Wednesday, September 28, 2016

My First Eagle Board Of Review

 Tonight for our activity the Beehives were in charge and we did some homemaking relay games. We split the YW up into 4 teams and they were each given a packet w/ instructions. There were different stations they had to go to as a group and pass things off. For example, I got to help out in the kitchen stations. They came in and were given an empty grocery bag w/ a list of items to buy. They then had to go "shopping" for the items from a "pantry" we had created. They then told me about a few different meals they could make w/ those items.

The next station was cooking & cleaning. They had to wash their hands and then help to create fruit pizzas for dessert. The first group made the cream cheese frosting, the 2nd group cut up the fruit, the 3rd group frosted and decorated the cookies, and the 4th group had to set the table and serve the fruit pizzas.

A few of the other stations the YW had to pass through were child care, budgeting, building a home centered on Christ (they built a lego house), etc. On each item they were supposed to complete there was a great quote about how important each of those things are. It was a great activity & I know it took a lot of preparation and hard work ahead of time to pull it off and make it a success.

 I had to leave the activity a little early to sit in on Gideon's Eagle Board of Review. I've never done one before and had to do some research online to find out what was expected of me. It was a great experience, and I'm so super PROUD of him, b/c scouting hasn't been a natural thing for him. He's had to struggle to get to where he's at, and it was great to ask him questions and hear the growth that he's experienced.

Autumn is AN ANGEL, and just sat out in the foyer playing games on my phone while I was in that meeting. I'm so BLESSED that she's mine.

Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Oh, The Places You'll Go!

I ran to Costco after work to pick up a pizza & salad for dinner. Then I met Nate & Riannon over at Mom & Dad's to try and get some more pictures of Spencer while the lighting was good. This was the only good one we were able to get, b/c he wasn't very sleepy and kept crying and moving around. It's best to take baby pics right after they've eaten and are really sleepy. But, I think this one turned out really cute anyways.

After we ate dinner, we watched another episode of Poldark so Mom can get caught up and start Season 2. We'll try to get more baby pics again on Saturday when we have better light during the day and we can do it during a time that he's sleepy.

Monday, September 26, 2016

Cheer & Polka Dots

 The weather finally felt a little bit like fall today, b/c the temps were in the high 60's.  Since it gets dark a lot earlier now (BOO), the girls had to practice in Coach G's garage tonight.

While Autumn was at cheer practice, I ran by the Dollar Store to see if they had any polka dot things we can use for our Young Women In Excellence next month. I hit the jackpot, and over $40 later I left with all of these goodies. I am excited about the tissue paper pom poms on the right hand side that we can use for decorations. I'm also going to use the 2 rolls of wrapping paper on the left for a backdrop.

Sunday, September 25, 2016

Happy Birthday, Riannon!!!

 Since General Conference is next weekend, today was fast Sunday. I even got up in sacrament meeting and bore my testimony. After church I didn't have any meetings (YAY) so we went right over to Mom & Dad's for Riannon's birthday dinner. She had requested pistachio crusted salmon, lemmon butter sauce, cauliflower mash, and Red Lobster cheddar biscuits.

 For dessert, she requested Grandma Dawson's rice pudding.

 She's such a WONDERFUL mother, and she's absolutely perfect for Nate. We're so thankful she's a part of our family.

 After dinner we watched a little bit of football and a few people took naps. Once Dad fell asleep and was no longer watching football, we changed it over to Poldark since I got everyone hooked on it last night. Olivia wasn't into watching Poldark so Riannon set her up to watch Zootopia on the ipad. I love it that Olivia absentmindely twists a strand of her hair around w/out even realizing she's doing it.

 Autumn & I finally called it a night so we could come home and I could get her to bed. Once she was asleep, I went online and watched Season 2, Episode 4 of Poldark, which just showed in England tonight.

I LOVE technology, and the fact that I don't have to wait a few more weeks for it to come out on PBS. I'm too impatient to get my next Poldark fix.

Saturday, September 24, 2016

Cheer, Yard Work, Days For Girls, & General Women's Conference

 We got up early & headed to Autumn's cheer game. I like having the games in the morning b/c then it's not so hot. Plus, today was overcast which helped keep the temperatures perfect. We're #1!!!

 I love trying to get pictures of their hair flying when they do their halftime dance. It always cracks me up.

 Two of our girls were out today w/ a bad stomach bug, so they had to improvise and change up the halftime stunts a little bit.

 Some little girls were playing nearby where I was sitting, and they weren't at all into watching their brothers play football. So, they made their dolls watch for them. LOL!

 "Split that V! Dot that I! Rock that C-T-O-R-Y! VICTORY, Lions, VICTORY!"

 The girls were being silly when they did their cheer for the boys at the end of the game, so Coach G made them do push ups.

 After the game we came home and Autumn took a shower. She also did her hair all fancy with this double braid. She's so talented!

 While she was inside getting cleaned up, I took advantage of the nice and cloudy weather and did some yard work. This flower bed was FULL of grass looking plants. It looked like my lawn had taken over the flower beds, so I cleaned them all out and it looks SOOOOOOOOO much better!

 I hurried in the house to wash off my hands, and then Autumn & I left for my nail appointment. I saw this really cool looking flower and had to stop and take a picture of it. I've never seen a flower like it before.

After my nail appointment (I got the color changing nails in purple), we went over to Mom & Dad's house for a little while to say hi, eat lunch, and watch football.

 We came home, I threw together a ramen & cabbage salad, we changed into church clothes, and went over to the church. All the women in the Stake were invited to come and help assemble the Days For Girls kits that each ward had been working on. There were A LOT of ladies there!

 They even had things for the girls that were 8 years old (and up) to work on. They got to organize all the hotel sized soaps that would go in each kit.

 Autumn was SO HAPPY to see Kenzie there and when we had down time she was doing different hairstyles on Kenzie. Around 6:00 we had the potluck salads that everyone had brought for dinner.

At 7:00, we got to watch the General Women's Broadcast together. Autumn kept making silly faces, so I just took what I could get with her. The broadcast was wonderful, and my take away was from Pres. Uchtdorf's talk. When life gets hard and I feel like giving up, I'm going to remember "4th floor, last door."

After the broadcast, we went over to Nate & Riannon's. Nate had a hockey game tonight and Riannon was going to go watch him play, so Mom came over to watch the kids. Riannon ended up not going, so I talked them into watching Poldark, Season 1 since Season 2 starts on PBS tomorrow. They were all hooked within the first 10 minutes! YAY! Now they can share my Poldark obsession.

Friday, September 23, 2016

Spacers & Baby Spencer Pics

Today after school I took Autumn to get her spacers put in. She was so excited to have them in and thought she was so cool ... that is until they started to hurt later this evening. I gave her some Motrin to help w/ the pain.

 Riannon had asked me earlier in the week if I could take some baby pics for them. I warned her that I just take pics for fun and that it might end up looking like a Pinterest FAIL! We didn't have good lighting to take pics, but we took a few test shots just to see if the backdrop and set up would work. I got this good one that I just LOVE even though we were just messing around.

This one just MELTS my heart!!! So sweet & tender. I'm excited to try and get some better shots once we have good lighting.

We had steaks & salad for dinner and it was delicious. We had fun just hanging out together, talking, laughing, and watching TV.

Thursday, September 22, 2016

Happy 31st Birthday, Nicky Snicky!!!

 Dad came & picked Nick up early this morning so they could take Nick's car to the mechanic to have it looked at. We were pleasantly surprised when Dad knocked on the door and said he had donuts to share for Nick's birthday today. They're from the best place in town. Autumn was especially thrilled, b/c Papa used to bring her a donut every Friday morning when he taught seminary.

Nick had to work today, so he had his birthday meal around 3:00. He requested shoyu chicken, rice, corn, cantaloupe, and for dessert he wanted pie. Mom is so AMAZING and made all that happen for him.

 We felt so bad for him with having to work on his birthday that we went to his work and surprised him in the break room w/ balloons, a sign, and we also sang to him. He was super surprised and turned bright red.

 Brotherly Love

 He said when the manager called him up to the front, he thought he was in trouble. LOL! We're so glad we got to celebrate him on his special day.

 Autumn & I went and picked him up at 9:00, b/c his car is still in the shop. When we got home, we gave him this cake that Mom had sent home w/ us to give to him. He was laughing b/c the "3" candle on his cake had fallen over. I hope he had a great birthday and that he felt how much we love him and how happy we are that he's a part of our family. He kept saying how cool it will be next year when he celebrates his birthday, b/c he'll be a married man!

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Meetings & More Meetings

 Today for Activity Days the younger girls were combined w/ the older girls and they were working on booklets for General Conference. I dropped Autumn off and went to Sprouts to check it out and see what all the fuss is about. They had some great prices on strawberries and grapes (88 cents a pound). I also got a salad for my dinner b/c I was going to have 2 meetings back to back.

Autumn got to go home w/ her friend and stay there and play while I had my 2 meetings. First, I had a meeting w/ the 3 class presidents to plan out our Young Women In Excellence. They decided they want to have a "P" Party. The girls are going to wear pajamas, pig tails, and all the food is going to start w/ "p" (pies, pringles, popcorn, etc). We're also going to decorate with polka dots. It's definitely not what I would have picked, but I'm working on letting THEM plan things since it is THEIR program.

After that, I met w/ my YW Presidency at 7:00 for our usual monthly meeting. We didn't have an activity tonight, b/c we are encouraging the YW to attend the Days For Girls service activity on Saturday instead. It was a good meeting & I'm so thankful for the WONDERFUL women that I get to serve with. We finally wrapped up at 8:30, and I went to get my Autumn Girl.

When I was tucking her in tonight, I had to snap a picture of her laying on her Pocahontas pillow case. I found it in one of Mom & Dad's linen closets and they said I could take it for Autumn. I remind her on a regular basis that she is an American Indian and how lucky she is to have such an elite status (not to mention her FLAWLESS & brown skin).

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Family Home Evening

 Mom & Dad are in Austin visiting Lexie & her family. So, we had FHE over at Nate & Riannon's tonight since we couldn't do it last nice b/c of Autumn's cheer practice. We had some DELICIOUS Mexican food. For the lesson I shared this article, "Why Do We Feel Damaged When Others Are Blessed?" I really liked these quotes:

  • His is a kingdom of strange arithmetic, where He leaves 99 to find a lost one, puts the last first, elevates servants to the throne, and is moved to His very core by the faith of the simple, the weak, the overlooked, and the ignored.
  • "Somewhere in the world, there’s a gap shaped just like you. Once you find it, you’ll slide right in." And so I move forward, still struggling at times with childish envy and fear of earthly and heavenly neglect, but ever reaching to be the me God wants me to be. 
I got to love on Baby Spencer while we watched 101 Dalmatians. He's such a love bug and doesn't cry very much. We're so glad he's a part of our family!

Monday, September 19, 2016

Pining Away For Poldark

Tonight when we got home from work/school, we ate some dinner and then I took Autumn to cheer practice. While she was gone, I went online and watched the first episode of Season 2 of Poldark. It showed in England a few weeks ago and won't show here in the USA until this Sunday. However, just like w/ Downton Abbey, I can't wait that long and have to see it NOW!

It was soooooooooooo good & Aidan Turner has such rugged and brooding good looks.

Mmmmm hmmmm!

I had to pull myself away from my laptop to go get Autumn from cheer practice. There was this AWESOME lightning storm going on in these clouds. There wasn't any rain, just lots and lots of flashes of lightning.

As soon as we got home I put Autumn to bed, and then went back to watching Poldark. I didn't stop at episode 1.

I also watched episodes 2 and 3. Even though I've already watched them online, I'll still be recording them when they show on PBS starting on Sunday.

Sunday, September 18, 2016

Spirit Filled Sunday

 I taught the lesson today in Laurels about commandments. While reading 3 Nephi this week, 3 verses in Chapter 1 really stood out to me. Samuel the prophet had told the people that the signs of Christ's birth would be coming in a few short years. The wicked people were making fun of those who believed and looked forward to the signs.

6) And they began to rejoice over their brethren saying: Behold, the time is past, and the words of Samuel are not fulfilled; therefore, your joy and your faith concerning this thing hath been vain.

7) And it came to pass that they did make a great uproar throughout the land; and the people who believed began to be very sorrowful, lest by any means those things which had been spoken might not come to pass.

8) But behold, they did watch steadfastly for that day and that night and that day which should be as one day as if there were no night, that they might know that their faith had not been vain.

We talked about how the underlined parts above apply so much to us today. We try to keep the LONG list of commandments, but the world mocks us and makes fun of us for trying to live good lives. They tell us our "joy and faith are in vain." It's easy for us to be sorrowful and questions ourselves and wonder if the what others are saying is right. However, we need to "watch steadfastly" and KNOW that our faith is not in vain. When we do what Heavenly Father commands us to do, He is BOUND to keep His promises. For the treat I gave them some almond JOYs.

After church, we went over to Mom & Dad's for dinner. Mom had creamy crock pot chicken, rice, green beans, and pie for dessert. We hurried and ate and then rushed home for our home teachers to come over at 3:30. It was a very spiritual experience b/c Autumn was in a bad mood and told our home teacher about all the hardships she's facing at school. He shared some advice w/ her and then told her that no matter what, he is her friend and that he loves her and cares for her. I couldn't hold back the tears!

After he left, Autumn & I went and picked up my visiting teaching partner to go see Sis. Z. Her mother died just a few weeks ago and the funeral was last week. I'm really surprised but thankful that Sis. Z let us come visit. She said she hasn't been sleeping and doesn't want to be around anyone. But, she needed to talk and as she did the Spirit filled the room. We had an appointment to visit Sis. C at 5:00 but I texted and rescheduled it b/c Sis. Z needed to talk some more. We ended up being at Sis. Z's for almost 2 hours! I hope it was therapeutic for her to talk and share stories about her Mom but also to be able to express her grief.

 I dropped off my visiting teaching partner, and she has a girl just a year younger than Autumn, so she offered to let Autumn stay and play while I went to BYD (Bishop's Youth Discussion). Autumn was THRILLED! I hurried over to BYD, b/c Mom & Dad were speaking about their experiences on their mission. Mom did a great job and talked about a few miracles they experienced and also the sacrifices some of the Saints there make to come to the temple.

 Then Dad spoke and shared some thoughts and insights. He shared a video of the cute Primary kids in their ward singing a Primary song. It was a great BYD and the youth were very respectful and listened well. 

I gave one of my YW a ride home and then hurried over to Sis. D's house to get Autumn. They have a bearded dragon and it looked like he had blood all over his mouth. They said it was just strawberry juice, and showed me how he LOVES to eat strawberries.

 I even got to hold him! He's very scaly and scratchy. Autumn wanted to touch him, but didn't want to hold him. We finally said our goodbyes and got home at 9:00. It was a jam packed day, but my spiritual battery is recharged and ready to face the coming week. I'm thankful for all the experiences I had today where I was able to feel the Spirit so strongly!

Saturday, September 17, 2016

We Found A Real Live Mermaid In Papa & Mimi's Pool!!!

 I'm so glad that I didn't have to worry about going to TOFW today on top of all the stuff that Autumn had going on. We got up early this morning, b/c her team had signed up to have professional cheer pictures taken this morning. I also took a few of my own.

 The professional photographer didn't take a picture of our girls w/ their cheer cones, so we just had them go sit in the bleachers and took one of our own! Lookin' lovely, Lady Lions!

 Of course we had to get a silly one!

 After pictures we went over to Papa & Mimi's house to hang out until it was time for Autumn's cheer game. Mimi said she had a special surprise for Autumn, and when Autumn opened it she literally jumped for joy. She had wanted a mermaid tail for Christmas last year, but I told her we would have to wait until the beginning of summer to buy one b/c she grows so fast. But, then life happened and I forgot about it. She brought it up again last week and I told her swim season was almost over so we'd get her one for next year. Mimi SPOILS us ROTTEN!

Look! We found a real live mermaid in Papa & Mimi's pool!

 Papa was even lucky enough to catch the mermaid!

 After they swam for a while (I didn't swim b/c I'm still feeling sick), they came in the house to relax. Mom had Nick try on his new white shirt and tie that he'll be wearing for the wedding. Dad was happy to help Nick tie his tie since Nick doesn't know how.

 Nick looks so handsome & spiffy in his new wedding suit. The wedding colors are navy blue & gold (hence the blue suit & gold tie). Savi wants Nick to have a short beard at the wedding, so Nick's been growing it out. We took this picture and texted it to her to see what she thinks.

 I took Autumn over to her cheer game, and even though the sky is cloudy, it was SO HOT!!! The temperature said 96 degrees, but the heat index was at least 106!!! I was sweating like crazy even under my shady umbrella. Our girls did a great job cheering and were so loud. They also did an awesome job on their new half time routine. We were SO GLAD when the game was over so we could sit in the car w/ the A/C going full blast to cool down.

 When we got back to Papa & Mimi's, Autumn put on her mermaid tail and got right back into the pool to cool off. She didn't know I snuck this picture of her. What a BEAUTIFUL mermaid.

 Papa was such a great sport and went back into the pool w/ Autumn & Olivia. When Mom commented to him on what a FUN & AMAZING Papa he is he said, "pretty soon they're going to be too grown up and won't want me around so anytime they ask me to do things with them, I'm going to take advantage of spending time with them." He's THE BEST!!! This picture cracks me up b/c Papa was going to throw Autumn but she was holding onto his face for dear life. LOL!

Dad is such a HARD WORKER and after playing out in the pool w/ the grandkids he got on the lawnmower at 8:00 and mowed the lawn. This picture is blurry and grainy b/c it was already starting to get dark. What a great example he is to all of us!!!