Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Chivalry Is Not Dead

IMG_1959 Today it was super cold outside and around 2:00 it started to snow, which is a big deal in Texas. We decided to leave work 30 min early just so we didn’t get stuck driving on any icy roads. As we were leaving, the boyfriend of one of the girls in the office brought us all hot chocolate from Starbucks! It was so thoughtful and it totally made my day. So here’s some advice for any guys out there…if you want to impress your girlfriend and all her friends (and it’s important to have her friends on your side), just surprise them every once in a while w/ a little treat.

I remember Tara telling me that when her parents were dating, her Dad would always come over to her Mom’s apartment and would take out their trash and do their dishes. Also, if one of Deb’s roommates was at home on a Friday night and didn’t have a date, he would invite that roommate to go out w/ them so she didn’t have to be alone on a Friday night! Chivalry is usually just doing the small and little things that mean so much. We need more chivalry in the world.

IMG_1958 I needed to go grocery shopping yesterday, so after Autumn went to bed I went to WalMart (Nick was here w/ her so don’t freak out and turn me into CPS). I wanted to make the southwest eggrolls that Ashley’s Mom had made while we were in Utah, so I got all the ingredients for them. It was nice to be at WalMart by myself and not have to worry about keeping Autumn entertained. Anyways, I called Mom this morning and told her I’d come over and make the eggrolls for everyone for dinner.

The avocados I got weren’t ripe, so the sauce wasn’t as good as Ashley’s mom’s, but it was still tasty and everyone seemed to like them. Autumn needed a bath, so I gave her a bath and then Dad was very chivalrous and took her recliner in his room so they could watch Mulan together. Then when it was time for us to go home, he was chivalrous and wrapped her up in a blanket and carried her out to the car.

It’s good to know that


Ash said...

Now if we could only find some of single, chivalrous male folk...

~Penny~ said...

It is not dead. Thankfully, Cakes is super chilvarious. I haven't opened a door in 3 years!

PS...LOVE your new lay out!