Monday, August 24, 2015

First Day Of Third Grade

IMG_4879 Miss Autumn started 3rd grade today and I am so proud of her. We made sure to get up a little earlier than usual so we could get pictures and so I could walk her into her classroom instead of just dropping her off. It’s hard to believe she’s already in 3rd grade already. When we moved back to Texas she was just 5 months old and that seems like just 2 years ago instead of 8 years ago.

We got her black slip on shoes at Payless a few weeks ago and everyday she would ask me if she could wear them. I told her she had to wait to wear them on the 1st day of school. She was thrilled that today had finally arrived so she could wear her new shoes.

IMG_4890There were no tears from either of us. She hung up her back pack, sat at her desk, and immediately started working on this word find her teacher had made of the names of all the kids in the class. I had to ask her to stop for a second so I could get a few pics. A couple of months ago she had some major anxiety about starting 3rd grade, but after meeting her teacher, realizing her teacher is a kindred spirit, and getting a blessing from Uncle Curt I think she’s ready to take on 3rd grade.

When I picked her up from daycare she everything had gone great and she was excited. Curt called this evening just to check and see how her first day had gone! That meant a lot to Autumn.

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