Friday, November 20, 2009

We Love You, Pioneer Woman

IMG_0058 Today at work I told Liz about the Pioneer Woman blog, which I rediscovered.  I have known about her blog for a while but haven’t been to it recently.  But I discovered her AWESOME posts about photography.  They were INCREDIBLY helpful.  Anyways, Liz got into the posts about cooking and decided that she wanted to make the enchiladas.  She had Liberty buy the ingredients and then said she wanted to come over and cook tonight.  So, they brought Lola over and we got to work making the enchiladas.  This is such a cute family picture (minus the big butcher knife that looks like Liberty is holding up to Lola…he was just cutting up olives.)

IMG_0061 When Autumn wasn’t trying to “help” us in the kitchen, she kept herself entertained by putting stickers into this book and Lola wanted to come over and “help” her.  It was cute to see them play together.

IMG_0063 Liz also told Nate to come over and eat w/ us.  We had a great little assembly line going on to make the enchiladas.  Everyone was in on making dinner, which made it a lot of fun.  Like Mom always says…many hands make light work.

IMG_0069 Once we had the enchiladas in the oven, we worked on setting the table.  Liberty put Lola in Liz’s hoodie and she was SOOO cute!

IMG_0072 We were laughing b/c Autumn’s diaper was so water logged and saggy but she didn’t seem to mind and had fun running around and helping us set the table and check on the food.

IMG_0073 The enchiladas were really tasty, but they were too much work.  It wasn’t bad b/c 4 of us were doing it together, but if I had to do all that on my own it would not have worked.  After we ate, we played Catch Phrase and laughed off all the calories we just ate.  The way Liz was explaining stuff was HILARIOUS!  It was such a fun evening and we definitely need to do stuff like this more often.

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