Friday, August 1, 2014

Gettin’ Our Nails Did

IMG_4322 We got up early enough this morning that we had enough time to go to Max’s and get a doughnut for breakfast.  Autumn likes to get the pink one w/ sprinkles or the doughnut holes.  I like the eclairs or the old fashioned cake doughnuts.  What a great way to start our Friday!

IMG_4327 We were going to leave for Austin as soon as I got done w/ work, but Mom & Dad decided we should wait & leave really early tomorrow morning.  So, I went and got my nails done after work b/c they were super grown out.

IMG_4328 They weren’t super busy, so Olivia offered to paint Autumn’s nails for her.  She also got her scary eyebrows waxed.

IMG_4330 We came home, I got her to bed, and started watching Little Dorrit that Sis. Lee let me borrow.  It’s a 4 DVD series, and I only got through 2 of the DVD’s and it was 1:00 am!  I was so creeped out by the Frenchman in the movie that I had to sleep w/ the light on.  I am going to be so tired when I have to wake up at 5:00 am!

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