Thursday, October 15, 2009

Evening Of Excitement

IMG_1661 Tonight when Autumn & I got home from school/work, I went in my closet to put away my shoes and I saw a surprise in there…this LOVELY filing cabinet. I have been wanting to get one since I moved into the house so I could have a place to organize all of my papers and all of the handouts and things I’ve collected from when I was in Young Women’s. I called Dad to thank him, b/c I knew right away it was from him. He said he found it at an estates sale for a great price. What a fun and wonderful surprise! Happy early birthday present to me from Dad. Thank you, Dad, for such a thoughtful and useful gift.

IMG_1663 Ever since our visiting teaching outing last month when we went to Sephora, I have been wanting to get some Dolce & Gabbana Light Blue perfume. However, at Sephora and other places online, it was super expensive. I decided to try ebay after a friend’s suggestion (thank you, Meghan). I found a great deal and ordered it online. I ordered from this seller, and she is AWESOME! Not only did she send the perfume super fast, but it came wrapped in the cute sparkle tissue paper in the background of this picture. Also, she put a little note in there about herself and the best part is that she included a little gift of some candies and these adorable pearl earrings! It was such a small but meaningful thing for her to do. It was nice to see someone go above and beyond what was expected. I will DEFINITELY be buying perfume from her in the future!

IMG_1668 Autumn & I just vegged for a little bit and enjoyed the nice and cool weather (62 degrees). We opened up the widows in the house and enjoyed the light fall breeze we had going through the house.

IMG_1670 Autumn was laying on the couch and decided to take off her socks and kept putting them on me, so I pretended to smell them and pretended that they were super stinky. She was laughing like crazy and thought it was the funniest game ever. I love how she’s just chillaxin on the couch like she owns the joint. She cracks me up.

IMG_1675 We went over to Cheddars to meet up w/ Jennifer (my friend from high school) and her 3 little girls. We got there a little bit before they did, so we got our name on the list for a table and then went exploring. We found this rock and Autumn climbed up on it and pretended like she was “King of the Rock” like on Mulan. I would teasingly telling her I was Mulan and she would laugh and say, “No, I Mooo-wan.”

IMG_1679 We walked across the parking lot to a little pond to run around and enjoy the great weather. We raced to some trees and then raced back. Autumn loves to be outside and loves to run. She’s pretty dang fast, too!


IMG_1680 Our table was finally ready, so we went back over to the restaurant. We ordered some onion rings while we waited for Jennifer & the girls to get there. I’ve said before how big the onion ring tower is, but here’s a visual…it’s as tall as 2 cell phones stacked on top of each other, or it’s as tall as Autumn while she’s sitting down…this thing is MASSIVE and only $4! That’s what I love about Cheddars…it’s good prices for a TON of food.

IMG_1684 Jennifer and the girls finally made it through all of the wretched Dallas traffic. It was SO FUN to sit and talk and catch up on each other’s lives. I am so thankful for blogs and technology so I can keep in touch w/ great friends like Jennifer. We talked about some of the people from high school and where they are now and how we all kind of look the same, just a little older. I love that Jennifer is so incredibly talented. She takes amazing pictures, has redecorated her house, makes adorable clothes for her girls, etc. She’s such a good friend and I’m so glad she took the time to literally go out of her way to come visit.

IMG_1685 The girls are adorable and have the bluest eyes. It’s fun for Autumn to get to be around other little girls her age. We enjoyed our food and then all enjoyed sharing a big old cookie monster.

IMG_1686 I am so thankful to have such good friends in my life. After she moved away (back when we were in high school), we lost touch for quite a few years, but we’ve been able to pick right back up where we left off. It was a great evening and I hope we can make this at least a yearly thing to get together, if not more often!


Hanah said...

Lisa I LOVE LOVE LOVE that picture of Autumn running!! Absolutely GORGEOUS!! What can I say, she takes after her mama! :D

Jen said...

I am so glad we were able to visit!!! xoxo

Susan Marie said...

Lisa, your Autumn is just beautiful! I'm happy, too, that you and Jen have been able to reconnect. :)

(from Jen's mom!)