Sunday, March 11, 2018

Nicky Snicky & The Wrong Key Caper

 This is definitely not the most flattering picture, but I'm posting it anyways. Frank surprised me w/ breakfast in bed this morning! He apologized for waking me up, and I told him he NEVER has to apologize for waking me up to food. LOL!

 In Relief Society today, our teacher was so fun! She used to be the primary chorister & had a fun game for us to try. She had written a bunch of little services we could provide to someone (send a text, share some treats, make a child feel special, etc). We had to stand behind the table and throw an eraser at the board. Whatever the eraser hit is the small service we had to commit to provide for that week. TOO FUN!

 We had Nicky Snicky over for lunch today since he's home alone (Savi is in El Salvador to get some dental work done). It was nice having him here since we haven't seen him in a while. Frank grilled some BBQ chicken, and it was super delicious!

Nate was supposed to fly back from Utah today, but he called to say that he is now driving home a UHaul full of stuff of Grandma & Grandpa's that Dad & Uncle Robert & Uncle Rett inherited. So, he needed us to go to the airport and pick up his truck that he left there when he flew out. Luckily, we were FaceTiming Mom & Dad before we left and Mom asked us if we had the spare key! Um, yeah ... a spare key would be a good idea! Neither of us had even thought about it ... DOH!!! So, we went over to Riannon's and got the key. We drove out to the airport (45 minute drive) only to find out it was the WRONG KEY! She had accidentally given us the key to her Ford vehicle, not Nate's!

So, we drove back to her house (45 minute drive), got the right key, and drove back to the airport (45 minute drive). Frank had to drive Nate's truck home (45 minute drive) b/c I don't know how to drive a stick shift. Luckily we were both able to laugh about it instead of getting frustrated. The drives weren't bad at all since it's a Sunday and traffic was lite. We actually really enjoy being together and it just meant more one-on-one time to talk about life and everything from serious to silly. I'm so thankful for him!

Once we got the truck back to Riannon's house we came home and spent the rest of the evening relaxing and being together with our Autumn Girl.

Saturday, March 10, 2018

Brunch, Temple, Salad, & Slime

 We slept in this morning & then Frank had a hankerin' for some fancy crepes at our favorite crepe place, so we went there for brunch. Yes, we all look tired b/c we had just gotten up. LOL. The weather was SO NICE, that we we ate outside on the patio.

 We were thoroughly entertained watching this squirrel for about 8 minutes. She was climbing all over the branches & hanging upside down like a trapeze artist to find food.

 We came home, rested for a while, and then I went to the temple. I haven't been in a few weekends and was really missing it. I wasn't feeling up to doing a whole endowment session, so I did some initiatories instead. I had a bunch of family names from when the youth did the baptisms & confirmations a few weeks ago. A nice lady offered to do 5 of the family names for me, and I did another 5. YAY! 

 When I got home from the temple, I noticed that two cute little elves had planted some GORGEOUS flowers in the front flower box. They spoil me rotten.

 Frank's a big fan of the salad at Olive Garden, so he was thrilled to find they sell Olive Garden salad dressing at WalMart. We've made quite a few salads lately and they taste so good!

Autumn has been having fun playing w/ her slime she made at her friend's house. I HATE the stuff b/c it's messy and sticky and YUCK. But I'm glad she's having fun & it keeps her entertained.

Friday, March 9, 2018

Grandpa Johnson's Funeral

 Today was Grandpa Johnson's funeral. I'm sad I couldn't be there, but am thankful that Nate went to represent our family. I'm also thankful that he took pictures and sent them to me (he knows how I LOVE pictures).

 Aunt Tafta, Uncle Wes, Uncle Robert, Uncle Rett, & Uncle Todd in line greeting family & friends who came to pay their respects.

 Handsome sons & grandsons carrying the casket to the graveside.

 I'm grateful for Facebook, b/c several of my cousins posted pictures of their entire families together. It's sad that the only time we get together are for things like funerals. But I'm thankful someone took pictures and posted them. This is Uncle Wes's family.

This is Uncle Stacey's family.

 Frank & I were home alone tonight (Spencer & Grant left to go to Oklahoma), and Autumn was a friend's house, so we went out on a hot date. We were both in the mood for Mexican food. It was SO GREAT to spend alone time w/ my honey and just sit and talk about life & the kids & work & anything else that popped into our minds.

Liz & Liberty texted to say they were in the neighborhood and wanted to stop by. We were just leaving the restaurant so we hurried home and hung out w/ them for a little while. Of course we did karaoke again, and then I had to leave to go get Autumn from her school friend's house. She had A BLAST b/c they got to eat pizza, ride a motorized scooter, and make slime. So fun!

Thursday, March 8, 2018

Open House

 Tonight after dinner, we headed over to Autumn's school for Open House. It cracks me up that she's taller than her teacher. We got to see where she sits and look through some of her notebooks & papers that she's working on.

 We also went & visited her teacher from last year that was such a huge help in getting Autumn some accommodations & medication for her ADD.

 Autumn's favorite subject is art, so we stopped by the art room to see some of her work.

 Nate is in Utah for Grandpa Johnson's funeral and Riannon and the kids needed to get out of their house for a little bit. They came by to hang out and say hi. Spencer found this hat & was wearing it around the house. He's too cute.

He was a big fan of the Captain Crunch cereal we had. He even took a slobbery piece of cereal out of his mouth to share with Frank. LOL! We put on some Disney karaoke for Olivia & she loved it. Spencer wanted a turn & he just kept saying "WHO WHO" into the microphone really loud. So, we put on "Who Let The Dogs Out" and Frank would hold the microphone up to Spencer's mouth during the "who who" parts. It was SO FUNNY!

I had to leave at 7:30 for a Relief Society Presidency meeting. I LOVE the 3 women that I get to serve with and am thankful for all I learn from them.

Wednesday, March 7, 2018

Activity Days & Working Hard

I got to take Autumn to Activity Days today. They were making invitations for an upcoming activity "Pajamas & Pancakes" with the Mom's. I'm so thankful for good leaders who show up & have fun activities planned for our girls.

Frank had a side handyman job today, and he started it, went and got Spencer from school after school let out, and had Spencer help him finish up the job. They didn't get home until 9:00 pm! It's food for the kids to see how hard we work for our money, and it's good for them to help out.

Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Donuts With Dad ♥

 Autumn was SOOOOOOOO EXCITED to get up this morning (which is super rare), b/c something was happening today that she's been looking forward to for weeks. This morning was "Donuts With Dad" at her school. When Spencer saw these pics he said, "Dad, you look super tired." We both laughed, b/c he was! It was an early morning!

 It was the first time she's gotten to go. Frank has been an incredible Dad to her, and we are both beyond thankful to have him in our lives. CUE.THE.TEARS!!! I love watching the relationship between the two of them. Frank & I were talking the other night about how well the blending of our 2 families has gone. It's been a HUGE blessing that we don't take for granted.

Monday, March 5, 2018

Autumn The Artist

Autumn had to do this for an assignment and I wanted to capture her amazing art work & impeccable handwriting. As I was reading it out loud, I kept stopping to correct mistakes. Then I realized that I was being too critical, so I stopped that immediately and just read it out loud without adding my 2 cents. I praised her for such incredible talent, and told her how PROUD I am of her. 
Here's what it says:


When ever I grow up I want to be a artist that expresses my feelings by painting. I am inspired by artists because they show their personality threw art. I am painting an apple to show that life isn't always easy. But, if you make the right choices then you'll be blessed. Over the years I have learned that if you work really hard to accomplish things it'll pay off!

Sunday, March 4, 2018

Church & Karaoke

Church today was really good. I got to lead the council meeting in Relief Society and we talked about conversion. What are some obstacles we encounter in conversion, and how do we BECOME converted. It's something our new Bishop has really focused on, so it was great to have an open discussion about it in Relief Society.

After church we came home, ate lunch, FaceTimed Papa & Mimi, rested, and then the kids busted out the karaoke machine. Why do the weekends always go by so stinkin' fast???

Saturday, March 3, 2018

Sunny Saturday

Today was a good Saturday. We slept in, and then Frank & the boys went and saw a sci-fi movie. Autumn & I didn't want to go so we just stayed home in our jammies and watched TV. Once the boys got home from the movies, it was CLEANING TIME! We keep the main living areas pretty clean during the week, but it was time for some deep cleaning. Everyone had to clean their bathrooms, and we cleaned all the junk out of the formal living room where we just dumped stuff. It feels SO MUCH BETTER to see cleanliness & organization when we first walk in the front door.

After all the cleaning, we spent the rest of the day relaxing, watching TV, and eating. My type of Saturday! A friend sent me this picture she caught of the GORGEOUS sunset tonight. Any time either of us sees a pretty sunset we take a pic and send it to each other.

Friday, March 2, 2018

Dinner & A Play

 Frank started working at a new location today, which will just be a once or twice a week gig. It's for the same company he works for now, but they need him at this other location. He said it went really well and he likes the managers of the apartment complex that he'll be working with directly. To celebrate, we took the kids out to dinner.

After that, we went to a FREE play at one of the local high schools. It is their one act play for competition and they invited the public to come watch for free so we could critique them and give them pointers on how to improve. The play was called "Over The River and Through The Woods." Here's a synopsis about the play. We all enjoyed it a lot more than we thought we would. The baby LOVED it b/c she was kicking and moving around like crazy. I guess she'll love theater just as much as Frank & I do! It was super nice to spend time together as a family (Grant was at work), & get Spencer away from his Fortnite game for a little bit. LOL!

Thursday, March 1, 2018

Physical Therapy

Not a whole lot went on today. Just the usual of school & work. Although Frank is continuing to do well at his physical therapy sessions. His arm still gives him problems and hurts, but not nearly as bad as it was before the surgery. I keep reminding him that he's only 2 1/2 months into a 6 month recovery and to give himself some credit. I'm thankful for him and how even though he's hurting, he works through the pain to help support our family.

Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Shopping For Baby

 Tonight after dinner, Autumn & I drove out to a warehouse about 30 minutes away to shop at a kid's consignment sale. My friend's (Donna) daughter, Torrey, owns this franchise and so we had to get a picture with her when we walked in. Donna is a sweetheart and gave me a gift certificate to shop with since she won't be at my baby shower.

 Autumn & I walked up and down all of the rows and rows and rows of baby clothes, items, strollers, toys, books, etc.

These are the goodies that we came home with ... a Bumbo chair with a food tray, a super cute baby carrier, and this dress that Autumn said we just HAD.TO.HAVE. It was fun to spend one-one-one time with Autumn Girl.

Tuesday, February 27, 2018


 We had the Elders over for dinner tonight. We've missed having the missionaries in our home. They used to come over every week when Susan was taking the discussions. But since she's no longer interested we haven't had them over in a while. I made Thai chicken & sugar snap pea pasta w/ a salad and then brownies & ice cream for dessert. I took this picture and then texted it to their Moms to let them know what a great job their missionaries are doing. Both Moms texted back saying how happy & thankful they were.

After dinner I went w/ the Relief Society President to visit a new sister in our ward. Today I also had a conference call w/ Autumn's teacher and school counselor to review her 504 accommodation plan. We all decided that the extra time on tests and being able to be in a small group to minimize distractions had been a HUGE help in addition to Autumn being on ADD medication. Her reading benchmark from last year was a 56 and this year it jumped up to a 95!!! I'm so thankful that her 4th grade teacher advocated to get these accommodations in place for Autumn to succeed. Her teacher also said Autumn is a JOY to have in class and is so sweet and kind and good. That made my Mama heart so happy! ♥ ♥ ♥

Monday, February 26, 2018

Crepes & Hats

 Autumn LOVES crepes and has been begging me to make them for months. So, I finally taught her how to make them tonight. I sat at the counter and told her what ingredients to put in the blender. Then I showed her how to cook them on the stove in a small pan. We had bananas, strawberries, cream cheese filling, and whipped cream to fill & top them with. They were super delicious. They're really easy to make, so we need to include them into the rotation more often.

Frank found this hat upstairs, turned the brim inside out, and was wearing it around the house. I cracked up when he came around the corner of the living room in this getup. He always keeps us on our toes and keeps us laughing!

I had an OBGYN appointment today, and Frank wasn't able to make it b/c he was picking Spencer up from school. But, it was just a usual check up where all they did was measure my belly and say I'm still measuring a week big. My doc said we need to schedule an induction date just in case baby girl decides she wants to stay in past her due date! I can't believe we're only 2 months away from my due date! SO EXCITING!!!

Sunday, February 25, 2018

Autumn's Favorite Scripture

 Autumn got to share her favorite scripture in Primary today. I wasn't able to be there b/c I had to conduct in Relief Society. But Frank went and listened to her for me & even took some pictures!

 We're reading the D&C together as a family now since we finished the Book of Mormon a few months ago. She chose a scripture we read the other night. It's D&C 35:24 ~ "keep all the commandments & covenants by which ye are bound; and I will cause the heavens to shake for your good, and Satan shall tremble and Zion shall rejoice upon the hills and flourish;" She even wrote a few thoughts down on a sticky note so she wouldn't forget what she wanted to say about why that's her favorite scripture right now. I'm so proud of her!

Frank also sent me this picture, b/c I guess they asked Spencer to lead the music in Priesthood opening exercises. NICE! We came home, had lunch, and then I went to a visiting teaching appointment, came home, and our home teachers came. Then I went to 2 more visiting teaching appointments after that. It's nice to get those all done in one fell swoop.

Saturday, February 24, 2018

Stake RS Conference & Peter Rabbit

 I got up this morning & went to the church for our annual Stake Relief Society conference. This year the focus was on being "a CERTAIN woman." It's in reference to this AMAZING talk by Sis. Linda K Burton.

Our sisters across the ages have demonstrated the faithful pattern of discipleship that we too strive for. "The New Testament includes accounts of [certain] women, named and unnamed, who exercised faith in Jesus Christ [and in His Atonement], learned and lived His teachings, and testified of His ministry, miracles, and majesty. These women became exemplary disciples and important witnesses in the work of salvation."

I have read and passed over the seemingly unremarkable expression “certain women” numerous times before, but recently as I pondered more carefully, those words seemed to jump off the page. Consider these synonyms of one meaning of the word certain as connected to faithful, certain women: “convinced,” “positive,” “confident,” “firm,” “definite,” “assured,” and “dependable.”

 There were a couple of classes on how do we BECOME certain women & service. Both were excellent. The lunch at the end of the conference was super delicious! I liked how they had it already served up on plates so we could just grab it and go find a seat.

The kids were restless and wanted to get out of the house, so we went and saw the new Peter Rabbit movie w/ James Corden as the voice of Peter. It was cute and had adult humor to keep us interested. Not one I'd run out and see again, but we all enjoyed it.

Friday, February 23, 2018

Youth Temple Trip

 Frank & Spencer got dressed up all spiffy so they could go to a youth temple trip. They met at the church for pizza & then everyone loaded into cars & went to the temple.

Frank, Spencer, Gideon, Lily, & Tricia

We sent about 100 family names to be done, b/c GrannyMom had a bunch and I had some. Spencer was able to be baptized for Frank's cousin, Bobby. Then Frank was able to confirm (give the gift of the Holy Ghost) to Spencer for Bobby. SO NEAT! Frank said none of the leaders got in the baptismal font to do the baptizing, all of that was done by the Priests (young men age 16-18). HOW NEAT! I'm so glad they were able to go and feel the Spirit so strongly.

Thursday, February 22, 2018

Hot Chocolate & Hickeys

 Autumn had an orthodontist appointment today. It was cold & dreary, so I made myself a cup of hot chocolate that they had set up in the lobby. They said things are looking great & she might be done in 7 to 8 months instead of having to go a whole year!

At physical therapy they have been doing "cupping" on Frank's shoulder to help promote healing in that area. I always tease him about getting hickeys from the girls at physical therapy.

Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Happy 2 Months Baby Aubrey

 The kids were actually all awake this morning for breakfast before school, which never happens. And yes, Autumn is eating ramen noodles for breakfast. She said she doesn't like cereal b/c it's too crunchy for her braces. As you can tell from the expression on Spencer's face, he's not much of a morning person. LOL!!!

Sweet Baby Aubrey was released from the hospital and will have to have heart surgery in a few weeks. I can't believe she's already 2 months old today!!! Such a cutie patootie!

Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Recreation of First Official Date Night

 Frank had made dinner, but when I got home I told him we were going out. The kids were going to stay and eat the dinner he made. I made him wear this eye mask so he didn't know where we were going.

 The top picture is 2017 and the bottom picture is tonight. We even wore the same shirts. I love him so much more now than I did then, because of all the experiences we've had together over the past year. 

 So many things are different this year than last year. For example, I'm super happy that he didn't have to leave & drive 3 hours home back to Oklahoma tonight! LOL. Instead, we went to Target to scan some items for our baby registery. I've never one done before but it was super easy. I just set it up online and then they gave us this red scan gun. We went around and scanned whatever we want and we could change the quantity (like 2 or 3 boxes of diapers) and we could mark items as "most wanted." Frank had fun w/ the scan gun.

 It was so awesome to spend alone time together out on a date. I love this man so much & am so excited to be new parents again together.

I can't even express how happy I am that we're having a baby girl. Their clothes & baby items are SO STINKIN CUTE!!! I can't believe there will be a sweet little body in these outfits soon.