Saturday, October 14, 2017

Shootin' In OK

 Autumn had a cheer game this morning, and even though the sun was shining hotly on us, there was a nice breeze that kept things bearable. Their stunts are so good! The girl in the middle is being held up by just ONE cheerleader!

 Look at the air they got (on the left) on this stunt!!!

 This was a new one during halftime that I haven't seen before. I like how it makes a diagonal line.

 Huddling up to talk about what the cheer will be at the end of the game. 

 We lost big time to the other team, and one our best players hurt his ankle really bad. But our girls did awesome!

We came home, packed up, grabbed some lunch, and then hit the road for Oklahoma. Nate has been wanting to go to Oklahoma to shoot on Frank's land ever since I met Frank. LOL. It finally worked out for all of us to be there this weekend.

 As soon as we got there, the boys started shooting guns, b/c they didn't want to waste any daylight. I was dumb & didn't bring any earplugs. Even though Spencer had on these noise cancelling headphones, he still didn't like the gunshots. I don't blame him ... I don't like them either!

 I shot the gun once & so did Autumn, but that was more than enough for both of us. I was proud of Autumn for giving it a try even though she wasn't too keen about it. We ran to town (at least a 20 minute drive) to pick up the boys from their Mom & to show Nate & Riannon what downtown looks like (don't blink or you might miss it).

 By this time, everyone was Starvin' Marvin so we got dinner going. We had hamburgers, hot dogs, chips, and drinks. This picture is grainy b/c we set the phone up on the truck & did a timer, and the light was starting to disappear. But I still love it b/c everyone's in it (Grampsy was at work).

 Once it got dark, Frank made us a bonfire so we could roast hot dogs and s'mores. YUM! We had fun sitting around and talking together.

 Then at 9:00, it was time for the FUN to begin. The boys got all ready to go shooting. Yes, Spencer is wearing a Ghostbusters outfit, b/c he forgot to bring long pants and it's all he could find around the house. LOL. I had them do a smiling picture ... 

 ... and then a serious faced picture.

While the "men folk" were out shooting at things in the dark, us "lady folk" stayed at the house to visit. GrannyMom was showing Autumn how to do an easy double crochet stitch. The men finally got back a little after midnight & we all went straight to sleep. What a FUN day!

Friday, October 13, 2017

Friday The 13th

Frank & I went to an OBGYN appointment this morning. It was to a specialist since I'm over 35 years old. They did an ultrasound to check on the baby. They said everything looks good & that the baby is measuring correctly. They also talked to us about genetic testing for Down Syndrome & other chromosomal abnormalities. They can also do a test to see if I'm a carrier for cystic fibrosis & some other things. I didn't have any of that done w/ Autumn b/c back then they had to take amniotic fluid, and I wasn't about to let them stick a needle into my belly & into the placenta! But, now it's all done w/ blood tests.

After that, I dropped Frank off at home and we both went to work. He & Grant picked Spencer up right after school so they could head up to Oklahoma. Even though I got in late today, my boss told me to leave at 2:30 if I was all caught up b/c he was out of town. SWEET!!! I went to Costco & got all the groceries we'll need for our fun weekend in Oklahoma.

Then I went & got Autumn from school, took her to cheer practice, and went & got some Little Caesar's pizzas, took them to a family in the ward that needs some cheering up. I also gave them our 4 tickets to the football game tonight. That way they could get out of the house & have something fun to distract them from their hardships.

I went & got Autumn from cheer practice & we just vegged out at home the rest of the night. She loves it when it's just the 2 of us, b/c she says, "it's like old times again." She's never had to share my attention w/ anyone before, so she likes it when she has me all to herself.

Frank installed our washer at Marissa's house, b/c she didn't have one. We also gifted her some baby wipes & detergent since we weren't able to go to her baby shower last weekend. She is so happy to be able to do her own laundry at home now. YAY!!!

Thursday, October 12, 2017

Shoulder Shot

Frank went to the doctor's today to get a shot in his shoulder. He's hoping that it will help alleviate the pain & inflammation. Poor guy! That sucks to live in constant pain.

Susan & the missionaries came over tonight at 8:00. We haven't seen her in a while, so it was nice to have her in our home again. I hope she keeps progressing & that she'll want to get baptized eventually. Even if she doesn't, I'm super thankful for her friendship & the good soul that she is.

Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Autumn Got Braces!!!

 Poor Spencer woke up w/ a 101.3 fever, so he stayed home from school. Luckily Frank has a SUPER flexible schedule, so he was able to drive him up to Oklahoma to go to the free Indian clinic. They said it's a sinus infection & gave him some medication.

 I left work early today to take Autumn to the orthodontist again to have her braces put on. Here is is before ...

 ... and here she is during. They got her 3D prints of her teeth & put the braces into plastic molds. Then they were able to just put the molds on and have the braces stick right to her teeth. But as you can see on the big front one, some of them didn't stick. They had to manually add 6 braces on. It took a lot longer than normal, so they gave her a $5 Sonic gift card so she could go get a shake. That was awesome, b/c today is 1/2 price shakes all day!

 Autumn was such a trooper & did such a great job even though she said it hurt. Here's her before & after.

 We got home, had dinner, and then Hayley (a new girl in the ward) came over for a play date. They did makeup, & Frank was even a good sport and let them do his makeup. UH OH! LOL!

 After the girls wiped all the goop off their faces, they decided to clean out Autumn's pumpkin that she got at the pumpkin patch.

 Frank said to go hang out in the bedroom & watch TV b/c he was working on a surprise for me. The surprise was that he got this new door handle & deadbolt for $20 (it's $100 at Home Depot). The old one had been sticking & was hard to open. It's so super nice & opens like a breeze. He's so good to me!!!

 After he was done w/ that, the girls begged him to carve the pumpkin for them. They had drawn the lines but didn't feel comfortable using a knife (I'm glad). I really don't like carving pumpkins at all, so I'm super happy that Frank was willing to do it. Yes, he still had his makeup on, and he answered the door with it on when Hayley's Dad came to pick her up! BA HA HA!

The girls had a good time together & I'm glad they got to know each other better. It's always hard to be the new kid, but Hayley's Mom said that Autumn has been so good about making Hayley feel loved & welcomed. That's my girl!!!

Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Pumpkin Patch & Babysitting With Cousins

 The sunset was so pretty this morning!

 Nate & Riannon called to see if they could pick Autumn up from daycare to take her to the pumpkin patch with them. OF COURSE! Olivia has been missing Autumn big time, and I knew Autumn would have fun. So cute!

The sunset tonight was also gorgeous. Frank & the boys & I went over to Nate & Riannon's to watch the kids while they went out on a date to a movie. We just hung out, ate popcorn, and watched Hocus Pocus. I thought it would be too scary for Olivia, but Riannon said she LOVES it!

Monday, October 9, 2017

No More Herbst & No More Little Red Hen

 The kids didn't have school today, but Autumn had an early orthodontist appointment. It was to have her Herbst (metal mouth apparatus) taken out. It took loner than usual b/c some of the glue stuck & had to be drilled off.

 She said it felt so weird, but so nice at the same time to have it off. It has worked wonders on her severe overbite in just a little over a year (Oct 3rd). Her orthodontist also took some images of her teeth & mouth, which will be turned into 3D prints so he can put her braces on those, which will be easily transferred to her real teeth.

 Frank spent part of his day doing some work for a family in our stake that we're super close to. Sis. J had all the parts for a handcart, but no instructions or directions. Frank was able to figure out how to put it together just based on a picture he looked up on the internet! He never ceases to AMAZE me!

For FHE tonight, we talked about The Little Red Hen & how everyone needs to share in doing chores. I showed a video we watched at our self reliance class last night, which is where the inspiration for this whole idea came to me. I love it that our class isn't just about temporal things, but also spiritual things. Anyways, we picked 5 chores that need to be done regularly since there are 5 of us. Then we let each of the kids pick which chore they wanted to start out with. Then we're going to rotate who does which chore for 5 weeks, and then we'll start all over. Instead of doing something fancy & elaborate, I just wrote it all out on note cards that we'll keep on the fridge.

I'm so excited about this, so I don't have to get frustrated or angry that Frank & I are the only ones taking care of things around the house. If the trash needs to go out, I can just gently remind whoever's turn it is to get it done. And there won't be anyone getting annoyed b/c they know it's their job for the week. YAY!!!

Sunday, October 8, 2017

Cake For Breakfast!

 For breakfast, Frank & I had leftover Almond Joy cake from the surprise birthday party last night. Rachel sent us home w/ a big old slice b/c she knows how much we LOVE her cake. YUMMY!

 All dressed up in our Sunday finest.

None of the kids sat w/ us today. They went & sat w/ their friends, which is fine. I'm thankful that they have good people in the ward that they like to spend time with. It also mean that Frank & I got to sit alone together. All 3 meetings were wonderful & uplifting. I really look forward to Sundays (I didn't use to as a kid or teenager) b/c I can rest & recharge & worship. Frank & I went to our self reliance class tonight, and we are half way done! YAY!!!

Saturday, October 7, 2017

Cheer & A Surprise Birthday Party

 We got to sleep in today b/c Autumn's game wasn't until this afternoon. But that made for HOT weather.

 This cheer/stunt is really cool b/c they throw the flyer behind them & Autumn catches her legs & helps her get into a standing position. I'm super impressed w/ how far they've come since last year.

 Autumn's cheer squad. The umbrellas help keep the sweltering sun off of us.

 It's always funny to see the girls swarm around whichever cheerleader is in charge of bringing the snacks & drinks for after the game.

 Frank & I were invited to a surprise birthday party for a guy in our ward. My heart was BURSTING w/ pride & joy to look over as I was helping set up & see him standing there talking w/ the other guys. He's so stinkin' handsome & I just ADORE him!

 Rachel put on quite the spread!!!

 Lane was super surprised & had no idea, b/c his birthday isn't for another week or so. But Rachel had the party tonight b/c Lane's Mom & sister were in town this weekend.

 I'm not a big fan of pie, but Rachel is so well known for her OUT OF THIS WORLD homemade desserts. Frank & I shared this homemade peach pie & it was DIVINE!!!

My favorite treat was this Almond Joy cake that she made, which tasted just like the one she made for our wedding. It's honestly the best cake I've ever tasted in my life! It was fun to mix & mingle & munch w/ other couples in the ward & to celebrate Lane's birthday.

Friday, October 6, 2017

Friday Night Fright

 I don't know if I'm already "nesting" or what, but I was a cleaning fool tonight! I got tired of the kitchen being a hot mess, so I unloaded the dishwasher, did all the dishes so I could actually cook dinner, swept, vacuumed, and organized the counter. I was in my cleaning mode, which I have to take advantage of when it comes along. The boys & Frank wanted to go to a haunted house, and I DESPISE that type of thing b/c I get scared so easily. So, they left and went to do that while I took Autumn to cheer practice. I got home & it was GLORIOUS to have the whole house to myself. I cooked a Totino's pizza (I hardly had anything to eat at dinner b/c my tummy wasn't feeling it), and watched a recorded episode of the new Will & Grace.

After I got Autumn from cheer practice, she was super happy to have some alone/snuggle time w/ me. Frank & the boys didn't get home until late, but they said they had a BLAST. I guess the haunted house that they went to was really well done and they loved it.

Thursday, October 5, 2017

Christmas Music & Coloring

 I've been in a little bit of a funk lately, which I am blaming on pregnancy hormones. So, I started listening to Christmas music at work today, b/c it makes me happy. I know a lot of people (like my Dad) think it's "against the rules" to listen to Christmas music until the day after Thanksgiving, but I don't care! LOL.

Autumn LOVES using this app on my phone called Recolor. She does some really beautiful work. She's so creative & talented when it comes to the arts.

Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Incredible In-Laws

 I just LOVE Frank's parents. They recently set up accounts on Facebook, so I stole these 2 pictures from what they posted. GrannyMom is really into family history, so they go to the local college library at least once a week for her to do family history.

Frank's Dad isn't as into it, so he brings his iPad and watches shows or plays games while GrannyMom does her family history. They're so stinkin' cute & such a good example to us! I'm thankful to have such wonderful in-laws.

Tuesday, October 3, 2017

National Night Out

 Tonight was National Night Out, and our neighborhood decided to participate in it this year. It's too bad that it rained really hard most of the time and was super humid. But we were able to sit under the patio at the pool and stay pretty dry. There were hot dogs, chips, drinks, and desserts. I told Nate to stop by our party after he got done w/ the one in his neighborhood. He was only able to stay for 2.5 minutes before he got called away. It was fun to see him.

 I had an OBGYN appointment earlier in the afternoon, but I had to reschedule it b/c they were over 30 minutes late & I had to go get Autumn from daycare. Frank & the boys went to Dave & Busters to burn off some energy & have fun b/c Grant had never been. Frank used his tickets he earned to get Autumn this cool "moving sandscapes" thing that he knew she'd love.

This picture just melts my heart! She was so happy & surprised that he would use his tickets to get HER something instead of getting ME something. She felt so special & loved. It makes me feel overjoyed that they have such a good & loving relationship. She wrote him the most TENDER note the other night & I found it in my cup holder in the car. SO SWEET!