Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Ice Cream Sculptures

P1130079 Tonight we had cheer practice and left early to make it to the church by 7:00. The Mia Maids were in charge of the YM/YW combined activity. They decided on ice cream sculptures, b/c they had seen another ward doing it and it looked like fun. We had planned on doing it out at the pavilion, but another ward was already set up out there for another activity. So, we improvised and did it in the gym. I threatened everyone that if they spilled on the floor that they would be cleaning it up … with their tongue!!!

Here’s what each group created. The Beehive class made a beehive.

P1130077 The Deacons made a scary Halloween face.

P1130076 The Mia Maids made a turtle.

P1130073T he Teachers made the letters BYU.

P1130081 The Priests made the local high school’s football stadium.

P1130086The Laurels made the Salt Lake City temple.

I felt so bad during clean up when we were throwing away gallons and gallons of ice cream. I thought of all the kids who go without food and we were being so wasteful. But, it was a fun activity and the youth loved it. The activity was over in about 15 minutes. The kids didn’t mind, b/c then they just played basketball & volleyball in the gym until it was time to go.

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