014

FHE About Mary & Martha

IMG_4128 Mom said everyone was on their own tonight, so Autumn picked to go to Taco Cabana and share a Cabana bowl.  After we ate, we came home and she took a bath.  It cracks me up that after her bath she put on her “pretty and twirly” pajamas, fixed her hair, and even put in a bow.  Such a fashionista, even when just getting ready for bed.  We had Family Home Evening and talked about Mary & Martha and good vs. better choices.  We also listened to the song, “Foolish or Wise” from the Woman At The Well CD.  Then for refreshments we had ice cream w/ homemade magic shell chocolate.

After I got her to bed, I made a pan of brownies and when Nick got home at 9:50, I took the brownies and went over to Karri’s house.  Mary, Karri, Melanie & I played 2 games of hand & foot and just talked and caught up w/ each other’s lives.  We didn’t get done until 2:00 am!!! I know I’m going to be so tired tomorrow, but it was so worth it to spend time w/ these ladies that I love and admire.

Sunday, July 6, 2014

Reverent Child

IMG_4124Today in Primary, Autumn got to be the reverent child, and she did such a good job.  The ward executive secretary asked me before Sunday School if I could meet w/ the Bishop on Tuesday night!  I said sure, and wonder what it’s for.  Now my mind is going to be humming w/ thinking of every possible calling he could give me, or reason that he wants to meet with me.  After church we went over to Mom & Dad’s house for lunch (meatloaf w/ baked potatoes), and just relaxed for a while. 

Then we hurried home at 4:30 to get ready for the sister missionaries to come over at 5:00.  I had thrown the freezer meal we made at Young Women’s into the crock pot before church, and it turned out great.  We love having the sister missionaries over and the Spirit they bring w/ them.  The rest of the evening we just spent relaxing and spending time together and getting ready for the coming week.

Saturday, July 5, 2014

The One Where Autumn Learned To Ride A Bike

IMG_4104 I was really tired this morning from being up late last night to watch the fireworks, but I made myself get up, go home, get cleaned up, and go to the temple.  In reading the Sunday School lesson for tomorrow, I read this great scripture in Psalms about the temple that I just loved as soon as I read it:

“One thing have I desired of the Lord, that will I seek after; that I may dwell in the house of the Lord all the days of my life, to behold the beauty of the Lord, and to inquire in his temple.” ~Psalms 27:4

IMG_4107 After the temple I stopped at Costco to get 2 new tires since my front tire treads are really low.  There was a 2 hour wait, but it had to be done so I just found a book and sat down on one of their nice couches and read for a while.  I got some things for Mom, got a slice of pizza and drink for lunch, and just as I was finishing they called to tell me my car was ready.

IMG_4111 When I got home, Mom was upstairs sewing and Autumn had fallen asleep on the floor!  I love how Emma is laying next to her like she’s keeping watch over Autumn.

IMG_4115 When Papa got home, he said that Autumn had something she wanted to show me …

IMG_4116…she can ride a bike w/out any training wheels all by herself!  Papa had taught her this morning while I was at the temple.  He’s such a great Papa!!!  We swam for a while once the sun had gone down so Mom didn’t get fried again.  We grilled hamburgers for dinner and spent the evening watching a movie.

Friday, July 4, 2014

Happy 4th of July 2014

IMG_4069This morning the Marshalls brought Emma dog over to stay for about a week while they go out of town.  It’s so fun having her home with us!  She’s so stinkin’ cute.  Of course she went to her “Sheldon spot,” which is Mom’s lap.

IMG_4076 Dad had gone bike riding, and when he got back Emma was SO HAPPY that she got to lick his sweaty forehead.  She’s always liked licking Dad’s bald head for some reason … maybe b/c it’s salty???

IMG_4078 It was nice and warm outside, so we got in the pool to cool off and swim.  I tried to get Autumn to do some exercises with me that I remembered from my water aerobics class I took at BYU.  I love working out in the water b/c it’s none to low impact, and if you’re sweating you can’t tell b/c you’re nice and cool in the water.

IMG_4083 We were coming up w/ creative & silly ways to use the $1 Store squirt guns.  I tried “power washing” Autumn’s teeth, and then she did it to me.  Then we would lightly put our fingers over the hole and mist Mimi while she was floating around the pool.  We had a lot of fun!

IMG_4088 After we had been swimming for a while, we decided we’d better get to work and be productive since Dad was at the clinics working.  This is the 2nd time ever that Mom has mowed the lawn!  She was so good at it that she even mowed the neighbor’s lawn!

IMG_4089 Poor Nick got these big huge welts on his body from mowing the area around the pool.  Autumn & I scrubbed the walls of the hot tub to get some of the algae off.  It was a very productive afternoon.

IMG_4091 We met up w/ Papa at Scotty P’s for some hamburgers, onion rings, and cheesecake.

IMG_4095 Next on the agenda was grocery shopping at Kroger’s.  We saw this big copy of the Declaration of Independence, which was really cool.  Too bad it’s sponsored by an alcoholic drink & it looks like Mom is pedaling their product.  LOL!

P1110910 We spent the rest of the evening just relaxing and watching TV.  We loaded in the truck at 9:00 & went to our secret location that we go to every year to watch the fireworks.  We set up lawn chairs in the back of the truck and waited for the fireworks to start at 9:45.  Yes, I’ve got a blanket wrapped around my legs so I don’t get eaten alive by mosquitoes.

P1110917It was a good fireworks show, and I loved the red ones that exploded in a spiral.  It was a very pleasant evening b/c it wasn’t too hot and there was a breeze.  Every time I watch a fireworks show, I try to remember how neat it is and not just take it for granted.  What would ancient kings & people have thought to see such amazing things lighting up in the sky?  As soon as it was over we hurried and put our chairs away and got out of there so we weren’t stuck in traffic all night.  What a fun 4th of July.  I am so thankful for the freedoms that I get to enjoy by living in this wonderful country!!!

Thursday, July 3, 2014

Pigtail Triplets

IMG_4064 I am SO GLAD I don’t have work tomorrow!  It feels like the weekend already.  We went over to Mom & Dad’s house and just had dinner, hung out, and snuggled in Mom’s bed while watching the cartoon movie Sinbad (Autumn’s choice).

IMG_4066Autumn decided that we needed to all have the same hairdo, so she put her hair in pigtails and then gave Mom & me pigtails as well.  She kept saying we looked like triplets.  LOL!  Autumn wanted to spend the night b/c she said it’s fun sleeping over at Papa & Mimi’s, so we slept in the guest room.

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Braum’s Acitvity

P1110907Tonight for our Laurel’s class activity, we were going to dress up in 80’s stuff and work out to Sweatin’ To The Oldies.  However, w/ it being summertime we had a lot of girls out of town.  We ended up only having 2 Laurel’s, so we just went to Braum’s and got ice cream and talked.  I love these girls, and especially Sis. Lee.  Their eyes just sparkle with the light of the Gospel.  It was great to get to know them better in a relaxed setting.

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Keeping Autumn Entertained At WalMart & Love Comes Softly

IMG_4057 Tonight after dinner Autumn & I had to go grocery shopping b/c we were out of pretty much everything!  In order to keep herself entertained since this was going to be a long shopping trip, she brought a friendship bracelet to work on that Aunt Lexie had showed her how to make.  I eventually had to kick her out of the cart (she was NOT happy about that) to make room for all the groceries.  I am always cognizant of the fact that we are able to go to a store that has food we need and that we can afford it.  It’s a huge blessing that I don’t take for granted.

IMG_4059When Nick got home from work tonight, we watched Love Comes Softly (another movie we borrowed from our friend).  It’s another clean and romantic movie.  The guy in it (Dale Midkiff) is a hottie!!!    They had a deal on where you could get all 10 DVD’s in the series for just $29.99, so I went ahead and bought them. 

Monday, June 30, 2014

FHE With The Francis Family

IMG_4051 Tonight after work Liz & Liberty & Jacob came over to swim.  After swimming for an hour, we came in the house to have Family Home Evening.  Autumn & Jacob led the music while we sang I Am A Child Of God.  Then we did a quick lesson about the testimony glove.

IMG_4052 For refreshments we went to Sonic.  I tried their new garlic parmesan cheesy bread dog.  I was halfway through eating it when I bit down and let out a yell.  There was a small pebble/rock in my hotdog!!!  GROSS, DUDE!!!  I was glad I had gotten the green apple slush to get that creepy taste & feeling out of my mouth.  I’m so thankful for our close friendship w/ the Francis’s.  As we were saying goodbye I said “hashtag bestfheever.”  LOL!

IMG_4053Last night Nick & I watched the first half of this movie, and tonight we finished it.  I’m a big fan of movies like this that are clean and free from smut, and are set in the olden days where manners were expected.

Sunday, June 29, 2014

Naps, North & South, And Fancy Tea Time

IMG_4035 Today after church we came home to change clothes, and Autumn said she wanted to stay at our house today instead of going over to Mom & Dad’s like we usually do.  We had some lunch and then she went and sat down on the couch w/ a blanket and promptly fell asleep.  She was so tired from being up so late last night.

IMG_4037 I took advantage of the quiet and put in North & South while I treated myself to a few mint Oreos.  We borrowed this movie from a friend, b/c she recommended it and I had never seen it before.  I really liked it, but it’s not my favorite.

IMG_4040 After Autumn woke up, I asked her if she wanted to go to Papa & Mimi’s now, but she said that she wanted to stay home all day.  Sometimes that’s nice to do!  We decided to get out of the house and go for a little walk around the neighborhood.  I had to stop and get a picture of these beautiful flowers on a bush we walked past.  They made me happy.

IMG_4044It was 90 degrees outside even in the shade, so when we got home we decided to have a fancy tea party.  We filled our tea cups w/ ginger ale and talked w/ fancy British accents and drank w/ our pinkies out like all high society folks do.  Tee hee hee.  It was so nice and relaxing to have nowhere to be and nothing to do.