Thursday, August 7, 2014

KFC, My Cheerleader & The Hundred Foot Journey

IMG_4355 I went and dropped Autumn off at cheer practice, and Mom said she had a hankerin’ for KFC for dinner.  So, I stopped and grabbed us some.  It was nice to sit and eat and visit w/out interruptions.  I had to take a pic and text it to Walker, b/c he always used to tease me about eating KFC.

IMG_4358 Autumn was so excited when I picked her up from cheer practice b/c her cartwheel is getting better.  Plus, they got their cheer tops.  She was so excited to try it on after she took a shower and before going to bed.  She makes such a cute little Lions cheerleader.

IMG_4363Once Nick got home from work at 9:30, I went and picked up Mom & Mary and we went and saw The Hundred Foot Journey at 10:00.  It was such a good movie, and is one that I’ll buy when it comes out on DVD.  I had one of the theater workers snap a pic of us w/ my cell phone which turned out dark & grainy, but I love it anyways.  It was so fun to have a late night out w/ them.

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