Sunday, January 14, 2018

New Bishop & New Classes

 We thought we cleaned up pretty well today for church, so we snapped a quick selfie before going into sacrament meeting. It was a super emotional sacrament meeting, b/c our current Bishop got released & a new Bishop was called. Bishop A has been in for 5 1/2 years, so it was time.

 He wore his special "Autumn tie" today on purpose, and it made me cry. Here's the original story about the tie & then a few times that he's worn it since:

He has been a PHENOMENAL Bishop & he will always hold such a special & dear place in our hearts. I'm glad he wasn't released b/c they are moving or something sad like that. It was actually really nice to have him in Sunday School today instead of having to attend to Bishop duties.

 Grant got a new calling to be a Primary teacher for the 8 year old class, and today was his first time team teaching. His team teacher is AWESOME & will really be a big help spiritually to Grant. I love it that the kids in his class are going to look up to him and think the world of him. Frank's class doubled in size since last year since his class last year didn't move up & the class below them did. Oh, well. He LOVES getting to teach so the more the merrier.

We got home, had some lunch I had started in the crock pot before church, and then I left to do 2 visiting teaching visits. My partner had to go out of town for a family emergency, but I did fine by myself. When I got home, Frank was hooking up some wires in the attic w/ Autumn for a new security system that Nate & Riannon gave us. They had upgraded theirs and gave us their old one. SWEET! I'm blown away by all the things that Frank knows how to do. He really is a jack of all trades & a renaissance man!

Also, today is Grampsy's 77th birthday! Frank & I were talking about how thankful & blessed we are that we both like our in-laws. Some couples can't stand their in-laws, but not us. I adore Grampsy & GrannyMom. So HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Grampsy!

Saturday, January 13, 2018

Temple Date

 This morning Autumn & I went to our nail place. Her eyebrows were OUT OF CONTROL & needed to be waxed so bad. She was so happy to see that the owner's daughter was there so she had someone to talk to & hang out with. It was so nice to get my nails done, b/c I used a gift certificate to another place in December that someone had given me. They must not have put enough layers of the powder, b/c all of my nails were cracked & had to be super glued several times. YUCK.

 Frank went & worked at the houses for a little bit, and then when we got home we went on a hot date to the temple. We have so many family names to get done that his Mom has given us. I'm beyond grateful that we live so close to a temple, and that we can attend regularly. 

 I'm also beyond grateful for this wonderful ETERNAL companion of mine. He was looking especially handsome w/ his beard & trench coat. It's been cold enough lately that he was able to wear it & keep warm. I love being able to sit together in the celestial room after the session and talk about the things we learned or impressions/insights we had.

When we got home, Autumn had fallen asleep watching TV and the boys put this tissue on her face and this balloon from Frank's birthday under her arm. LOL! Silly brothers.

Friday, January 12, 2018

Oklahoma & Newfoundland

 Poor Frank got up at 3:00 this morning to get ready & get on the road. He had a doctor's appointment in Oklahoma this morning. After the appointment, he got to stop by and love on Aubrey.

 I'm so jealous he got to love & snuggle on our grandbaby. She's so little & sweet.

 He said it was good to see Marissa & catch up w/ her. She's such a good Mom & we're beyond proud of her. 

Christy & her Dad came over tonight to visit since we haven't seen them in a long time. Christy got a new dog for Christmas & he is HUGE! He's a Newfoundland breed & is only 6 months old and already weighs 65 lbs. It was fun to love on him for a little while, but I don't think I could ever live with a dog that big & messy.

Thursday, January 11, 2018

25 Week Check Up

 Frank & I went to my 25 week OBGYN appointment today. I haven't had a visit since October, and they were kind of freaked out b/c they want to see me every month.They just never called to schedule it, and I didn't want to spend the money when everything is fine and I feel the baby moving.

I'm beyond thankful for this handsome man & that he's been able to come to all of my visits with me so far. All they did today was measure my belly & listen to the baby's heartbeat. Everything is great.

Tonight after dinner I had a Relief Society Presidency meeting. We had SO MUCH FUN & even though we got a lot accomplished, we also did a LOT of laughing. It's such a privilege & honor to serve w/ the other 3 women in the presidency. I really appreciate & love each of them so much.

Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Doctor & Lunch

 I had to work this morning, so Frank stepped in and took Autumn to her pediatric appointment for me. She was out of her ADD meds & it was time for her 11 year old check up. I'm so thankful to have a partner who helps out so much.

 After the appointment, he dropped her off at school and went & got the prescription filled. Then Frank & Grant came and met me for lunch. It's crazy to think that the last time the 3 of us ate here was back in April! So many great changes have happened since then.

 Tonight at Activity Days it was M's birthday. They finally split up the older girls (10 - 11) from the younger girls (08 - 09). A lot of people were asking if Autumn is turning 12 this month & moving up to Young Women's. Autumn sure wishes she was, but she's got one more year until she moves up to Young Women's.

Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Matching Tie Tuesday

 This is so rare that we had to snap a picture ... we were all up & ready & out the door at 7:30 this morning. Usually the boys are still asleep when Autumn & I leave. But Frank & Grant went to a handyman job that started early. I'm so thankful for this group of people!

 It was SUPER FOGGY & cold most of the day today. I couldn't even see the top of the tower.

 Dad got to spend part of the week in Mozambique touring around w/ the mission president & his wife to visit various missions & talk about how to stay healthy & what to do if they had any issues. He sent us a few pics.

The main language in Mozambique is Portuguese, and one of the missionaries was great about translating for Dad. As a thank you gesture, Dad gave that missionary his tie that had zebras on it. The missionary was ELATED & gave Dad his tie in return. Then Dad & that missionary's companion had on matching ties so they got a pic. I love hearing about all the great & wonderful adventures Mom & Dad are having on their mission. I LOVE them so much & even though I miss them terribly, I'm thankful for their examples of faith & service.

Monday, January 8, 2018

Rubber Bands & Babysitting

 Autumn didn't have school today, and she got to go see the orthodontist for a check up. They put in thicker wires on the top & bottom and also started having her put in rubber bands when she's home & at night. They also changed out the color of her top rubber bands to a periwinkle blue. She said her teeth hurt so bad at dinner time that it was even painful to chew soft foods. Poor thing! But like I keep reminding her, she'll have a GORGEOUS smile pretty soon so it's worth it.

 We went over & babysat Spencer & Olivia tonight so Nate & Riannon could go out on a much needed date night. I had fun doing Snapchat filters on Spencer.

 Cheesy Cuteness

 Mr. Cool Guy

 His natural cute smile

They ended up going bowling at a new place that opened up not too long ago. I'm glad they were able to get out & have some alone time. It's so important & healthy & necessary for a marriage to keep dating each other after you're married.

Sunday, January 7, 2018

Clean Slate

Autumn Bottom is an ANGEL & had all of the dishes done & the kitchen counter cleaned off when I got home last night. I didn't even ask her to do it, she just did it on her own. I always feel so much better about life in general when the counter is cleaned off. I felt that way today at church ... starting off the new year with a clean slate. We switched to an earlier time, and even though it's hard to get up on a Sunday morning when I want to sleep in, it was SO NICE to come home, eat lunch, and have the whole rest of the afternoon to relax.

I kept looking at the clock thinking that surely it was 6:00 or 7:00, and it was only 3:00! That will be awesome during the summer when we can get out and go on walks. It was also fast & testimony meeting today so I got up & bore my testimony about a scripture in Ether 6:12 that really stood out to me. "...and did shed tears of joy before the Lord, because of the MULTITUDE of his TENDER MERCIES over them." I have been blessed with a "multitude of tender mercies" over the course of my whole life, and especially last year. The gospel brings me such peace & assurance & happiness.

Saturday, January 6, 2018

Liz & Lisa Time

 Frank & I were going to go to the temple today, but decided we'd better not since we both have "the crud" and figured we shouldn't go & spread our sick germs w/ everyone there. We opted to stay home and rest. I was feeling much better this afternoon, so Liz & I went to see The Greatest Showman.

It was soooooooooo good & I'm glad we went together. We were both joking that if we didn't have families to get home to, that we would turn around and go see it again. It was WONDERFUL to have some Liz & Lisa time, since it's been a long time since we've done that.

Friday, January 5, 2018

Allergic To Olives???

I was so glad today was Friday, b/c I have had "the crud" lately where I don't have a fever or the full blown flu, but I just feel cruddy. I've got a runny nose & achy body. It was nice to come home & relax tonight. I was craving pasta salad, so I made some. Autumn wanted some olives, b/c she loves them. She got some olive juice on her face, and said that her face started itching. It did get a little bit red, so I'm wondering if she's allergic to olives??? That would be so sad if she is, b/c she loves them so much.

We spent the rest of the evening resting, watching TV, and enjoying spending time together.

Thursday, January 4, 2018

Happy Birthday Tom & Lori

Today is Tom & Lori's birthdays. Tom doesn't like any attention on his birthday, so I didn't bring any balloons & cake for him. Lori said the guys in her office weren't do anything for her, and she was having to work the concessions stand tonight for her daughter's dance team. That sounded so sad to me for a birthday celebration, so I went and got her favorite spicy chicken Thai noodles, some balloons, a piece of cake, and went to her office for lunch. It was so fun to celebrate w/ her and catch up on what's going on w/ her.

I really miss being in the same office as her. She's so fun & full of energy. But, I'm glad that our offices are close enough that we can still get together every once in a while.

Wednesday, January 3, 2018

Alone Time

 Riannon asked if Autumn wanted to come over & hang out w/ them today. So, Frank went and dropped her off and then went and saw a movie all by himself. Lucky! I love getting alone time.

 Riannon sent me this picture saying that Autumn had found all of her family members in these little car toys. Frank is on the far left, then me, Grant, Spencer, Julian, Mason, Uncle Nate, & Papa. LOL! Too funny.

Since it was just me & Frank at home, we used a coupon to go out to eat. We got both of these yummy chicken avocado salads & a drink for less than $8! Gotta love that. He's so stinkin' handsome & I'm so thankful he's mine. After we ate, we went and picked up Autumn Girl. She said they had a lot of fun & got doughnuts for breakfast & even went to the library & got a book.

Tuesday, January 2, 2018

2 Lunch Dates

 Frank had a follow up doctor's appointment today to have his shoulder checked. His doctor said everything looks great. YAY! Since he was close by to my office, we decided to go to lunch together. Someone at church had told us about this relatively new place that is like a bunch of different food trucks, but it's all inside. We went to check it out.

 He opted for the 3 street tacos on the right w/ a drink, and I opted for the char-grilled chicken tikka naan wrap and a drink. The food portions look pretty big here, but they were actually really small. We were SHOCKED that these 2 "meals" together were $26!!! We soon realized that you're paying for the atmosphere & ambiance of the place. This food was NOT worth that much money. It was OK, but nothing that I'd have to have again, even if it was cheaper. So, it was fun to try it once but we will never go back ... it's too rich for our blood.

 We were both still hungry after our "appetizer" lunch so we went to Costa Vida and shared a sweet pork salad. Frank had never been there before, and he really liked it. The best part was just getting to be together and talking.

 Mom sent me an email saying Nick was having issues with filling the pool up w/ water. It has been below freezing for the past several days, and so the water in the hoses have frozen. Frank went & bought a new hose, went out the house, hooked it up, and filled up the pool. We went over tonight to turn off the water, cover the outside faucets, and store the water hose in the garage so it wouldn't freeze. It was so fun to love on Baby Matthew. He's such a cutie and I can't believe he turned 4 months old yesterday!!! I love his big dark eyes & all of his dark hair.

Monday, January 1, 2018

Making Autumn Buy Her Own Clothes

Autumn has been saying that she needs some new clothes for a few weeks. Since I didn't have to work today, I finally took her clothes shopping. First we hit up Old Navy where she was FINALLY able to find some pants she likes. Here's the kicker ... I made her buy all of her own clothes! It sounds mean since she's only 10 years old, but I had to do it b/c she is SO STINKIN' PICKY! I can't tell you how many hundreds of dollars I have spent on new clothes for her that she only wears once and then never wears them again.

She has a whole process she has to go through in the store to make sure clothes fit to her liking. I have her go through the whole process, and make sure she approves of the clothes. Then I make her look me in the eye & promise that she'll wear them. We get home, she washes them, wears them once, and declares there is something wrong w/ them and she won't wear them anymore. I can't tell you how infuriating it is.

So, this time I tried something new. I had her buy her OWN clothes with her OWN money in hopes that she'll make herself wear them even if she thinks they're a tiny bit too tight in the knees, or whatever else she finds wrong w/ them. We also went to Ross & she found these cute shirts.

I'm really hoping that having her buy her own clothes will make her realize the value of a dollar. I'm also teaching her how to find good deals, and that if you find something you really love to get several of the same size in different colors. We'll see how it goes!

Sunday, December 31, 2017

2017 Year In Review

Keeping strong w/ the tradition that I started in 2008 of doing a year in review of the highlights. There have been A LOT of BIG highlights this year.

January 2017:
*Picked my One Little Word for the year ... BEGIN
*Nick & Savi told Mom & Dad they're PREGNANT!
*Autumn turned TEN & we had 3 of her friends over for a party to make & decorate cookies
*Donald Trump was sworn in as the President Of The United States
*Went & saw The Fiddler On The Roof play w/ Papa & Mimi for Autumn's birthday
*I fed the Stake Leaders between their back to back meetings
*25th ~ Frank & I started talking on the phone
*Went & saw Once Upon A Mattress play for Autumn's birthday

February 2017:
*Olivia turned 3
*03rd ~ Frank & Spencer came down to visit for the first time!!!
*Frank & Spencer & Autumn & I went and made meals for the homeless together
*Frank & Spencer came to church with us & I was released as Young Women's President
*The YW heart attacked my door, and this was the first Wed in a long time I didn't have YW
*09th ~ Autumn had an orthodontist apt, and we met up w/ Frank & Spencer for dinner in Atoka
*11th ~ I got a package from Frank in the mail w/ a bluetooth speaker & a super sweet note
*I've lost SIXTY pounds since April 2016
*13th ~ Frank & Spencer came down to surprise us as an early Valentine's gift
*17th ~ Frank & Spencer came down to spend the weekend with us
*Nate took a hockey puck to the face & got a horrible cut that Dad stitched up on the back porch
*20th ~ Frank & I went on our first official date tonight. He drove down 3 hours, we went to a Chinese restaurant, and then he drove 3 hours home!!!
*Mom & Dad stopped in to visit Frank's parents unexpectedly
*Pizza Picnic Party at the Park w/ Liz & Liberty
*25th ~ Frank & his parents & 4 boys came down to visit
*I was called to be a Relief Society teacher & also the Relief Society Secretary
*There was a silver screw in one of my tires!

March 2017:
*Dinner out w/ Liz & Liberty
*05th ~ Liz straightened my hair & Frank came down & went to church with us
*11th ~ Autumn & I went to Oklahoma to see where Frank lives & spend time there
*Sis. M & her family came to stay overnight
*19th ~ Frank had "the talk" with Dad, got his permission, & PROPOSED TO ME!!!
*Autumn started volleyball again
*Mom & Dad signed the cars over to me (Chevy Trax), & Nate (the truck)
*Autumn & I went to Oklahoma to spend time w/ Frank & his family & celebrate Easter
*I took bluebonnet pictures of Autumn
*I got highlights in my hair
*Liz & Eila came to my work for visiting teaching & I got stuck driving the forklift
*Lori & crew moved to their new office, and I'm so sad
*Mom & Dad left for Utah to spend time w/ family

April 2017:
*Frank came to visit & watch General Conference. Mom & Dad saw Jones's at General Conference
*03rd ~ Frank & I got engagement pictures taken
*04th ~ Frank & I had our official 2nd date night
*05th ~ Frank & I went on a date to the temple
*Frank & the boys came down & we went to the Renaissance Festival
*10th ~ Mom & Dad reported to the MTC today to start their 2nd mission
*Easter at the Farm w/ Frank & Spencer
*17th ~ Frank & I got our marriage license!!!
*The Starbucks Sour Unicorn Frappuccino was all the rage ... MEH
*21st ~ Mom & Dad left for South Africa, I had a girls night w/ Karri & crew
*Savi's sister, Sofia, came to visit so we picked her up at the airport
*Fun Family Home Evening w/ Frank & Grant at the bowling alley
*Autumn had her first pediatrician visit in 10 years
*Autumn & I went and saw the Legally Blonde Jr. play
*29th ~ Autumn & I drove to OK and I surprised Frank at work
*30th ~ Frank & I both gave talks in his branch at church

May 2017:
*Autumn started her ADD medicine & we went on a Mommy/Daughter date
*I got food poisioning
*07th ~ We met Frank in OK & went to church there, and then Frank gave me a new engagement ring
*09th ~ Frank interviewed for a new job here in DFW & has his final interview for our temple clearance letter w/ the Stake President
*Dinner w/ Donna & the kids
*Neighborhood pool party
*Frank came down to celebrate Mother's Day with me
*Autumn got a huge chigger bite that got infected on the back of her knee
*"This Little Piggy" Relief Society activity
*Autumn & I started cleaning out "the scary office"
*Frank & I went on a date to the temple
*20th ~ Surprise bridal shower and Frank & I found out we have permission to be sealed!!!
*Autumn's recorder concert at school
*Autumn's school picnic
*Set up for the wedding reception
*Mini honeymoon & Medieval Times
*Memorial Day swim party
*30th ~ Autumn started sleeping in "the scary office"

June 2017:
*Frank started his new job today
*05th ~ Frank had his first side handyman job & we bought him a some new tools
*I got to give a spiritual thought up at YW Girl's Camp
*Went & saw Wonder Woman w/ GrannyMom & Grampsy
*Sounds Of The Summer free concert & In-N-Out food
*Baseball game in Tulsa w/ Marissa & Grant
*18th ~ Father's Day in Oklahoma w/ Grampsy & Frank
*RS activity about emergency car preparedness
*Susan started taking the missionary discussions at our house
*We babysat the cutest little dog named Georgia
*1 month anniversary ~ went to breakfast & then out for a pedicure & out to dinner

July 2017:
*Frank got new contacts & we took the kids to Dave & Busters and a movie
*Had the Lee's over for FHE to swim
*Happy 4th of July ~ Swim & BBQ party over at Mom & Dad's
*We got to dogsit Emma
*Autumn's first cheer practice of the season
*Pest Control swim party
*I surprised Frank at work w/ lunch
*Spontaneous date night w/ Frank
*Impromptu lunch date w/ Frank
*Lexie & family came up to visit
*80's free rock band concert w/ Frank
*Autumn went to stay w/ Lexie & family for a week
*I had jury duty but didn't get picked
*Frank & I went on a Goodwill Date night
*Final Sounds of Summer concert & Frank won a contest
*Took the kids to Medieval Times

August 2017:
*Date night to the movies w/ Mason b/c everyone was a friend's house but him
*Babysitting Spencer & Olivia while Nate & Riannon went to South Africa w/ Curt & Mary
*Frank ♥ Lisa license plate
*Playing outside in the rain
*12th ~ Savi's baby shower & Frank took the kids to Chuck E Cheese
*We had to replace the transmission in Frank's truck
*16th ~ Spencer officially moved in with us full time
*Meet The Teacher night
*Super Saturday for Spencer & Cheer Camp for Autumn
*Father's Blessing from Frank before school starts
*21st ~ First Day of 10th grade for Spencer & 5th grade for Autumn
*D - 23rd ~ Frank quit his job b/c it was not a good thing to work there
*25th ~ We found out WE'RE PREGNANT!!!
*3 month anniversary ~ "This is what ditto feels like ..." sign
*Frank helped Nate w/ his broken hot water heater
*Frank interviewed for a new job & got it on the spot!!!
*Gas shortage due to the hurricane in Houston

September 2017:
*02nd ~ Grant officially moved in with us
*Started our self reliance class
*Labor Day ~ took the boys back to Oklahoma and it was so sad
*Sis. W fixed Autumn's cheer uniform
*06th ~ Frank started his new job!!!
*First local high school football game
*09th ~ Autumn's first cheer game of the season & Frank was security for Jake Paul
*14th ~ Papa came to visit for a few days b/c he had to escort a missionary home
*Big family swim party w/ everyone (except Mimi) since Papa was home
*18th ~ First baby ultrasound & we announced on social media that we're pregnant
*Frank had a heart checkup & everything is good
*To celebrate our 4th anniversary, Frank & I went to the temple & were sealed for his paternal grandparents
*Got to work for Becky Higgins at the Pinterest Conference & the boys helped pack it all up

October 2017:
*Liz & Lisa night out
*National Night Out w/ Nate
*Surprise birthday party for Lane w/ the Almond Joy cake from our wedding
*Started a new chore chart
*Frank got a shot in his shoulder to help w/ the pain
*Specialist OBGYN appointment
*Hunting trip to Oklahoma w/ Nate & Riannon
*2 new tires for my car (BOO) & a lunch date w/ Frank (YAY)
*Autumn went to her 5th grade overnight Adventure Camp
*Ward Trunk-Or-Treat
*21st ~ Frank found out that his sister, Mary, passed away today while I was getting my hair done
*24th ~ My 38th birthday & Frank and the kids spoiled me
*25th ~ We announced on social media that we are having a GIRL
*26th ~ Mary's funeral
*D - 28th ~ Autumn's Cheer Showcase
*A car plowed into the back of Nate's police vehicle
*Uncle Rich & Aunt Cassie came to visit
*Halloween party

November 2017:
*Dinner w/ Donna & Abbey
*Self Reliance class service project
*Frank got a free new grill
*I had to drive the forklift at work in the cold & pouring rain
*08th ~ Fall Out Boy concert
*Relief Society Gratitude Dinner
*End of the year Cheer Dance/Party
*12th ~ Savi's birthday
*ICE! treat w/ the kids
*City Council meeting to support the policemen
*D - 14th ~ Autumn had to have FIVE broken brace brackets replaced
*End of the year cheer party w/ the football players
*Finished our self reliance 12 week class
*Autumn came to work with me
*Autumn & I went and saw Coco
*Thanksgiving in Oklahoma & GrannyMom's 79th birthday

December 2017:
*Tree lighting at City Hall & the nativity at church
*Julian's Grease play in Oklahoma
*04th ~ Frank's 44th birthday & we went to a good BBQ place for dinner
*Halfway through the pregnancy
*Single Adult Fireside w/ Frank
*11th ~ Hot date night to the Forgotten Carols as part of Frank's birthday present
*Frank & I spontaneously went & saw the new Star Wars movie
*Ward Christmas Party
*Baby Matthew's baby blessing & Polar Plunge Pool Dip
*Frank's shoulder surgery
*21st ~ Baby Aubrey Rose (our first grand baby) was born today!
*Christmas in Oklahoma with Frank's family
*The boys came to stay with us for a week
*Happy New Year 2018

A lot of people on social media were saying how happy they are to see 2017 go. 2017 has been a HIGHLIGHT year for me with meeting Frank, getting sealed, and getting pregnant. Just like with anything in life ... there have been some incredible highs and some really wretched lows. I could never have guessed when I picked the word "BEGIN" as my word for 2017 how many things I would BEGIN this year ... a new relationship, a new marriage, a new baby, being a step-Mom to 5 kids, being a grandma, etc. I am so blessed & am so grateful for all the things that 2017 brought. I look forward to what 2018 has in store.

Happy New Year 2018

 We woke up this morning to a small dusting of snow on the vehicles & roofs.

 Autumn was bored, and she talked Frank into letting her paint his toenails.

 He's never had his toes painted before, so it was nice of him to let her paint them a bright blue.

 Church was really good today. I feel like I haven't been in a long time so it was great to be back. After church we came home, ate lunch, and just hung out. Autumn had fun trying on Frank's shoulder brace.

Lexie texted me this picture. Looks like they had enough snow for it to accumulate down where she lives! How fun!!!

We watched all the fun festivities going on in NYC, and counted down w/ them at 11:00 our time w/ our "fancy" glasses & sparkling apple cider. We were going to go to bed, but ended up still being awake at 12:00 our time, so we celebrated again and then called it a night. 


Saturday, December 30, 2017

Babysitting & Bye Boys

 Riannon called this morning to see if I could come over and watch the kids. She needed to go over & help her Mom & sister unpack their truck along w/ some people from church. The 2 kids have a little bit of crud & so she didn't think anyone else would be willing to watch them. Stella is such a good job & puts up w/ the kids tugging & pulling on her.
For Christmas the kids got this fun tent that hangs from the ceiling that they love hanging out in. Even Stella wanted in on the action. We had fun watching movies and hanging out until Riannon got home.
 I got home & we did pizza & salad for lunch before the boys had to pack up & leave.
 I'm so glad we had them do their chores before they left for Oklahoma. It was nice to have a clean house. It's been a lot of fun having them here & we're going to miss them so much.
 It's always bittersweet when they leave. Having them here is more noise, food, messes, etc. But we wouldn't change it for anything. Getting to spend time together & create memories is the best!
 After they left, we all rested and recovered for a little bit. Frank has been wanting to try doing a Christmas tree spinach dip for a while since he saw it on Facebook.
Ours ended up looking NOTHING like the pictures we saw online. LOL! We used this spinach dip recipe that I love. Oh, well. At least it tasted good and we had fun making it together.