Saturday, October 17, 2009

Slammed Saturday

IMG_1716 B/c Autumn was so tired last night, we just stayed over at Mom & Dad’s. This morning we got up and her diaper had leaked all over her pants and shirt, so Dad gave her one of his t-shirts to wear as substitute jammies. It was way too big on her but she looked cute.

IMG_1717 Then they sat and had cereal together and Dad was saying a blessing on the food before eating it and it was such a cute and tender moment b/c Autumn had her arms folded and her head bowed and then she looked up at him w/ such adoring eyes. They are so good for each other.

IMG_1719 I went and got my nails done while Mom watched Autumn for me. Then I went to Market Street and got some Penne Dolcelatta for lunch. I seriously love that stuff so much I didn’t leave a drop of it in the bowl….I sopped up all the left over juice w/ some bread.

Liz came over and at 1:00 we went to the Book of Mormon Pageant. I didn’t take pictures, b/c they ask you not to. It was a great pageant and Autumn liked being able to see Uncle Curt & Deckers & Dad & Maggie. She wasn’t too sure what to think of Dad all dressed up in costume and hid behind my legs when he got close to us. Then after Maggie’s scene as we were leaving Autumn walked up to her and said, “My Maggie!” It was really funny, but Maggie did a great job and kept a straight face.

IMG_1720After the Pageant, Liz went home and Autumn & I went back to Mom & Dad’s to make some pumpkin cookies. Then Autumn & I drove down to the train station to meet up w/ Liz & Liberty and Liz’s family to head downtown. The train was really crowded b/c of the Red River Rivalry football game. It was interesting to say the least. The guy behind Liz drinking the yogurt was funny and reminded me of Flava Flave. He kept saying funny stuff that made us laugh.

IMG_1724 We switched trains downtown, and I really liked these big sunflowers w/ clocks in them. I thought they looked really cool.

IMG_1726 We finally made it down there and I’m so glad we took our Dr. Pepper cans b/c we got in for $5 after 5:00 pm. I was worried we wouldn’t have enough, so I had gone to the store earlier in the day and bought a 12 pack. I drank 2 of them and then poured the rest of them into a container for us to drink later. We didn’t end up needing as many as I brought, so I gave the extras to some people standing in line. This was the first time I’ve been to the state fair.

IMG_1727 We got into the fair and walked around in the auto show area and then went and got a corn dog. It’s just not the State Fair w/ out eating a corn dog and walking by Big Tex. Autumn was obsessed w/ Big Tex and didn’t want to leave that area.

IMG_1730 The Texas State Fair is famous not only for Big Tex but also for all the different types of fried food they have. As you can see on this sign, the big attraction this year was not the fried cookie dough, but fried butter. I wanted to try that, but the line was crazy long. I’ve heard it’s actually good b/c the butter melts into the batter and so it’s like eating a buttered roll. Oh, well…maybe next year.

IMG_1749 They had all sorts of fried things…fried snickers, fried oreos, and even fried pork chips. That just sounds disgusting to me. Talk about fat and calorie overload!

IMG_1732 One thing we did try was the fried cheese cake and the fried pecan pie. We had to wait in line for a while for the fried pecan pie, but someone walking by said it was definitely worth it.

IMG_1739 I wasn’t too impressed w/ the fried cheesecake, but Liz & Liberty LOVED the fried pecan pie they got. They said it was amazing.

IMG_1733After eating our yummy treats it was time for the parade. This was a pretty cool float that went by. Autumn LOVED the parade and waving at the pretty princess looking girls that would wave as they rode by.

IMG_1743 After the parade, Liz & Liberty wanted to try a turkey leg, so they went and got one. That thing was HUGE but they said it was really good.

IMG_1746After walking so much, we wanted to sit down for a minute, so we went into this little arena place to watch the pig races. They would assign each section of the crowd a pig to cheer for. Autumn didn’t care…she clapped and cheered every time another section would clap. She was having such a good time and it made me so happy to see the joy on her little face.

IMG_1754 Next it was off to the best part of the fair…the petting zoo. Autumn had such a good time walking around and seeing all the animals. We even got her some feed to give to the goats and cows. While we were by the baby goats she kept saying, “Gigi’s babies.”

IMG_1761 She wasn’t afraid of the animals at all and kept walking over to them and just petting them. She really liked this little cow and kept playing w/ its ears.

IMG_1759 They had this little area set up w/ this cute backdrop, so we had someone take a picture for us. Autumn wasn’t too happy when it was time to leave the petting zoo, but I bribed her w/ going and seeing the pretty lights by all the rides.

IMG_1767 She was so good the whole night, which is an answer to a prayer b/c she only got a 3o min. nap today. While we were walking back to the train station she put her little hands in the pocket of her jacket and she was just walking along like she was out for an evening stroll and that she owned the place. It cracked me up!

IMG_1773On the train ride home she got her second wind and was dancing around and being silly. She even stood up on the step and kept swinging around on the pole. There were other kids on the train too, and you could tell it was way past their bedtime b/c they were fussy and cranky. But not Autumn…she was having a good old time. It was such a fun day and now I can say I’ve been to the Texas State Fair!

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