Thursday, December 10, 2009

Phenomenal Photographer

This morning wasn’t super eventful, but it was still busy.  I got up and spent some time working (even though I’m on vacation).  I got things ready for payroll and just took care of some things I could do while away.  Dad & Nate were busy getting all packed up so Mom could take them to the airport (they both had to leave today in order to be back to work tomorrow).

After all of the morning busy work, we had some lunch and then Autumn & I got all gussied up to go have and our pictures professionally taken by Maka.  I used to work w/ him when I lived in Utah and he’s since changed careers and has become a photographer, and a phenomenal one at that.  I’ve been wanting to get some pictures of Autumn & I together, and when I knew we would be going to Utah, I contacted Maka right away to make sure I could schedule a time w/ him to have him take our pictures.  I love how his pictures turn out and he’s incredibly talented.  Autumn wasn’t too cooperative at first b/c I had to wake her up from a nap and she wasn’t liking the cold.  But, we took some pictures inside and I got her to smile and lighten up by just playing w/ her and singing songs.  You can check out Maka’s website here.  I highly recommend using him for any pictures you need to have taken.  I can’t wait to see how the pictures turned out.  Thanks for a great photo shoot, Maka!

IMG_1205 After that, we went back to Rufio’s house to relax and spend the evening together.  This was a picture I took out her window upstairs.  I can’t even express how much I LOVE the mountains, especially when it’s a crisp clear day and the blue sky just makes the white snow stand out.  I think Mt. Timp is my favorite mountain.

IMG_1208 It was quite a shock to go from 60 degree weather in Texas to temperatures in the teens in Utah.  But, the snow is so beautiful and I loved these ice crystals that had formed on Rufio’s window.

IMG_1214 Nick saw this huge icicle hanging off of the porch, so he went out and got it (in his bare feet, w/ no coat on).  We had him put it on his forehead and pretend like he was a unicorn and then we told him to hold it over Mom’s head…creepy.

IMG_1215 I had bought myself some chapstick b/c my lips were so incredibly dry.  Autumn found it and insisted on putting some “whip-stick” on me & Mom & Rufio.  By the time she had put some on all of us for the third time, our mouths had a huge ring of red all around them.  We all looked like clowns, but she was having the time of her life.

IMG_1216I spent the rest of the evening working on these glass tile pendants.  I bought the tiles on and then went to the craft store and bought some cute scrapbook paper.  I googled how to do them and this website is the tutorial I used on how to make them.  Next time I make them, I’m going to use thicker scrapbook paper, b/c the glue soaked through the back of the thin paper.  But, I still think they turned out great.  I’m excited to give them to friends and family as gifts.

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