Thursday, July 10, 2014

First Cheer Practice & Pizookies With The Laurel’s

P1110934 Today was one of those busy days where it was just go, go, go.  First of all, Autumn had splash day today so she has to wear her swimsuit & daycare shirt.  She also had to pack a change of clothes, towel, and sack lunch.  As soon as I picked her up from daycare I had her change into some cheer practice clothes.  She scarfed down some popcorn & yogurt on the way to cheer practice.  They start at 5:30, so I warned her coach that we’re always going to be a little bit late b/c I don’t get off until 5:00 and have a 30 minute commute if traffic is good.  Then, we had a hard time finding where they were practicing.  We finally found it & poor Autumn cried during part of the practice b/c all the other girls can do a cartwheel & handstand and she can’t.  Her coach was so nice and just talked to her and told her they’ll work on it together.  I’m not going to stay each week for her 2 hour practice, but I did this week just to see what they do.  This is going to be good for her, b/c they run laps, do push ups, and other conditioning exercises in addition to learning cheers.  I’m excited for her to be on this team.

I also enjoyed talking to a few of the other Moms.  One of them is married to a man who’s whole family lives in Orem and is LDS except for him.  Such a small Mormon world!

P1110935As soon as cheer practice was over at 7:30 Autumn & I left to go over to the Lee’s.  Autumn stayed and played w/ Sis. Lee’s kids (don’t worry … her husband was there too) while Sis. Lee & King & I had pizookies at BJ’s Brewhouse w/ the 3 graduating Laurel’s.  It was fun to visit w/ them and let them know how much we love them and how much we’ll miss them.  I’m so excited for the adventures they’re going to have at college next month.  Autumn & I finally got home at 9:30, and she was fast asleep in just a few minutes, b/c it had been such a big day for her.

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