Monday, April 21, 2014

Laundry & A Lightning Storm

IMG_2969 Please tell me that I’m not the only one whose laundry looks like this sometimes.  I had done laundry a few days ago & Nick put it on my dresser once it was done.  Then, we were gone pretty much from Friday – Sunday.  So, tonight I finally couldn’t stand it anymore.  After dinner, Autumn & I came home early so we could tackle putting away the clean laundry.  She had an even bigger pile in her room!  I’m happy to report we got it all put away (except for a few shirts of hers b/c I need to get more hangers) & I even got clean new sheets put on my bed.  YAY!

IMG_2994 I was watching TV when Shannon texted me & asked if I was watching the incredible lightning storm outside.  I ran out there & just stood there for over half an hour watching the storm.  These pictures do it ZERO justice, but there was just one bolt after another after another.

IMG_2986 I tried posting a video of it here on my blog, but it wouldn’t work.  I was completely mesmerized and could have stood out there watching the sky light up all night.  I haven’t seen anything quite like it!  It was like a free fireworks show from Heavenly Father!

Sunday, April 20, 2014

Bluebonnet Belle

Autumn & I went to our favorite bluebonnet spot this evening to get some pictures.  I was so happy to see that there were so many, b/c when we went to our spot at the beginning of April there was only one little patch.  I’ll have to remember to go at the end of April next year.  The weather was perfect b/c it was overcast & windy.  We did get rained on towards the end (hence the picture w/ the umbrella), but it was totally worth it.  I took over 200 pictures, so it was hard to narrow it down to these few.  Anyways, I’ll let the pictures speak for themselves.  Which one is your favorite???

IMG_1837 IMG_1860 
IMG_1846I had to include this one, b/c this facial expression is SOOOOOOOO Autumn!






IMG_1969 Outtake … her facial expression cracks me up.




Happy Easter 2014 ~ Sunday

IMG_2942HAPPY EASTER!!!  #BecauseofHim we can be together forever!  I’m hers, and she’s mine for eternity!!!  We got up this morning, got ready for church, & enjoyed a beautiful Easter program.  I’m so thankful for all that my Savior did, and continues to do for me.

IMG_1818 After church we came home, changed clothes, & went over to Mom & Dad’s.  Baby Adam looked so handsome in his cute onesie.  He’s such a happy baby!

IMG_1825 Jackson was cracking me up as he walked around the house eating this huge piece of chocolate.  He was holding onto that Avengers kite for dear life, too!  For dinner we had Mom’s delicious ham bone soup (at Lexie’s request), and pumpkin pie w/ whipped cream for dessert.

IMG_1827 After dinner, we had a little Family Home Evening lesson, b/c Andrew had come up w/ a great analogy using a little pin ball game he had.  Jackson just wanted to hang on Papa & wrestle instead of listen to the lesson.  They are such cute buddies.

IMG_2953 We were so sad when Lexie & Jon & the boys packed up to leave and go home.  We all went outside to say goodbye & give them one more hug.  We noticed that our neighbor, Mr. Jim, was outside working in his yard.  Dad went over to say hi, and next thing you know, Dad was over there with his own pickaxe.  Mr. Jim said that a pizza delivery guy (who was at the wrong house by the way) ran into his mailbox!  We try really hard to keep the Sabbath Day holy by resting from daily work.  However, we also know that helping a neighbor in need and doing service is what the Savior would do.  My Dad is such an incredible example of giving Christ-like service.  Not only did we help install the new one, we dug out the old one.

IMG_2960 Autumn had my cell phone & snapped this picture of us.  Yes, that’s me carrying the big old post & mailbox!  I might be overweight, but I’m surprisingly strong!!!  What better way to spend an Easter Sunday afternoon then helping others?

IMG_2955Mr. Jim said he would just fill in the hole w/ concrete & dirt tomorrow, but of course Dad wouldn’t hear of that!  Once he starts a job, he wants to finish it.  So, Mr. Jim went & got the concrete he had in his garage & Dad brought over his wheelbarrow & shovel & they mixed it together & poured it in and filled up the hole.  Autumn & I enjoyed looking at this beautiful trumpet vine while we held the mailbox up & waited for them to come back.  I’m glad we were able to help Mr. Jim.

I’m so thankful for Dad & his incredible example of love, service, hard work, & being a person who stays until the job is done!


Saturday, April 19, 2014

Happy Easter 2014 ~ Saturday

IMG_2937 Our morning started early at 6:45 when we woke up.  Aunt Sandy was so nice & let Mom & I sleep in her queen size bed b/c she wanted to sleep on the couch.  I rolled over this morning to say something to Mom & yelled out, “What the heck??? You’re not Mom!!!”  Lexie had gotten in bed in the middle of the night while Mom took care of Adam.  LOL!  Aunt Sandy heard us talking and laughing, so she came & got in bed with us too.  We just had to get a “selfie” of our crazy fun start to the day.

IMG_1503 (2) All the people that had spent the night at the farm came back to the house & we had a huge breakfast w/ bacon, eggs, fried potatoes, fruit, & a french toast bake casserole.  It was so delicious & we were all stuffed.  After that, Mom & Aunt Sandy handed out our lime green “Easter 2014” shirts.  We even got a big group picture!!!  It’s so hard for me to put into words what pictures like this mean to me.  It’s the memories & relationships that we are creating & strengthening that are priceless  & this photo captures just a split second snapshot of that joy & happiness.

IMG_1506 (2) Here’s our Johnson/Kemble/Guymon crew.  We wish that Nate & Riannon & Olivia could have been here with us.

IMG_1547 I LOVE iris, and this purple & white marbled one in Aunt Sandy’s yard was just stunning.

IMG_1560 We hung out, talked, & the kids played while some people went & hid the Easter eggs at the farm.  Then we all headed over to the farm to continue the party.  We had the kids line up from youngest to oldest & then we let them loose to find eggs.

IMG_1572 Here’s all the cute cousins w/ their Easter loot.

IMG_1604 After all that fun, Shane had organized a scavenger hunt.  So, he split the kids up into 2 groups & they had to go to different places around the farm to find clues.  It ended up at the tractor w/ some prizes in a treasure box.  Each of the kids got a water gun & Jackson was having a BLAST going around & shooting everyone.  His little devious face in this picture cracks me up.

IMG_1649 Uncle Robert took the kids over to the pen area to let the 4 cows out to eat.  The kids lost interest pretty quick & had more fun climbing up on the bales of hay.

IMG_1667 Uncle Robert gathered some of the kids around & gave them some instructions for a “special adventure.”  He was giving them directions & telling them how they had to climb the metal mountain, cross over the raging river, climb the dirt mountain, etc.  It was so cute to see how intently they listened to him.

IMG_1671 When he was done giving them their special instructions, they headed off to climb the big “metal mountain.”

IMG_1684 We tried to get a cute picture of all the kids on the bale of hay, but this was the best we could get.

IMG_1687 Uncle Robert wanted a picture of all of them sitting down w/ their hands & faces on the bar, but this was what we got.  They were not listening & were being crazy.  At least they were having fun!

IMG_1716 After their special adventure, the kids went to go fishing.  This picture just makes me happy.

IMG_1730 Autumn wanted to go out on the pond in the kayak, so Aunt Sandy took her out there.  They had a great time finding moss on the bottom, looking for fish, and just relaxing.

IMG_1745 To end all of the fun & festivities, the kids had a gunny sack race.  I love that Autumn & Brooke’s hair is flying everywhere, Caleb’s tongue is sticking out, and Jamie’s sack is so big it covers his whole body.

IMG_1788  On the way home I had to pull over to the side of the freeway to get a picture of this beautiful patch of bluebonnets.

IMG_1778I just had the 2 kids w/ me b/c everyone else had left earlier w/ Lexie & Jon.  This was the best pic I could get of them.  They were tired, it was too sunny, and they were just DONE.  Did y’all notice how Autumn’s mouth & teeth are blue from the candy she was eating?  They fell asleep within 10 minutes of getting back on the road, & slept the whole way home.

IMG_1802 We spent the rest of the evening together just napping, watching The Hobbit, loving on Baby Adam, and then we had ham & baked potatoes for dinner.  Autumn & I came home so we could sleep in our own beds & get some good rest after such a fun day.

Friday, April 18, 2014

“Mormon Prom” & Friday Night Fun At The Farm

IMG_1461 Tonight after work I hurried home & started some rice in the rice cooker.  I also checked on the creamy crock pot chicken I had put into the crock pot this morning.  I packed for overnight tonight & for the Easter party at the farm tomorrow.  Then at 6:30 I went over to Sis. Lee’s house to help her get ready for the 4 Laurels we had coming over to eat dinner before “Mormon Prom.”  Sis. Lee had her formal living room set up so fancy for the girls.

IMG_1481 They all looked so beautiful in their formal dresses!

IMG_1485 I just love Sis. Lee to pieces.  She is such a phenomenal person & I’m thankful that I get to serve with her in Young Women’s.

IMG_1491 Sis. Lee’s 2 girls & their friend that was playing at their house came downstairs all dressed up in their fancy dresses so they could be like the big girls.  I thought that was so adorable!!!

IMG_1494Bro. Foulger came & picked up the girls at 8:30 to chauffer them to the dance.  He was on chaperone duty anyways, so that made it easy.  He is such a neat guy & always teases Autumn when he sees her in the hall at church by saying, “Hey there, Winter!  How are you?”  Autumn will laugh & tell him that’s not her name.  Then he’ll say, “Oh, sorry!  Hi, Summer.  How ya doing?”

IMG_2926Anyways, after the girls left I went to pick Nick up at work at 9:00 when he was supposed to get off.  He didn’t get off until 9:30, and as soon as he did we hit the road.  We stopped at McDonalds to get him something to eat, and I got a big cup of diet Dr. Pepper to keep me awake for the 2 hour drive out to Uncle Robert & Aunt Sandy’s.  I posted this pic on Facebook & said I had a big cup of “sin juice.”  A bunch of people didn’t know what that is, so I had to clarify that in our family, that’s what we call any caffeinated drinks.  We love our “sin juice.”  On the drive to Aunt Sandy’s we got to see some cool fireworks going off for about 15 minutes as we drove past the Rangers baseball ball park.

glow sticks 1 We got to Aunt Sandy’s at 11:00 pm and stayed up talking to everyone for about an hour.  The Dad’s & Papa’s & kids were spending the night at the farm in tents.  Rocky posted this pic on Facebook that he took of the kids playing w/ the glow sticks Uncle Robert had given them.  HOW FUN!

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Fashion, Nails & Fun Shopping Finds

IMG_2918 Today after work I stopped & got McDonald’s on the way home, b/c I had been fasting all day for missionary work & I knew Autumn & I wouldn’t get a chance to stop for dinner.  It was a neat & spiritual experience to be fasting on the Thursday before Easter, b/c that is the day that Christ introduces the sacrament, and most importantly it’s the day He suffered for our sins in Gethsemane.  That, to me, is the crucial & critical part of the Atonement.  It’s how we can overcome spiritual death, & then the resurrection is how we can overcome physical death.

Anyways, I got Autumn from daycare & we had to stop for an EMERGENCY bathroom break.  She cracks me up w/ her fashion style, b/c this morning she insisted that I put this blue & white polka dot bow sash in her hair for a headband.  Sometimes I look at her & am just amazed that she is mine & that I get the privilege of being her Mother.

IMG_2919 I went & got my nails done b/c they were WAY grown out & looked bad.  We were the last ones in there & so Lily waxed Autumn’s eyebrows & even painted Autumn’s nails.  We are so spoiled by them & are so thankful for all they do to keep us looking Diva-licious!

IMG_2921 We came home, did reading homework, and then I got Autumn to bed.  For our big day of service in May, I am in charge of collecting kitchen items for a women’s shelter transitional apartment in our area.  A lady in my ward texted me to see if she could stop by & drop off some kitchen items she had gotten.  I was completely overwhelmed w/ gratitude & love when she brought ALL of these really nice & brand new items.  Especially since she has gone through some major health issues lately.  Her charity & giving heart just filled my cup to overflowing.

IMG_2923 When Nick got home from work, I left to go shopping at WalMart around 10:00.  I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again … I love shopping at night when the store isn’t as crowded & I don’t have Autumn with me.  That way I can take my time & just enjoy walking around.  I ran across these “throw back” cups for just $1.99 on an end cap!  It made me so happy!  I just wish they had Jem & Rainbow Brite cups, and then it would have been like my childhood sitting there on the shelf.

IMG_2924I came home w/ these 2 new products to try.  The fruit punch Oreo cookies were interesting.  I didn’t hate them, but I wouldn’t buy them again.  The Almond Joy pudding was pretty good.  It was basically just chocolate pudding w/ bits of coconut & almonds in it.  That concludes my fun shopping adventures for this week.