Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Pediatrician Visit

 I forgot to say yesterday that Frank made me cry! When I got home from work, I noticed that he had mowed, edged, and weed wacked my yard! He had gotten up before Grant yesterday & did it before they left for the guitar store. It's hard to put into words what that meant to me. It's a huge item taken off my plate that I don't have to worry about. He is soooooooo good to me and I'm beyond thankful for him!

 I left work a little early today to take Autumn to the pediatrician. She hasn't been to a pediatrician in over 9 years, b/c anytime she was sick, Papa would just look at her. But, she needed to see a pediatrician in order for us to get a professional opinion on if she needs a 504 plan at school. We were so excited that we were put in the "Africa" room, b/c we've seen these animals in person thanks to Papa & Mimi! Autumn is 5'1" and is in the 99th percentile for height for her age! She's going to be a tall Amazon woman like me. YAY! 

After the pediatrician, we went to WalMart to get some groceries. We were both starvin' Marvin, so we had some dinner at Subway. I've never tried their salads before, and it was actually super good and super healthy. I'm glad to know of another healthy option for eating out! We came home, did homework, and called it a night.

Also, today is Nater Skater's birthday and Bubzy's (Autumn's oldest half brother) birthday! HAPPY BIRTHDAY, GUYS!

Monday, April 24, 2017

Lunch, Bowling, & FHE

 Frank & Grant both have Mondays off, so they decided to stay one more day. Grant wanted to go to a guitar store, so that's what they did this morning. Then they came to my work and took me out to lunch. It was SO FUN to get to see them during my work day. I am a LUCKY LADY!!!

 They went & got Autumn from daycare and then Frank treated them to frozen yogurt.

 For Family Home Evening tonight, we decided to go bowling.

 It was SO CUTE to see Frank giving Autumn some pointers and tips on how to keep the ball out of the gutter.

 We played for an hour and were able to get 2 games done in that time. Grant one the first game, and Frank won the 2nd game. Autumn & I just had fun.

 Then we went over to the arcade area to play some games. Autumn & I had fun playing air table hockey.

 Frank & Grant played 2 games of pool. I STINK at that, but they were pretty good.

After all that fun, everyone was starvin' Marvin, so we went to Cici's pizza for dinner. Frank & Grant had never been to one and I knew they are hungry guys. I like it, b/c they also have a salad bar so I could make healthy choices. It was a FUN & FANTASTIC Family Home Evening w/ our guys!

Sunday, April 23, 2017


 WHEW! What a day! I got up this morning, got ready, and then Frank & Grant got here around 9:30 am. I had to leave at 11:30 to go visiting teaching to Christy's. I wore this red dress to church a few months ago & Christy said she had one just like it. So, we decided to be twinners at church today. That was really fun! Frank had an interview w/ Bishop during the 2nd hour so we can keep this temple sealing clearance letter process going. I taught the lesson in Relief Society & it was about "Member Missionary Work." I think it went fine, and I always appreciate all the great comments & insight that the sisters share.

 We waited for Christy after church since we had given her a ride and she had a quick interview. We had fun playing snapping random pics in the lobby. Frank is SO STINKIN' HANDSOME in his church clothes.

 Grant was a good helper & carried all my bags. LOL. I dropped everyone off at home and hurried to another visiting teaching appointment at 5:00.

 I brought Sean, Tricia, & Stacey back to my house w/ me so they could hang out & play. Grant & Sean hit it off at church & they both play the guitar, and wanted to have a jam session. It makes me so happy to have my home full of people that feel loved & comfortable there.

I had told Frank I would make him sopapilla cheesecake since he had never tried it before. Everyone was getting a little restless, so we went on a walk around the neighborhood & took some to Christian. It was good to get out of the house and get some exercise and do some service. We basically spent the rest of the evening talking, laughing, eating, and spending time together. It was a great Sunday!

Saturday, April 22, 2017

Sofia Saturday

 We got up this morning, got ready for the day, and then went to go pick up Savi so she could come to Autumn's volleyball game with us.

 Our girls played hard, but lost all 3 matches. Savi said it was really fun to be there & cheer Autumn on.

 By the time the game was over, it was lunchtime and we had about 30 minutes to kill before we needed to be at the airport. So, we stopped and got some yummy food for lunch.

 We got to the airport and only had to wait a few minutes before Savi's sister, Sofia, came out of the doors of the international terminal. YAY!!! What a happy and sweet reunion. She's here for her Spring Break vacation.

 She brought A LOT of yummy baked goods for us from a famous bakery in El Salvador. It was so fun to try all the different El Salvadorian pastries & treats.
 We dropped them off at Nick's work so they could say hi to him, plus he was going to be getting off in 30 minutes. We stopped by Nate & Riannon's to drop off a few things, and then we went shopping. This cart was sitting out in the middle of the parking lot, so we tried to ride it back into the store to get it out of the way. Halfway to the store, the battery died, so Autumn pushed me in. We were laughing SO HARD & having so much fun!

We got our groceries, came home, had dinner, and spent the rest of the evening cleaning, relaxing, and watching TV. I was even able to get these cute handouts put together for some visiting teaching visits tomorrow.

Friday, April 21, 2017

South Africa Or Bust For Papa & Mimi

 Well, Mom & Dad started their journey back to South Africa today! We are so proud of them and their example of faith, love, and service. We've joked that their first mission was for Nick to find Savi & that this mission is b/c I found Frank. We know they will do a lot of good & can't wait to hear about the adventures they have.

 After dinner, I dropped Autumn off at Stacey's house to play. She loves getting to have play dates.

 There was a big storm coming in tonight, so I went & picked up Mary & Karri and we headed over to Christine's. It was so awesome to watch the lightning storm through all the upstairs windows Christine has. We didn't get hail, but the cities north and south of us got pounded!!!

 Christine went all out and got us Cheesecake Factory goodies to snack on. We were celebrating Mary & Karri's belated & early birthdays. Since we're all trying to eat good, we each just had a taste of each one (red velvet, salted caramel, mango/kiwi, chocolate cake, and warm apple crisp). They were DIVINE & so worth every calorie.

We haven't gotten together in ages, so we had A LOT to catch up on. I LOVE these women so much and can't express how much their friendships mean to me. We're more like sisters than just friends. We laughed, cried, and shared together. I had to call it a night at 10:45 so I could go pick Autumn up before it got way too late.

Thursday, April 20, 2017

Exercise & Volleyball

 Autumn had volleyball practice tonight, so I went for a walk while I waited for her. The weather was PERFECT!

 I ended up working up quite a sweat, b/c I even jogged a few times! I get really red in the face whenever I exercise.

I love to come back a few minutes before practice is over to watch them play against the boy's team that we share the gym with. They're all getting so much better and it's fun to see their improvement.

Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Starbucks Sour Unicorn Frappuccino

 I had an appointment today at Autumn's school around 1:00 to meet w/ her teacher & school counselor. We talked about how she's having a hard time focusing & getting her work done on time. They suggested that I get her tested to see if she needs some special accommodations and a 504 plan. As soon as we were done w/ our meeting, I went out in the parking lot & got her an appointment w/ a pediatrician. Since I had some time to kill before Activity Days, I went shopping. I LOVE Cato's but even though I tried on a lot of clothes, I left there empty handed. That's probably a FIRST! I went to another store and found a few things that were on sale.

 At Activity Days, the girls learned about how to be good babysitters since some of them will be old enough to babysit soon. They also go to decorate these cute folders to hold all their papers & ideas & activities. Such an ADORABLE group of girls!

 I heard all the buzz today about the new Starbucks Sour Unicorn Frappuccino, so Liz & I decided to stop by & give it a try to see what all the hype was about.

 I feel like I haven't seen her in such a long time, so it was great to sit and visit and catch up w/ her.

We got a few for the girls to share as well. The verdict is that it was weird, interesting, OK, but not something that we would order again. I'm glad we tried it once though, so we could know for ourselves. We came home, ate dinner, and our home teacher came by. We're so thankful for him & his dedication to make sure he checks on us at least once a month! We did homework, watched a little TV, and then called it a night.

Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Driveway Dinner With The Missionaries

 I had signed up to feed the missionaries on Sunday, but since I don't have any male Priesthood holders living in my home, we had to eat outside. It ended up being a perfect evening weather wise. I made some chicken salad wraps & garlic bread, and then it was also a "clean out the fridge" type of night so we also had options of pizza, cabbage & noodle salad, and then sheet cake eclairs for dessert. We had a great chat while we ate & before they had to leave for their 7:00 appointment.

 Autumn was helping me take stuff in the house & FREAKED OUT b/c she said she saw a spider. He wasn't super big, but I'm glad that she saw him and that we got him before he could move into our house. YUCK!!!

The flowers that Frank got me for Easter are GORGEOUS & the lilies are starting to open up. He is sooooo good to me!

Monday, April 17, 2017

Marvelous Monday

 We got up this morning & completely spontaneously decided to take Frank & Spencer to our favorite donut shop before we dropped Autumn off at school. She went on a field trip today, and it rained most of the day so they had to stay inside instead of getting to zip line & rock climb.

 We dropped Autumn off at school, and then had Nick & Savi follow us up to the county clerk's office to take care of some paperwork. Since we were there anyways, Frank & I went ahead & got our marriage license. That way, when we get that clearance letter from the church we've already got our license and are not having to try and worry about getting that. It's done & taken care of and ready to go when we need it. SO EXCITING!!! 

 I had to go to work, so Spencer & Frank went to the fancy movie theater so Spencer could see what it's like. He LOVED it & said regular movie theaters will never be the same again.

 Autumn has been begging for me to get her bike so she can ride it, but it won't fit in my car. Frank texted once they were done w/ the movie to see if they could go pick up Autumn from daycare. She was so SURPRISED & THRILLED when Frank & Spencer walked in to pick her up. They went over to Mom & Dad's house to get Autumn's bike since it would fit in the back of Frank's truck. Autumn was SO HAPPY!!!

I got home from work and we had dinner, helped Autumn w/ her homework, and then had a small Family Home Evening. It was a MARVELOUS MONDAY!

Sunday, April 16, 2017

Happy Easter 2017

 The Easter Bunny (Autumn hasn't believed in the Easter Bunny for a few years, but still believes in Santa Claus) stopped by our house to drop off some Easter treats. Autumn was so excited about the puff paints inside the canvas bag so she can use them to decorate the bag & be artistic.

 Frank loved his new soft comforter from Costco, Newsie looking hat, and inside joke treats.

 Spencer was still half asleep and wasn't feeling very well. But, he LOVED his new comforter and even took it out and wrapped up in it for most of the rest of the day.

 Frank used the timer on his phone for the first time so we could all be in the picture. For lunch we kept it simple & had taquitos & cabbage/noodle salad.

 Our Happy Easter family pic. Church was really good, and the closing hymn was so powerful that the tears just flowed. I'm so thankful for my Savior and that He was willing to perform the Atonement in my behalf. Both in the Garden of Gethsemane & also on Golgotha. Because of Him, I can be with my family forever. Because of Him, I have hope. Because of Him, my life is infinitely better every single day. Because of Him, I can do better and BE better.

"I think of how dark that FRIDAY was when Christ was lifted up on the cross.
On that terrible FRIDAY the earth shook and grew dark. Frightful storms lashed at the earth.
Those evil men who sought His life rejoiced. Now that Jesus was no more, surely those who followed Him would disperse. On that day they stood triumphant. On that day the veil of the temple was rent in twain.
Mary Magdalene and Mary, the mother of Jesus, were both overcome with grief and despair. The superb man they had loved and honored hung lifeless upon the cross.
On that FRIDAY the Apostles were devastated. Jesus, their Savior—the man who had walked on water and raised the dead—was Himself at the mercy of wicked men. They watched helplessly as He was overcome by His enemies.
On that FRIDAY the Savior of mankind was humiliated and bruised, abused and reviled.
It was a FRIDAY filled with devastating, consuming sorrow that gnawed at the souls of those who loved and honored the Son of God.
I think that of all the days since the beginning of this world’s history, that FRIDAY was the darkest.
But the doom of that day did not endure. The despair did not linger because on Sunday, the resurrected Lord burst the bonds of death. He ascended from the grave and appeared gloriously triumphant as the Savior of all mankind.
And in an instant the eyes that had been filled with ever-flowing tears dried. The lips that had whispered prayers of distress and grief now filled the air with wondrous praise, for Jesus the Christ, the Son of the living God, stood before them as the firstfruits of the Resurrection, the proof that death is merely the beginning of a new and wondrous existence.
*** Each of us will have our own Fridays—those days when the universe itself seems shattered and the shards of our world lie littered about us in pieces. We all will experience those broken times when it seems we can never be put together again. We will all have our Fridays.
But I testify to you in the name of the One who conquered death—Sunday will come. In the darkness of our sorrow, Sunday will come.
No matter our desperation, no matter our grief, Sunday will come. In this life or the next, Sunday will come."
-Elder Joseph B. Wirthlin Oct. 2006

 We came home, had lunch, and I made sheet cake eclairs for dessert. Frank liked them, but his favorite is still the tres leches cake.

 We took some over to Nate & Riannon b/c we had so much and didn't want it sitting around the house. Plus, it was fun to see them. Olivia had Frank & Spencer come sit on the floor by her kitchen so she could feed them. She kept giving them a bottle of something "spicy" and when they would pretend to drink it & then start coughing and making yucky faces she would CRACK UP! It was so cute & funny. 

Spencer found this pink onesie pajama w/ a butt flap and wore it most of the evening. LOL! We had fun just playing around, being silly, watching basketball, and being together. What a special Easter Sunday!!!