Wednesday, August 26, 2015

So Long, Savi

08.26 Savi home Poor Nicky Snicky had to say goodbye to his sweet girlfriend, Savi, today. He picked her up and a friend took them to the airport. He got teary-eyed a few times last week just thinking about having to say good bye to her for a while. Thank goodness for technology so they can still talk and see each other over the phone.

She is such a sweetheart and has been SO GOOD for him! She’s gotten him to do things that we never could such as drive on the freeway, keep track of what he’s spending, work on math, improve his handwriting, not play video games for over a month, etc.


To try and cheer Nick up and keep his mind off of how bad he was feeling we took him out to dinner tonight at Cheddar’s. We LOVE their huge tower of onion rings.

IMG_8634 Autumn’s favorite thing there are their honey butter croissants. When she was little she used to call them eggrolls. LOL.

P1130025We love Cheddars b/c they have huge portions, the food is really good, and the prices are very reasonable. It was fun spending time together, and trying to cheer Nick up. I think he’s going to be very sad for the next few months, but we’ll try to do all we can to keep him happy.

IMG_8643 I have to admit that it was SO NICE not having to go to Young Women’s tonight. The youth are starting seminary tomorrow so the Stake was doing a Seminary Kick Off, and I didn’t have to be there. After Autumn’s shower last night she asked me to put foam stick curlers in her hair. This was the result after being at school & daycare all day. I love her perfect ringlets and that her hair will actually hold a curl b/c usually it’s straight as a board.

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