Friday, November 27, 2015

Family Fun Friday

IMG_6427 Autumn & I got up this morning and went over and went to the $1 store to get some balloons. We stopped by one of my YW’s house to decorate her door b/c it’s her birthday today. Then we went over to Nate & Riannon’s and had Texas shaped waffles and crepes for breakfast. Then we went to see The Good Dinosaur. I didn’t have very high expectations b/c I thought it was going to be like Land Before Time. It was a cute movie, and I shed tears several times during the movie. But, it’s not one I’ll run out and buy when it comes out on video.

IMG_6428 We came home and I made cornbread and taco bean soup for lunch.

IMG_6429 It’s nice to be gathered together around the table as a family. We just wish we had to set 2 more places for Mom & Dad.

P1130458 It has been raining nonstop since last night, and a big park by the movie theater was flooded! The rain let up for a little bit and the kids were going a little stir crazy so we decided to walk to the bridge in the neighborhood and see if the stream that runs under it was full. It was a roaring river, and the pond was almost overflowing. It was good for the kids to be outside where they could run and be loud and burn off some energy. It was 39 degrees, so we were happy when we got home and could warm up.

IMG_6432 We watched The Santa Clause and the Lexie & Jon left at 7:00 so they could get on the road to go home. It has been SO NICE having them here for Thanksgiving. We love them so much and are thankful we’re family.

Thursday, November 26, 2015

Thanksgiving 2015

IMG_6343When Autumn & I got home last night she showered and had me put her hair in curlers so she could have bouncy curls for the party today. I got up and made some homemade caramel sauce and homemade whipped cream. We went over to Nate & Riannon’s to get some folding chairs and then went to Tyler & Emily’s. We had to get a picture of the grandkids (Olivia wasn’t here yet) for Papa & Mimi.

IMG_6349 It was supposed to rain a lot today, but it held off until the evening which was so nice so the kids could run around outside and play. They had a fun game of football going on.

IMG_6352 We ate around 12:45. Here’s the kids table.

IMG_6356 One of the adult tables.

IMG_6360 The adult/teenager table.

IMG_6396 After we were all stuffed, we turned on the football games and congregated in the living room.

IMG_6389 Adam & Olivia LOVED climbing all over Uncle Robert b/c he looks a lot like Papa. He was so cute w/ them.

IMG_6401 Adam cracked us all up when he went and got his booster seat and sat it right up next to the TV as close a she could get it. He’s serious about football!

IMG_6370Everyone was excited when it was time to bust out the pies. As you can see, we had a lot of pies to choose from. I got a small sliver of pecan, chocolate (super decadent), key lime, and coconut. YUM!

IMG_6415 I’m glad I made everyone come together so we could get a group picture before we all took off around 5:30. I have so much love for each person in this picture. It’s so neat to see there were over 30 of us there, and that this is just a fraction of how big our extended family is. We missed those that weren’t here (especially Mom & Dad … but we did get to FaceTime w/ them).

IMG_6418 We had to get a silly picture since we’re such a wild and crazy bunch. We went back to Nate & Riannon’s house and watched How The Grinch Stole Christmas and had butterhorn roll sandwiches for dinner. It was such a fabulous Thanksgiving that was spent w/ family, friends, fun, and good food! I’m such a lucky lady.

Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Butterhorn Roll Mountain

IMG_0088 It was sooooooooo slow at work today, so I finally asked my boss if I could leave at 2:00. Even though I knew it would be a madhouse, I went to Costco and WalMart to get a few more things we needed. Then I went and picked up Autumn from daycare.

We stopped by the Deckers to say hi and b/c they had something they needed to give me. Autumn made herself right at home and snuggled up on the couch w/ Kenzie even though we were only there for a few minutes. I’m grateful for friends who are more like family.

IMG_0090 We went over to Nate & Riannon’s so Nate & I could make butterhorn rolls to take to Tyler’s tomorrow. It’s our first year making them w/out Mom, so we were a little worried that they might not turn out the way they do when she makes them. I know this is a blurry pic we had Autumn take, but our facial expressions make me laugh.

IMG_0109 We made FOUR batches, and just when we thought we were done, we found another bowl full of dough! Nate took this picture and texted it to me when I got home tonight. I have to laugh, b/c I look like a GIANT next to Riannon. I don’t realize how tall I am until I see pictures like this. LOL!

IMG_0100 We had a MOUNTAIN of butterhorn rolls when we were done. Nate & I worked great together in the kitchen as a team, but we for sure missed having Mom (and Dad) here!

IMG_0102 Riannon made us a yummy dinner, which was nice after we worked hard to get all those rolls made. I’m thankful we get this 4 day weekend to relax, spend time w/ family, and create memories.

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Ice! Mommy/Daughter Date

IMG_6262About a month ago I found a coupon in the mail for half off the Ice! event at the Gaylord Texan Hotel. I’ve heard from several people that have been in years past that it’s a lot of fun. So, I bought a ticket for Autumn & I for tonight. I picked her up from daycare, we grabbed some McDonalds for dinner, and hit the road. Well, we were cruising along just great until we got about 30 min away and then we hit a wall of traffic. We were 30 minutes late, but we made it. We parked and hurried over to the hotel. The we had to wind all through the hotel to get to the right place. We got in line and they take a group of about 200 people into a staging area. You watch a little video about how the whole thing is put together. They fly in 40 ice artisans from China to create the sculptures!!! Then after the video you go to another area where they give you a blue parka to wear b/c they have to keep the area at 9 degrees cold so the ice doesn’t melt!

IMG_0065 The artisans do such an amazing job that it’s easy to forget that everything around you is made of ice!

IMG_6268 Singing w/ the choir.

IMG_6284Each year they have a different theme and this year it was “Christmas Around The World.” They had these big sculptures that depicted different countries. We had to get one in front of the Congo in honor of Papa & Mimi being in South Africa.

IMG_6281 We also had to get one in front of the Samoa one since I’m obsessed w/ Polynesians.

IMG_6283 The United States one was an Indian girl, so we had to get a picture of the Ponca Princess in front of one of her “peeps.”

IMG_6274 They have these big slides made of ice that you can go down. Autumn & went and waited in line while I tried to push my way through the big crowd to get to the front to take a picture.

IMG_6297She loved it so much that she went down twice.

IMG_6301 Looks like she’s on the nice list instead of the naughty list. Again, just a reminder that all of this is made out of ice!!!

IMG_6307 The best part was this crystal clear ice nativity. It was impressive! They also had audio playing talking about how Christ, how He’s the the reason for the season, etc I was pleasantly surprised that they were playing something so religious over the loud speakers in this room. It made me happy to hear it!

IMG_6316 We were glad to finally make our way out of the ice area and back into the warmth of the hotel to thaw off. We stopped at a little shop and got a cupcake and headed back to the car. We stopped to get this pic to send to Papa & Mimi. Notice the Texan themed carpet. LOL!

IMG_6320 The inside of the hotel is massive & it’s hard to show just how tall this was and how big the rotunda is from this picture. It’s so pretty!

IMG_6325 We walked around a little bit to get some fun pics like this one. Then we eventually left b/c it was already 9:30 pm! It was a wonderful Mommy/Daughter date.

IMG_0087 Mary had come over to use our internet b/c theirs went out and she had to be on a video chat for an online class she is taking. She had texted earlier when Autumn & I were stuck in traffic to see if she could use our internet, and I texted back yes. Then she called and I was really rude & snippy to her b/c we were super late, traffic was horrible, and I wasn’t sure which exit we had to get off on. I apologized so much when we got home to let her know how sorry I was. She laughed it off and said she thought she was talking to my Mom for a minute. LOL!

Curt came over to pick her up, and had a heart to heart w/ Nick about his relationship w/ Savi. He grilled him and made him blush several times. I’m so thankful for friends who we think of as family!

Monday, November 23, 2015

First Time Fuyu Persimmon

IMG_0059 One of the ladies at work said a neighbor of hers is doing Bountiful Baskets and had way more than they could use. Well, the neighbor gave Lori way more than her family could eat, so she brought some stuff to work for me. She gave me 2 huge cucumbers, 3 yellow crookneck squash, and 4 persimmons. I have never had a persimmon before, so I had to google what they are and how to cook them. The kind I had are Fuyu persimmons and you can eat them like an apple. If you cut them open, they have this cool star design in the middle. They are sweet and kind of taste like a mix between a mango & apricot.  I’m glad I was given 4 of them so I can share them w/ Autumn for the first time.

It’s been slow at work, but it’s been nice b/c that’s given me time to work on getting all the multiple schedules put together for Young Women’s next year. I’m trying to simplify it and make it easier to figure out what’s going on!

Sunday, November 22, 2015

Autumn & Abbey Time

IMG_0053 Donna brought Abbey over this morning at 7:00 so she could go to a church meeting. The girls had fun doing rainbow looms and talking while hanging out in their pajamas. Donna came to get Abbey at 9:00, so I sent Autumn w/ them so I could go to my ward council meeting.

IMG_0055The girls colored so nicely together during sacrament meeting. Since Thanksgiving is this week, I made 2 pans of brownies to give to the Young Women to tell them we are thankful for them and that we love them. It was so nice to meet together again since we haven’t had our normal meetings for 2 weeks due to the regional broadcast and then Stake Conference!

After YW I had Autumn carry the 2 pans b/c my arms were full of stuff I had to put in the YW closet. We were walking down the hall when all of a sudden I heard a loud noise that sounded like a bomb going off. I turned around and one of the glass pans had slipped and it SHATTERED on the ground. Luckily there were no little kids around and no one was hurt. A bunch of people in the hall came rushing over to help clean it up. I ran and got a trash can for us to put the big pieces in and then a vacuum so we could get all the little fragments.

Poor Autumn held it together until we got to the car and then she burst into tears. I told her it was OK, especially since it was just an accident. I think it scared her more than anything. We rushed home and had some quick soup for dinner, and then I had a YW pres meeting. I’m grateful for the ladies I get to serve w/ and that we’re all laid back and get along so well. But, we also work hard and get a lot accomplished in a little bit of time.

Saturday, November 21, 2015

WHEW Saturday!

IMG_0037What a day! The temple has been closed for 5 weeks for cleaning & maintenance. I have missed coming here so much! I was surprised when I pulled into the parking lot and saw that the grounds around the temple are still being worked on. But the most important part is what happens on the inside ... just like in each of our lives. It's what's on the inside that matters!

IMG_0043 After the temple I took Autumn over to a friend from church’s birthday party. I came home and edited pics and blogged for an hour and a half. Then I went and picked her up and we grabbed some lunch before heading to our next activity.

IMG_6201 We met up w/ Donna & Abbey at the Candy Canes For Kids event. Each activity there cost 1 ticket, and each ticket was $1. First up was the petting zoo. They had goats, bunnies, guinea pigs, and this llama behind the girls.

IMG_6212 I’m glad we were the first ones in line to meet Elsa & Anna (free event) b/c the line was super long by the time the princesses came out.

IMG_6233 Then the girls got their faces painted for just 1 ticket! I was so impressed by how great the face painting looked! WOW. The girls also decided to spend one of their tickets on balloons. Autumn got a purple flower on a long stem and Abbey got a pink French poodle. The girls also spent 1 ticket on a little foam Christmas tree ornament craft. There were also a bunch of vendors set up where you could buy everything from wreaths to jewelry to candy. It was cold and windy, but the sun was shining so that helped. We had a great time.

IMG_0050 At the event they were also handing out free tickets to the hockey game tonight. So, Autumn & I came home for a while. My plan was to rest and relax, but she wanted help organizing her room. It was a HOT MESS, so I was glad to help her get it cleaned and organized. We tried going to a huge tree lighting event near us, but it was PACKED and there were NO parking spots so we skipped it and left so we could get to the hockey game in time.

IMG_6240 It was fun to sit w/ Donna & Abbey and their family. Our team was losing by the end of the 2nd period, so we decided to leave. But, it was just fun being there and enjoying the crowd and cheering and atmosphere of it all.

IMG_6256 Right as we were walking down the stairs to leave they started setting off some fireworks, so we stayed to watch them. It was the perfect ending to an incredibly fun filled day!

Friday, November 20, 2015

End Of The Season Cheer Party

IMG_6128 As soon as I got Autumn from daycare we rushed home to pick up the books I had put together of cheer pictures this season for us to give to the coaches. I ordered them on Monday & they were delivered today. Then we hurried over to the $1 store to get some bags and tissue paper to put the books in. Then we went to Main Event for the end of the season cheer party. It was PACKED full of fun things. First off was bowling and then dinner.

IMG_6138 Next each of the girls got a card that had money on it for them to go play arcade games. It was funny to see these cute littler girls all lined up on these sporty motorcycles.

IMG_6141 Autumn & I love playing this air hockey game.

IMG_6157 As if all of that wasn’t enough, we also go to go play laser tag. The girls were SUPER hyper while we waited in line for our turn.

IMG_0027 I had planned on just standing in a corner and shooting at people, but I ended up running around. It was a such a BLAST (pun intended). I was surprised at how much fun we had.

IMG_6166 After laser tag it was time for dessert & awards.

IMG_6181 This has been such a great season w/ such a wonderful group of girls.

IMG_6186 The coaches seemed to love their gifts. I even got each of the girls to sign their names next to their pictures on one of the pages while we were bowling. I hope the coaches know how much we truly love and appreciate them and all they have done for our girls this year.

IMG_6190 One last group huddle & cheer. ROAR, Lady Lions!