Friday, February 5, 2016

Friday Night Fun Date

6:00 could not get here fast enough today! My boss let me go at 3:40 b/c I had to go drop off a check somewhere for him. Then I went and bought some Foxpoint for Mom, b/c she uses it on everything. Then I drove to a yummy Mexican restaurant for a date w/ Mr. O. We went on a lunch date last Friday and have been communicating ever since.
We had a great conversation at dinner and then went and saw Star Wars, b/c he hadn't seen it yet. After the date we sat in my car and talked for a while. He is Hispanic, handsome, humble, and a hard worker. It's interesting, b/c I thought for sure we would hold hands tonight during the movie. But every time I thought about holding his hand, it just didn't feel right for some reason.
It was almost 11:00, and he had to work in the morning and I needed to get home. I gave him a big hug and told him thank you so much. He said he had something for me and gave me these beautiful flowers and yummy chocolates since I won't be around on Valentine's Day! I was so touched by his kindness.
It's really fun to be dating again and to have someone to think about and text throughout the day. Especially since it's been SEVEN loooooooooong years since the last man I dated. I went to Nate & Riannon's since they had gotten Autumn for me at daycare. She was obviously asleep b/c it was so late, so we both spent the night there.

Thursday, February 4, 2016

Shopping For Shoes

I went to the dentist this morning to have the permanent cap put on one of my teeth. I'm glad I set an alarm to go off on my phone, b/c otherwise I would have forgotten & just gone to work after dropping Autumn off at school!
After school/work we went to feed Emma and check up on her. We're sad this will be our last day of dog sitting, b/c the M's will be home late tonight. It was cold in their house, b/c the weather got cold today so we wrapped her up in a blanket to stop her from shivering. We just love Emma so much! She looks like a young little puppy in this picture instead of the old lady that she is.

Autumn & I didn't have anything going on tonight, so we went to Taco Cabana for dinner and then went shoe shopping. Autumn literally only has 2 pairs of shoes. She gave all of the others away to Goodwill b/c she didn't like how they felt. So, we went to get her some sneakers b/c the shoes she has now are falling apart. She is soooooooooo particular about how things fit and feel, so I had to go look at shoes in my size so I wouldn't lose my cool w/ her. The employee there was so sweet & patient w/ her. She measured Autumn's foot so we would know what size to get her. She would normally wear a size 4 1/2, but Autumn didn't like how any sneakers felt in that size.
She finally decided she liked how a pair of size SEVEN 1/2 shoes felt!!! They're way too big in the toe area, but that's the ones she said she would wear so those are the ones we got her. She also tried on a bunch of size 4 dress shoes for church, but she didn't like any of them so we left w/ just one pair of shoes. I'm glad she knows what she wants and that she won't wear things that don't feel comfortable. I have to remind myself to be patient and that her process for doing things is way different than mine.

After we got her shoes, I made a big decision and got an iPhone 6s. My iPhone 4 has been acting up and I've noticed the pics from the camera are getting grainier and grainier. I'm going to be taking A LOT of pictures over the next 3 weeks w/ my phone, so I wanted the upgraded camera. I'm excited about it, but it's a big investment! After I got Autumn to sleep and Nick got home from work, I went to WalMart to get an OtterBox case for it.

Wednesday, February 3, 2016

We'll Miss You, Kenzie!

 Today for Activity Days the girls got to decorate these cute heart frames and put a quote about love inside. While Autumn was busy doing that I went out to my car and laid down in the back seat and took at 30 minute nap! It was wonderful.
We went over to check on Emma and give her some food and loves. She's so cute sitting here on this beanbag as if it's her throne and she's the queen of the house. 

We came home and cleaned off the kitchen counters and then the Laurels came over for a goodbye party for Kenzie. She's moving up to Utah this weekend, and we wanted to let her know we love her and will miss her. We had pizza, brownies, and ice cream. We talked about everything from boys to college to jobs and cars. It was a fun and relaxing Wednesday night activity. I wish all the best to Kenzie, and we will miss having her as our Laurel's class president.

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Happy Golden Birthday, Olivia!

Today is Miss Olivia's golden birthday! She's turning 2 on 2/2! Plus, it's Groundhog Day. We went over after work/school for dinner. She was so happy w/ these Happy Birthday balloons we gave her. She insisted on carrying them around w/ her for most of the night.

Nate & Riannon kept it super simple this year, which I think is perfect. What's the point of throwing a big party that the 2 year old isn't even going to remember? They just put some candles in a cookie Nate had made, and called it good. She looks so precious in this picture!

We sang Happy Birthday to her and then she blew out the candles. Her little "Birthday Girl" dress is too cute! We're so glad she was born into our family and that Nate & Riannon live so close, so we get to see her regularly.

She is at such a cute age where she parrots what we say. She's such a cutie and we love her so much!

After the fun & festivities, Autumn & I went over to check on Emma Dog. Emma LOVES all the attention she gets when we come over and love on her. Autumn laid down on the floor and was watching the Disney channel while petting Emma. She's really starting to show her age. Emma's such a good dog and I'm so glad she's still alive. 

Monday, February 1, 2016

Highlights & Haircut By Hanah

 My hair has gotten too long on top for my liking, b/c when it gets too long it falls flat and I need volume up top since the bottom of my hair is so curly & voluminous. So, I made an appointment last week to get my hair highlighted and colored tonight. Of course my hair looked fabulous (in my humble opinion) today, and was styled just the way I like it. I joked w/ Hanah that my hair must have known it was going to get cut so it was trying to be on its best behavior so I wouldn't cut it. LOL.

I got Autumn from daycare, we hurried through the McDonald's drive thru to grab some dinner, and drove up to Hanah's. I told her I wanted warm caramel highlights, especially on the top part of my hair b/c the previous highlights were really grown out. She highlighted my hair, and while we were waiting for the color to set she made dinner for her kids. She made a really yummy chicken enchilada soup and showed me a sneaky trick. She just boils her chicken in water w/ onions and then when it's cooked she puts it in a bowl and shreds it w/ her hand mixer! It was done in about 7 seconds and was perfectly shredded. BRIILLIANT! Then she said she does about 6 chicken breasts at a time and just uses half the mix in the meal she's currently making and saves the other half in the fridge for a meal on another night. So smart!

Anyways, we ate a small bowl of soup w/ them while we waited for the highlights in my hair to set. Then she washed it out w/ the yummiest smelling shampoo. I didn't want any length taken off the bottom of my hair, but I wanted her to make it more layered and pieced on the top. I'm excited to see how it looks once I style it tomorrow. She does such a great job and is so reasonably priced. Plus, it's just fun to talk to her and catch up w/ each other's lives.

Sunday, January 31, 2016

Busy Sunday & Emma Dog

 Autumn was such a sweetie this morning and made this cute dog for breakfast. It's made out of waffles, strawberries, and fruit snacks (for the eyes). I think she's noticed how stressed out I've been lately, and she's really stepped up to help out and ease my burdens a little bit. She's so amazing.
Today for the 3rd hour of church we were all combined as youth and adults. We decided as a ward council that the topic of our discussion should be the Sabbath Day. The church leaders have really focused on that, which is interesting in light of all that is going on in the world. There are other things they could focus on, but this is what they have been inspired to emphasize. It's meant to help us build faith now in store for what's ahead. The world is just getting more and more wicked. Anyways, I had taught this lesson in YW and so Bishop asked me to share some thoughts to kick off the discussion. I put together a slide show that talked about how the Sabbath is more than just a list of do's and don'ts. We need to elevate our thinking and remember that it's a covenant, a sign, and it should be a delight. At the end of the discussion I had a slide that said, "It's 'WERTH' it." I passed around some wherthers hard caramels for everyone to have one.
We hurried home, scarfed down a microwave burrito and then I had a YW presidency meeting. I know I saw this all the time, but it's true that I am blessed to get to serve w/ such incredible women. We're on the same page and we work so well as a team. After that Autumn & I went visiting teaching to 2 different ladies for an hour each. Finally at 6:30 we went over to check on Emma Dog. We get to dog sit her again, and I'm so glad. She has really gotten old and is having a hard time getting around. But that's what makes these moments of getting to spend time w/ her even more precious. Her tongue always hangs out the side of her mouth like this now. Sweet little Emma Dog!
We finally got home at 8:00 and realized we hadn't eaten any dinner b/c our evening was so busy. We hurried and had a bowl of cereal and I got Autumn to bed. We found out that we're going to have to move New Beginnings to another date & time, and it's been incredibly stressful. But, it will all work out in the end!

Saturday, January 30, 2016

Park, Parenting Fireside, & Presents

 I got up this morning and went to the 8:30 session at the temple. The sky was so blue, not a cloud in the sky, but the moon was still out. I stopped at Costco on the way home to get a few things, and to pick up a big $10 pizza for lunch.

 After lunch I told Autumn she had to clean her room, b/c there was stuff all over her floor. While she cleaned I let her hamster run around on her bed. I know this picture is blurry, but it's the best one I could get out of about 35 pictures I took. He moves so stinkin' fast that he's just a blur of fur in most of the pics.

 Once she finally got her room cleaned, we went to the park around 4:30. The weather today is in the low 70's and it's gorgeous outside! We couldn't pass up enjoying a nice day like this. It seemed like everyone else had the same idea to go to the park, b/c it was packed and there were kids everywhere.

 I thought Autumn would have run into someone she knows from school or daycare, but after walking around a few times she didn't see anyone she knew. So, we walked over to the pond to watch people feeding the ducks and seagulls. When we went to leave, it was really windy and my hair kept sticking straight up in the air so she had to hold it down while we took this pic, which is why we're both laughing. Good times!

 On our walk back to the car, she noticed this heart shape in the cement. She's always noticing heart shapes in nature ... it's her "thing."

 We came home, had dinner, and then I went over to the church for a parenting fireside that our Stake put on. They had several different classes you could attend and they were all excellent! I started w/ the one entitled, "Secrets of Raising Successful Teenagers." I don't have teenagers yet, but Autumn acts like a teenager sometimes. Plus, teenagers are a huge part of my calling.

The second workshop I went to was entitled, "Be Believing." I went to that one b/c Sis. F was teaching it. She has been public about some struggles she's had w/ some of the recent church policies, and I wanted to hear what she's learned and how she's come through those doubts and hardships stronger than before. She is so inspiring and I admire her so much.

The final one I went to was "Raising Spiritual Giants." We talked about things we can do to help our children and ourselves to put on the armor of God. We talked about the blessings that are promised from reading the Book of Mormon, doing family history work, keeping the Sabbath Day holy, etc. The one on the Sabbath Day was a direct answer to a question I had about how the Sabbath Day is a "perpetual covenant." ~Exodus 31:16.

I got home at 9:30 and this was waiting on the counter for me! Autumn had already gone to bed, but left this for me. It made my already super full heart overflow. Autumn is such an angel girl, and I'm so blessed to have her in my life.

Friday, January 29, 2016

2 Dates In One Day

For the past week I've been chatting w/ a guy on an LDS dating website. I've had a profile on that website for years, but nothing has ever come of it. Anyways, we decided to meet today for the first time for lunch. We went to a local BBQ place for my lunch break. Y'all, I have not been on a date in almost SEVEN (yes, SEVEN) years!!! That's a loooooooooooooooong time. I was really nervous beforehand, b/c I'm so out of practice in the dating scene. But, it went really well. He was very nice and polite and we had a good conversation. I'm not reading anything into this other than it was a lunch date and we'll see if anything happens from here.

 Autumn & I went on a Mommy/Daughter date tonight to see Kung Fu Panda 3. I had low expectations b/c the 2nd & 3rd movies (like Aladdin 2 & 3, Lion King 2 &3, Land Before Time 297) are never as good as the 1st one. However, we both REALLY liked this one. It was funny, the story moved along well, there were some great one liners about life lessons, etc. I'd for sure see it again.

On the way home Autumn begged to stop at 7-Eleven to get these lime flavored peanuts her daycare teacher had shared w/ her one day. She was so happy when we found them. I tried them and I thought they were AWFUL! But Autumn loves them and thinks they taste so good. I'm glad they were what she had a hankerin' for, b/c you can't deny a hankerin'.

Thursday, January 28, 2016

We LOVE Lily & Liz

 I was going to go out w/ one of my less active young woman tonight, but she had to cancel b/c the sister missionaries were coming over for dinner. So, Autumn & I went to get our faces waxed. Mimi would not be happy if she saw the scary condition of Autumn's bushman eyebrows.

We LOVE Lily so much and it was so great to see her. Autumn is almost as tall as Lily and will be taller than her pretty soon. We stopped and got pizza for dinner, and Liz & Jacob came over to play and talk. We're so thankful for them and their friendship. I'm especially thankful that I can talk to Liz about things going on in my life and that she's so supportive and has great advice.

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Tonight for Young Women's we had all the YW combined. There has been a lot of "murmuring" about our ward young women's camp, b/c other wards are doing cool stuff like going to Nauvoo. I have had camp planned since I heard we were doing ward camp in November. But, I hadn't told the YW  yet b/c I wanted it to be a fun surprise. I realize now that that was a HORRIBLE idea. They need to be involved and help plan it, b/c it is THEIR camp, not the leader's camp.

Also, we have New Beginnings coming up soon so we needed to make assignments for that. I told them we were having an "INPUT/OUTPUT" activity. They were going to give their input and then we were going to send them home w/ a warm fuzzy (output). There was NO paper in the library at the church, so I couldn't make copies of the list of things we needed to go over, which made it a mad house when we were trying to plan.

I finally gave up trying to have the girls volunteer for what they wanted to do for New Beginnings. After 5 minutes of trying to yell over them talking I just said forget it and I'm going to assign things out and just let them know what they need to do.

After that we moved on to camp. I gave them each a list of things I had planned, but said none of it was set in stone and that we could change whatever we wanted. We discussed some different dates b/c some of the leaders can't come when we had it planned. But, if we move it to the next weekend then we'll have 4 YW that can't come. We also discussed different locations but if we have it at a state park then there goes half our budget just to cover the $7 per day charge and $24 campsite charge per day. So, everyone voted on my keeping my plan.

After all that crazy, we needed everyone to leave feeling good. Plus, we had 20 minutes to kill. I had printed off a sheet for everyone w/ a blank heart shape in the middle of the paper. I had everyone write their name in the middle of the heart. Then we all passed our papers to the person our our left. We all wrote down something nice about the person whose name was on the paper. By the time all the papers had been passed around we each had about 20 nice things written about us.
We still had time to kill, so I had everyone go around and pick ONE thing on their paper that meant a lot to them or made them feel really good. Some were funny and some were really thoughtful & insightful. I shared this one from mine. It made me laugh that they're a little scared of me, but that they still love me. I think that's good, b/c that means I don't put up w/ their drama. But at the end of the day they know I LOVE them so much.

Then we still had about 5 minutes left so I had everyone go around the circle and say one thing they love about themselves. I was surprised how hard it was for some of the girls to come up with something. I think we're so quick to compliment others and notice the good in them, but we aren't as quick to do that for ourselves.

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

We Love The Disney Channel

We didn't have anything going on tonight, so we came home and ate dinner. Then we read for 15 minutes b/c Autumn hadn't done that at daycare like she usually does. After that we were both ready to rest and relax for the evening. Autumn LOVES K.C. Undercover on the Disney Channel, so we recorded this episode from Sunday night. I think this is the 3rd time she's watched it.

After that we watched "Bedtime Stories" starring Adam Sandler b/c it was on TV. I think I had seen bits and pieces of it (like when it "rains" gumballs), but I hadn't ever seen the whole thing. I FOR SURE did not remember this part at the end when they have a luau. Autumn paused it for me to point out these "big, buff, and brown" boys, b/c she knows that's what I like. LOL!

Monday, January 25, 2016

Autumn The Amazon Laundry Princess

We had NOTHING on the calendar for tonight, so we came home and made a nice dinner. Then Autumn said she needed some help doing her laundry. I had her go gather it all up and bring it to the laundry room so I could help her with it. She came out of her room carrying it like this. It made me laugh b/c it made me think of ...

... Shanti from the Jungle Book when she's carrying the pot on her head to "go and fetch the water." I tell Autumn all the time that she's a strong Amazon Warrior Princess. She looks like one in this picture.

After getting her laundry started we had Family Home Evening. We read one chapter/devotional in the book "40 Days With The Savior" by Connie E. Sokol. I let Autumn pick which chapter we read and she picked the one about how Jesus Christ honored women. We read that short chapter and talked about how important it is to never let anyone treat us as "less than" b/c we're women. We should always be treated with the utmost respect.

Sunday, January 24, 2016

Tears & Tender Mercies Via Text

 I've always said that women generally live longer than men, b/c we cry more. Today was one of those days where I had to have a good and cleansing cry. Our morning was pretty normal with just getting up and getting ready for church. Sacrament meeting was great, Sunday School was good, but then Young Women's is when the build up to the tears began.

It was ward conference this week, so that meant the Stake leaders came to Young Women's. One of the Mia Maids was sitting up at the front of the room with the Laurel class presidency, so I asked her to please go sit down with the rest of the Young Women since she wasn't in the class presidency. She gave me major attitude and dirty looks, and that made me feel very upset. I was already stressed with having the stake leaders there. But, she eventually went and sat down next to one of the YW leaders and started crying. Great.

The Stake YW president taught the lesson about how the girls need to be "diligent learners." They shouldn't just show up on Sundays and expect us to spoon feed them the gospel. They need to be actively engaged, making comments, and being prepared to learn and contribute. The Spirit was really strong during the lesson, and I had this thought come into my mind ... "people are more important than programs." I knew that I needed to mend things with this young woman.

It was interesting that during the lesson the Stake YW president stopped several times to say she felt strongly impressed to share some things about the Holy Ghost that she had read in a book that morning. She talked about how the Holy Ghost can protect us. She talked about how we need to rely on the Spirit and His guidance if we're being physically, emotionally, or verbally attacked. It made me a little worried about who in our group needed to hear this, b/c I don't want any of my young women to be attacked or hurt in anyway. But, the Spirit in the room wasn't fearful or scary. It was just powerful.

After Young Women's we met w/ the Stake YW presidency for about 40 minutes. We talked about our YW program and how things are going. We talked about our plans for girls camp. It was a good meeting, but I could feel my stress levels rising w/ all the big events we have coming up, especially camp. After the meeting I drove to go pick up Autumn, who had gone home after church with the angel family in our ward that watches her for me all the time when I have meetings.

On the drive over, the tears just started flowing and they WOULD.NOT.STOP! There's a lot of things that made me cry, and they all just came to a head:

  • The past few weeks I have just been feeling so inadequate and overwhelmed. 
  • I'm tired of being single! It's been almost 9 years since my divorce. That's a long time to be alone without a companion. When will I finally find someone?????????????????
  • I feel fat and frumpy.
  • A lot of my weaknesses have come to the surface lately (see below)

I've been thinking about this talk from General Conference called, "What Lack I Yet?" It's sooooo good. Here's a few lines from the talk:

"As we travel along that strait and narrow path, the Spirit continually challenges us to be better and to climb higher. The Holy Ghost makes an ideal traveling companion. If we are humble and teachable, He will take us by the hand and lead us home.
However, we need to ask the Lord for directions along the way. We have to ask some difficult questions, like 'What do I need to change?' 'How can I improve?' 'What weakness needs strengthening?'"

I've been shown in painful detail some of my weaknesses. One of those is that I use my Type3 "push forward energy" to just take over and do things my way. It's so much easier and faster for me to do it instead of delegating it, having to follow up, and not having it done the way I would like it to be done. An example of this is girl's camp. I have it all planned out in my head, but I didn't include any of the young women or YW leaders in my planning. So, they don't feel involved or like they are being heard. They've been complaining b/c they heard another group was going to Nauvoo for their girls camp this year. I want to just cancel the whole thing if they're already complaining, b/c it is SO.MUCH.WORK! But instead of giving up we're going to use our activity time on Wednesday night to plan out New Beginnings and get ideas about camp.

Since I don't like to ask for help or delegate, I've been feeling very overwhelmed. I feel like I've been giving it my all, but then my all isn't good enough. I still don't have a YW secretary and it's been 7 months that I've been doing my calling plus all the things the secretary usually does.

There were a few tender mercies that happened when I got home. One of them was that my adviser texted me saying that she feels like she hasn't been much help lately and she asked what she could do to assist me. Talk about a direct answer to my prayer of feeling overwhelmed.

Then another tender mercy via text was one from one of the inactive Young Women I have been praying and thinking about for months. She texted to see if we could go out for frozen yogurt sometime this week and talk. I've been feeling like I needed to ask her to do something like that, but I kept ignoring that prompting b/c I didn't want to offend her or make her feel awkward. I guess since I'm a goober and didn't follow that prompting like I should have (another example of my weaknesses), the Lord had to have her reach out to me instead of the other way around.

Anyways, all these little things (not to mention big ones like worrying about if I'm doing a good enough job raising Autumn, etc) overwhelmed me and had to be released. I stopped a block away from where I needed to pick up Autumn, parked my car, and had a good, deep, sobbing, and cleansing cry.

Even though it's hard, I'm incredibly grateful that these weaknesses have been coming to the surface. It helps me to see where I can make improvements and be better. And when I think about these "hardships" I feel guilty for even feeling upset. There are so many others in this world who have way bigger problems. I am blessed beyond belief, and truly have nothing to be crying about in comparison to what others are going through. But, I cried it out and was able to move forward.

Saturday, January 23, 2016

Saturday Chores

 I got up this morning and went to the temple to do a session. I like to take a picture and post it on Facebook and include a scripture. I do that as a way to be a missionary and share something spiritual on social media. This is the picture I posted today w/ this scripture, "If, when evil cometh upon us, as the sword, judgment, or pestilence, or famine, we stand before this house, and in thy presence, (for thy name is in this house,) and cry unto thee in our affliction, then thou wilt hear and help." 
~2 Chronicles 20:9

When I got home we got busy cleaning the house. I vacuumed the kitchen and living room and my bathroom. Autumn mopped, b/c she LOVES to mop. I also scrubbed my bathroom floor w/ a brush, so Autumn decided she needed to copy me and do the same thing in her bathroom. It cracks me up that she's scrubbing the bathroom floor in her soft and fluffy bathrobe w/ pigtails in her hair. Sometimes she comes across as so mature and way older than she is. But then I see still shots of our life like this, and I'm reminded she's just a young 9 year old girl.

I was supposed to be taking the Laurels to a dating conference in Dallas tonight, but none of them could go, so I had the night free. I'd love to say that we went and did something great, but Autumn wanted to just stay home and veg out and watch movies. So, we snuggled up on the couch together and enjoyed spending time together.

Friday, January 22, 2016

Mommy/Daughter Date

 This is where I usually find Autumn after I get showered and ready to go for the day. I think she's gone in to her room to get ready, but really she's just sleeping at the foot of the bed under all the blankets. Little stinker!

 Autumn & I went out on a Mommy/Daughter date tonight. It's part of her birthday present. We went to a yummy Tex-Mex restaurant b/c I had a coupon for buy one enchilada meal get one free. Plus, they have this creamy jalapeno dip that they bring out w/ the chips that is super delicious!

After dinner we went to see the play "Seussical The Musical." I have never seen it before and wasn't sure what to expect. Both Autumn & I LOVED it. I am constantly blown away by how incredibly professional these productions are at the high schools in our area. The sets, costumes, acting, singing, dancing, etc. I am so jealous, b/c my high school theater days were nothing this fancy or elaborate. But maybe that's good though, b/c then I would have never gotten good parts. It was a wonderful Mommy/Daughter date.

Thursday, January 21, 2016

Random Weather & A Heartfelt Note

 I had checked the weather forecast for the whole week before I went and got my car washed on Monday, and it said it was going to be sunny the whole week. Well, as you can see my car wash didn't even last a whole week. It started to sprinkle on my way into work and by 11:00 this is what the weather looked like outside. It was a rain/sleet/hail/wintery mix.
 You can really see the hail accumulation in this pic. It's weird, b/c it was 43 degrees outside so it wasn't even close to freezing yet we got this weird weather. I'm so thankful to be inside a nice office and that we have lots of windows so we can still look out and enjoy the beauty of it all while staying warm & dry.
Autumn gave me this big 4 page note she made for me when I picked her up from daycare. My favorite line is, "Thank you for paying for the house and the electricity, water, and food. You're the best. If I didn't have you then I would be living out in nature and having bug bites all over me."
It was such a sweet and heartfelt note and made my day. I'm for sure saving this whole thing and putting it in my Project Life book. We had nowhere to be and nothing to do tonight, and it was so nice to just stay home and spend time together.

Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Art & Face To Face Broadcast

 I left work early so I could pick up Autumn & Jessica to go to Activity Days. Autumn's group was not meeting, but we stayed and joined the older girls b/c Autumn wanted to learn about art. They had Sis. L teach the girls about art & drawing. Then she gave them time to work on a self portrait or anything else they wanted to draw. It was a fun activity. I was able to hand out some "getting to know you" forms to the girls that will be turning 12 and coming into Young Women's this year. It was good to get that crossed off my to do list.

 We came home, had dinner, I did up the dishes, and then went and picked up 3 less active girls to give them a ride to Young Women's tonight. We met at 8:00 instead of the usual 7:00 b/c we were watching the Face To Face broadcast from SLC that started at 7:00 MST. We got to hear from Elder Rasband (newly called member of the Quorum of the 12 Apostles), Sis. Oscarson (General YW President), and Bro. Owen (General YM President).

It was a wonderful & uplifting broadcast, but it was kind of hard to focus and hear what was going on b/c we had so many youth going upstairs, then downstairs, then to the kitchen to get treats, etc. I think next time we'll have to meet at the church to watch it so it can be a more spiritual experience. But, we're super thankful to the G family for letting us come and invade their home tonight.

I got home at 9:40 and Autumn was still awake! I hope she's not a bear tomorrow when I try to wake her up to go to school. It made me so happy to have 3 of my less active girls there, and if going to pick them up is all it takes to get them there, then I'm more than happy to do that every Sunday and every Wednesday!

Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Another Crown For Me

I had a dentist appointment this morning after I dropped Autumn off at school. One of my teeth had a chip in it that broke off sometime last week. It didn't hurt, but it left a sharp edge and I knew I needed to have it looked at. Turns out I needed a crown on that tooth and a filling on the one next to it. UGH! I've spent a small fortune at my dentist's office. I'm just thankful that it wasn't a root canal like it usually ends up being.

After I got Autumn at daycare this afternoon we came home to cut up some brownies I had made and put them on 6 plates. We took them around to the 6 youth that helped babysit last week as a way to tell them thank you. When we got home we ate dinner and I did some laundry.