Thursday, July 20, 2017


 So tonight when Frank got home from work & got cleaned up we decided to do the #goodwilldatenight. Marissa had tagged us in a post on Facebook, so we wanted to try it. Now before anyone gets their panties in a wad & claims this is a perfect example of "white privilege" I want to say that I LOVE Goodwill. I LOVE to find good bargains. I know you can find lots of good things there. The point of this was to find the most MISTMATCHED & RANDOM things & wear them together. I really wish these glasses weren't such strong prescriptions, b/c otherwise we would have gotten them. It hurt my eyes so bad just to wear them for 20 seconds.

 This is the ROCKIN' outfit I found for Frank. The swimming shorts are actually great & he'll wear those at the pool.

 They didn't have a huge selection of plus size women's clothes, so my outfit wasn't too crazy. Although I do have to mention that you can't see the few cigarette burn spots on my pants.

 #goodwilldatenight challenge accepted! We even gave each other fake names of Larry & Trixie. We went to the grocery store like this, b/c we had to pick up a few things. There were a bunch of guys in one of the aisles that almost busted a gut b/c they were laughing so hard at Frank. He was such a good sport about it, and strutted around the store like he owned the joint. Just one more reason that I love him so much!

 We went to Cheddar's for dinner b/c that was one of the first places we went out to eat when we first met. One of the waiters actually commented on how much he liked Frank's shirt (and he was being dead serious).

 I think the napkin tucked into Frank's shirt really completes the whole look! I am so lucky to be out on a date w/ such a handsome & well dressed guy.

 He got the ribs to compare them to Rudy's. The ribs at Cheddar's were WAY BETTER by a LONG SHOT than Rudy's. The meat LITERALLY fell off the bone when he picked this up.

 When we got home, we realized that we should have switched accessories. I should have worn the tie, and he should have worn the scarf. LOL!

 I helped him load up the washer & dryer, b/c he is going to switch them out for the ones he had back at his house up in OK. He has to go up there to get his truck looked at, and to pick up the boys.

 Autumn got to spend the day doing nails w/ Aunt Lexie. So fancy!

Lexie sent me this picture saying that Autumn will randomly disappear in the afternoon & they find her curled up somewhere like this, taking a nap. I guess they're wearing her out w/ all the fun & excitement. She won't ever want to come home!

Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Hottie Husband & Hairdo's

 I had my annual check up & blood work done this morning. Everything came back clear & good! YAY! I'm thankful for modern medicine & all it can do.

 I love it that Frank will randomly send me a picture of himself at work. He knows pictures are one of my love languages. I'm thankful for him & all of the HARD HARD work he does for us!

When he got home I let him decide if he wanted to just veg at home or go out. He said he wanted to try some BBQ, so we went to Rudy's. We tried their ribs, but weren't overly impressed w/ them. Our favorite was the Rudy's chopped sandwich & the creamed corn. After dinner we stopped by a grocery store to get a few things we needed. Then we came home & watched Ever After (the one w/ Drew Barrymore). It's such a good movie & we were both quoting it together. Frank is so stinkin' handsome & I just look at him sometimes & wonder how on Earth I ever got to be so lucky to be married to such an incredible man. Like I tell him all the time ... he was more than worth the 9 year wait! 

 Autumn had a blast at Lexie's today, b/c she got to do her hair. Autumn LOVES to do hair & wants to be a hairdresser/beautician when she grows up.

 I can see her being very successful at it. She's very good & has a great eye for detail. I need to remember to let her play w/ my hair more b/c it's relaxing & feels good & she loves to do it.

Uncle Jon is so fun & busted out some glow sticks tonight so the kids could jump on the trampoline & make it special. I'm thankful she's being so well taken care of!

Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Missionary Moments & Matching Outfits

 For our evening tonight, I made Thai chicken & sugar snap peas for dinner. Frank said it was really good & one to include in our normal dinner rotation. Even though going out to dinner or out on dates is fun, my favorite times w/ Frank are when we're just at home sitting on the couch & talking together. We had a great conversation and were able to really connect on a deeper level. I love this man more & more every single day!

Christy & her Mom came over for another lesson w/ the missionaries. We LOVE having all of them in our home & appreciate the Spirit that is there when we're all learning about the Gospel together. Frank & the missionaries gave Christy & her Mom a blessing b/c they had both asked for one. I was beaming w/ joy while watching my husband participate & knowing that he is a worthy Priesthood holder.

Autumn had a super good day today, b/c Lexie took them to the pool to swim & cool off & burn off some energy.

They also stopped at WalMart & Lexie got her and Autumn matching outfits. SO CUTE! Lexie loves getting to "borrow" Autumn for a week & do girly things w/ her since Lexie & Jon only have boys. Autumn loves getting to have some time away & a change of scenery & pace.

Monday, July 17, 2017

Jury Duty & Dinner And A Movie With My Sweetheart

 My day started at the county courthouse, b/c I had jury duty. We were escorted into a huge room that holds 600 people (there were about 400 of us in there). We watched a video about how important doing our civil duty is, and then we waited. Luckily they had on HGTV while we waited to pass the time. They called out groups of people by 20's and then by 70's to go to certain cases. They said a couple of cases decided to either settle or accept a plea bargain, so we weren't needed! I left and went to work. I've been on a jury before and actually enjoyed it, so I was a little bit bummed that I wasn't picked. 

 When Frank got home from work tonight, Liz was at our house to talk & hang out for a little bit. After talking to Liz for a while, we decided to go out on a date. We ended up at a cute little restaurant in an old part of downtown. The food was good, but it wasn't somewhere that I would go out of my way to eat at again.

 We went to the "fancy" movie theater where you can order food at your seat & the seats recline. We ended up seeing Planet of the Apes. I did not have very high expectations, but I was actually very pleasantly surprised at how good it was. There's a really great story line w/ some surprise twists that we didn't see coming. It's also amazing how life like they are able to make the animals look. Woody Harrelson turned in a great performance. But the best part of the whole thing was getting to be with my sweetheart and hold hands and create fun memories together.

Miss Autumn also got to have lots of fun today. Lexie took them to a place where they could run around & play & burn off some energy. She said that Autumn was so cute to help Adam on the slides and follow him around. She had to come & take a break b/c she was so hot & sweaty!

Sunday, July 16, 2017

Simple Sunday

It was so nice to sleep in this morning & wake up whenever we wanted. We enjoyed a nice & quiet breakfast together of bacon & omelettes. Then we got ready for church. It was weird but relaxing to have it just be Frank & I sitting on our usual bench at church.

Frank got pulled out of Sunday School & will be getting a new calling next week! YAY! He's going to rock it. We came home, had a simple dinner, and then Facetimed Miss Autumn. She's having a blast at Lexie's house, and we miss her. I'm so thankful for technology that allows us to talk & see each other on little devices that fit in our hands! So crazy!

Saturday, July 15, 2017

Temple, 2 BBQ's, Family, & An 80's Concert

 WHEW! What a day! It was non stop since the moment we got up. We got up, got Autumn ready for cheer, went & dropped her off at practice, and went to the temple. We got to be the witness couple, which was really cool. Frank got to see my favorite of the new films, and it was awesome to talk about what we learned while sitting in the celestial room together. We stopped at the distribution center to get him some new white pants b/c the ones he has are from before he lost a lot of weight & they are way too big. 

 Autumn's cheer coach is so awesome & had a BBQ after practice today. That way the kids & parents could all spend some time together and get to know each other better & bond. It's more like a family than just a cheer group.

 We came home, changed clothes, Autumn packed her overnight bag, we grabbed some things, and went over to Nick & Savi's. Frank was the BBQ master and did a great job on the hamburgers & hot dogs. I also had some chips & drinks, and Riannon brought some watermelon & a delicious pasta salad.

 Everyone's tummies were FULL & HAPPY! We Facetimed Papa & Mimi b/c today is their FORTIETH wedding anniversary (it's also Tara's birthday & her wedding anniversary ... LOVE & miss you, Tara). We for sure miss having them here to create memories w/ us, but we're so thankful for their example of service & sacrifice.

 Lexie was awesome & led us in a 30 minute water aerobics class. She's a great instructor and I could "feel the burn" even though it was all done in the water.

 This picture cracks me up, b/c it looks like Jon is choking Frank. He's not ... he's actually fixing him. Jon brought his adjusting equipment & did a lot to help loosen up Frank's shoulders that have been bothering him so bad. THANK YOU, Jon!

The kids had fun being together & playing games after we were done swimming. I love it when they get along & enjoy being together.

We had Chinese food for dinner, got everything cleaned up, and then everyone went their separate ways. Autumn is spending some time w/ Lexie & her family so it was hard to say goodbye to her.

Frank & I came home alone, which was weird but wonderful at the same time. We hurried and got ready to go to a FREE 80's cover band concert that Frank had found out about on Facebook this morning. It was so fun to do a crazy side ponytail, 80's makeup, and mismatched earrings.

I'm glad we got there early, b/c we were able to snag a seat sitting on some stones around a fountain. It was just open/free general admission, and it was so fun to sit back & "people watch" before the concert started.

The concert was RAD & totally TUBULAR! We had a great time dancing & singing along to the songs. It was a really high energy crowd & I'm so glad we went. I love it that Frank brings fun & excitement into my life. If it weren't for him, I would have been sitting on the couch watching TV tonight. We finally left around 10:30 so we could beat the traffic & get home a decent hour.

Friday, July 14, 2017

Lexie & Crew

 After work today, I had to stop at Costco to pick up some pizzas, salad, and a few other things. Frank was actually heading home & drives right past Costco so he stopped by before going home to have an early dinner since he hadn't eaten lunch today. He's so stinkin' handsome & hilarious! He took the pizzas home for me so he could get cleaned up and I finished my Costco shopping.

 We went over to Nick & Savi's w/ the food, b/c Lexie & her family were coming up to visit. They haven't met Frank yet (CRAZY, I know), they had a crib and a few other baby things to give to Nick & Savi, and they're taking Autumn to stay w/ them for a visit. We haven't seen them since our family vacation in Galveston back in March! It was AWESOME to see them again. We had so much fun talking, eating, laughing, and catching up w/ each other.

Nate was working (so was Nick) & was able to stop by during his dinner break to say hi. I'm beyond thankful for my siblings. I'm sad we weren't able to get Nick in this picture.

Thursday, July 13, 2017

Impromptu Lunch With Frank

Thank goodness for gift cards! One of Frank's jobs was close to where I work, so we were able to meet up for lunch at Jason's Deli. Getting to have alone time w/ him for the past 2 days & today has been SO GREAT! We're able to talk & connect & hold hands & kiss each other goodbye. I do NOT take it for granted at all & cherish these moments for sure. I am beyond blessed to be married to such a phenomenal man!

We got to have the missionaries in our home again tonight for another lesson with S. She's continuing to learn more about the gospel & it's such a privilege to have those lessons in our home. The missionaries have such a special Spirit about them. One Elder is here from Honduras & he speaks hardly any English at all. When he was testifying of what he knows to be true in his broken English, I could not keep the tears from flowing. So powerful!!!

Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Spontaneous Hot Date With Frank

 Liz went & picked Autumn up this afternoon & took her swimming with her kids, just so Autumn could have a change of pace for a little bit. She said they were having so much fun that they were just going to keep her until the evening time & that Frank and I should go out on a hot date! So ... we did! When Frank got home and cleaned up, we used our last gift card (sniff sniff) to Saltgrass. It was awesome to go out on a spontaneous date w/ this hottie, sit together, talk, hold hands, and have no interruptions!

Our "hot date" included some frozen yogurt at a gas station. LOL! I am beyond thankful to Liz for being such an amazing friend & offering out of the blue to watch Autumn for us. I wish I could return the favor, but her youngest son is in that "stranger danger" phase & freaks out if his parents leave him.

Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Surprising Frank At Work With Lunch

 I usually eat lunch at my desk, but I decided to surprise Frank at his jobsite (30 minutes away) with lunch. It was so fun to pull up behind his truck & see the joy on his face when he realized it was me. We sat on the tailgate of his truck in the shade and eat our food while we talked. Then he showed me around the jobsite. I'm beyond thankful for him & the incredibly physically demanding work that he puts in each day to help support our family. Poor guy comes home literally DRIPPING in sweat each day. His clothes are so soaked through that we put them straight into the washer. What a guy!!!

 After I picked Autumn up, we went to check on Emma. She so cute and we just love her so much! Her tongue permanently hangs out b/c her teeth had to be pulled.

Autumn wants a dog so bad, but we're never home during the day. She'll just have to get her dog fix from taking care of Georgia & Emma over the past few weeks.

After dinner, we went over to a lady's house in our ward that heard that Frank was a handyman. She needed to have a bathroom faucet switched out. It ended up being harder than Frank had originally anticipated, especially w/ his shoulders hurting so bad. I tried to help him as much as I could. He's a rockstar and was able to get it switched out for her. I love it that he's so knowledgeable about practical things and that he's able to use his hands to fix things.

Monday, July 10, 2017

A/C & Chinese Dinner

 The A/C at my office quit working on Friday afternoon. I was hoping it would be fixed over the weekend, but it wasn't. It was fine in the morning, but by the afternoon it was a toasty 82 degrees. I'm so grateful to live in a day & age where we have air conditioning! It was so nice once they got it fixed right before it was time to go home. I could feel an immediate difference once it was fixed.

Frank mowed the front yard when he got home from work, while I got some chores done inside. He wanted to eat out tonight, so we went to the Chinese restaurant where we went on our first official date (I had a coupon). We were saying how much has changed in less than 6 months. That first night we sat across from each other holding hands & staring into each other's eyes. We didn't do that tonight, but we're more in love w/ each other now than we were then. I love that we're so comfortable w/ each other and already feel like we've been married for years and years.

After dinner we went over to Autumn's cheer coach's house so Autumn could try on an adult sized top. They had their uniform fitting on Saturday, but all of the tops they had were too small for Autumn. She is definitely going to be an AWESOME Amazon woman like me. I made sure her coach ordered the bigger size, b/c this uniform is supposed to last for 2 cheer seasons & I don't want to have to worry about Autumn's belly showing if she raises her arms b/c she hits a growth spurt.

Sunday, July 9, 2017

Restful Sunday

 We slept in & then had a leisurely Sunday morning. It was nice to rest and relax. We clean up pretty well if I do say so myself.

 In church today, they had all the men come up for an "instant choir." They sang a hymn & it was so powerful! It brought tears to my eyes to look at all these valiant Priesthood holders in our ward.

Here is one of the big trees that was knocked down in the powerful storm that went through yesterday. So sad! We went & checked on Emma and then spent the rest of the evening watching TV and spending time together.