Friday, July 20, 2018

Autumn's Exersaucer

 I'm glad that baby girl loves her bath time. She looked so cute all wrapped up in her hooded owl towel.

 I just realized I have a lot of pictures of her with her mouth open like this. LOL! Autumn is so great at helping me when I'm trying to get work done. She will take Bitters and lay her in her lap while she's sitting crossed legged on the couch. She talks to her, feeds her a bottle, and they watch TV together.

 We're putting her in her Bumbo more these days for little spurts of time. She likes sitting upright and looking around at things. She's so alert & observant!

 New outfit, so Autumn insisted that we take a picture. If it were up to her, we'd try out every single outfit on Alisa that she owns & take pictures of every single one. Like our own real life paper doll.

 We went over to Nick & Savi's to pick up the mail and get the push lawnmower b/c it's broken. This little red exersaucer used to be Autumn's & it's been used by all of the grandkids over the past 11 years.

Frank worked on fixing the lawnmower so Nick can use it for the backyard around the pool. The knowledge he has of things like that blows my mind. I would get it all taken apart and have no idea how to put it back together again. What a guy!!!

Thursday, July 19, 2018

Mamma Mia Mommy Daughter Date

 As soon as I saw the first preview for the Mamma Mia 2 movie, I put it in my phone as a calendar item that Autumn & I would be going to see it. Tonight finally arrived, so we went to Wendy's & both got a 4 for $4 meal.

 Then we went and saw the movie. It was really good and we both enjoyed it immensely. It was so awesome to see the same characters again, along with a few new additions (GO CHER!).

 After the movie we splurged and treated ourselves to a half price shake at Sonic. Autumn asked me why I tipped the person that delivered our food if I already paid for the food. I told her it's b/c they only make something like $4 an hour (we asked the guy). So they rely heavily on tips. Autumn was so sad and upset that they make such little base pay. I explained to her that they must be making more than their base pay b/c otherwise they wouldn't be working there and would go work at Chick-fil-A or somewhere else where they could make more. She has such a soft & tender heart!

Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Fun Day

 Baby girl fell asleep so I put her in the big oversized chair. She looks pretty big in this picture, b/c I'm zoomed in on her.

 But when I zoom out and show more of the chair, she looks so little and tiny. I won't be able to put her in places like this for much longer, b/c she'll be too wiggly and be able to roll around!

 Autumn was being silly and put 4 different headbands on her at once. LOL! She actually looks really cute with all 4. It looks like a springtime bouquet.

 Frank took the boys out to have some fun again today, especially since he gets to spend such little time with the younger two. They went to Dave & Busters to play games and eat.

This picture makes me SO HAPPY even though the living room is a hot mess. Grant's on the couch looking at pictures of his great grandparents. Sean is on the floor holding Alisa while Frank, Spencer, and Mason look on. The game "Spot It" is on the coffee table b/c Autumn & I were playing it earlier. Even though it can be hectic & noisy & messy to have so many people living under one roof when I was used to it just being me & Autumn, I wouldn't change it for anything! ♥

Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Baby Model

 A friend of mine from my mission sent a package that came in the mail today. Inside was this ADORABLE bikini. It's a little big on Alisa now, but I couldn't wait to try it on her just to see what she looked like. TOO CUTE!!!

 Why is it that tummy fat & thigh rolls are cute on a baby, but not on adults? LOL! At what age does it switch?

 She was in such a happy mood that we switched her outfit and took a few more pics.

 She has that blue vein going from where her forehead/nose are to the corner of her eye. I'm hoping that will appear less noticeable as she gets older. 

 All of a sudden, she was DONE with taking pictures. But even her pout is ADORABLE!

 Frank heard about this place where you can pay a flat fee for admission to play all sorts of cool and old school video games. So, he took the boys there for some fun.

They seemed to have a great time and enjoyed being out of the house for a while.

Monday, July 16, 2018

Skiing In South Africa!!!

 Dad was able to ski in South Africa today at the only place you can, Tiffindell. On their last mission he went skiing in Lesotho. I think there are only 2 places you can ski in southern Africa, so he has now skied them both! Mom goes along just to hang out at the lodge and drink hot chocolate and read a book. She doesn't ski.

 They went with another missionary couple where the husband also likes to ski. As you can see behind them, there is no "real" snow. It's mostly artificial and therefore isn't very good. But it's not about "the best snow on Earth" like in Utah where Mom & Dad grew up. It's about the experience and being able to say he skied in South Africa. 

Meanwhile back at home, Frank was teaching Alisa how to play Fortnite while I was working. LOL! As you can tell from the concerned look on her face, she wasn't that into it.

We went over to Nick & Savi's house today to pick up Mom & Dad's mail and to say hi. It was so adorable to see Matthew & Alisa interacting. I can't believe how big Matthew is and that he's walking already!

Sunday, July 15, 2018

Denim Dress Up

 After church today, Autumn wanted to play dress up dolls w/ Alisa again. She put her in this all denim ensemble with cute white sandals. I usually never put shoes on Alisa b/c she just kicks them off from moving so much. But I do have to admit that they look adorable & really make the outfit.

 Again with sleeping with her arm above her head. I guess Autumn dressing her up wore her out.

Autumn asked for my phone so she could take a picture of my pajamas. I didn't understand why until she showed me this picture of my back shoulder. Instead of saying "shells", the "s" is in the seam so it says "HELLS." She thought that was hilarious.

Today is Mom & Dad's wedding anniversary & they are celebrating it at a ski lodge in South Africa. They sent us this picture, which made me laugh. I hope Frank & I are still this in love and happy at our 41 year wedding anniversary. My parents are such great examples to me.

Saturday, July 14, 2018

Cheer Movie

 Autumn's cheer coach is AMAZING! She took all the girls to go see the new Hotel Transylvania 3 movie to help build team unity.

 Autumn loves dressing up Alisa & put her in this strawberry outfit w/ the matching shoes. STOP IT! I can't handle the cuteness.

Speaking of cuteness ... Marissa posted this picture of Aubrey all dressed in purple. She's also a cutie and I love her purple bracelet.

Friday, July 13, 2018

Tummy Time

 We had to go to WalMart to get some things this morning. Frank tried on this dinosaur head, and I thought I would be OK with it since I know it's him inside. But when I went to get close to hug him, it freaked me out and I had to step back and take a picture from a distance. Guess I'm still not over that fear of people in costumes where I can't see their face!!!

 We also had to run to Costco for some things. I don't think Grant has ever been before, so this might have been his first time. Frank & Grant enjoyed going around trying all the samples.

 When we got home, Autumn & Alisa both crashed out on the couch and took a nap together.

 Our pediatrician told us Alisa needs to have more tummy time so she can get used to holding her head up and building those muscles. We tried it out on the bed tonight and she actually did really great keeping her head up.

 I know the pictures are blurry, but she's just so stinkin' cute that I had to include them anyways.

 Alisa likes to sleep w/ her left arm above her head or across her eyes. Hmmmm ... I wonder where she gets that from??? LOL!

Thursday, July 12, 2018

Lunch Time Date

 Daddy was having fun with Bitters this morning and wrapped this burp rag around her head. I love how it flops over at the top and looks like cute little bunny ears. 

 Autumn went to a friend's house to play, so Frank & I treated ourselves out to lunch. It was nice to sit and talk and reconnect. I enjoy going out on dates like this and need to make it more of a priority amidst our crazy & busy lives.

The food must have been super good, b/c when we got home Frank & Alisa fell asleep. It cracks me up that Frank still has his glasses on.

 Turnabout is fair play, b/c later on in the day I fell asleep holding the baby and Frank snuck this picture of me.

We had an awesome storm roll through town tonight and I love the way the clouds looked.

Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Bumbo & A Bummy Explosion

For 07/11 you would think that we went and got our free Slurpees or did something fun to celebrate. We didn't. But, baby girl tried out her Bumbo for the first time and I didn't like it b/c she looked so grown up!

 I guess she didn't like it and wanted to show us how much she disliked it, b/c this was our reward that she gave us later on in the day. YUCK!

She immediately got a bath and that outfit immediately went into the washer. How could anyone ever be mad at this adorable little face?

Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Homemade Craft Store

 I went into work for a little bit today. On the way home, we stopped by a store and Bitters was so cute while she slept in the stroller. I love that I caught her little lips all pursed as if she's Miss Priss. She makes lots of funny faces, but it's rare to catch them in a picture.

 Back in the day my Mom used to have a craft booth at a place called Coomer's. This reminded me of that ... where different vendors rent out booths to sell their handmade crafts. I loved walking the aisles and taking my time. I ended up getting 2 pairs of leather earrings, which are all the rage right now. I love them b/c they're big and substantial, but they don't hurt my ears b/c they weigh practically nothing.

 This sign in one of the booths caught my eye. I LOVE the big paper flowers. They're so pretty.

Tonight some friends stopped by to drop off a gift for the baby. Glenda (the Mom on the left) ALWAYS smells so good and has the best perfume.