Monday, December 7, 2015

Good Food & Feelin’ Good

We needed to go grocery shopping tonight, but it’s never a good idea to shop on an empty stomach so we went to Panda Express first. We shared their 3 entree meal. Their new honey sesame chicken breast was really really good!

We got all of the groceries we needed (the prices of their produce can’t be beat), and a few extra things. When we got in line to check out, there was a cute Hispanic family in front of us w/ 4 girls that looked like they ranged from about age 12 down to 3. I had the distinct impression come to me that I needed to pay for their groceries. I kind of brushed it off, b/c I saw the Mom pull out her food stamp card, but the impression came to me again. They didn’t have very many groceries, so I decided to go ahead and do it. I quietly told the cashier I was going to pay for their groceries.

When it came time to pay, I put myself in front of the card swiper and swiped my card. The Mom & Dad looked at each other w/ confused looks. I just smiled and said, “Merry Christmas.” They still looked at me as if I had 3 heads so I told them I was paying for their groceries and to have a Merry Christmas. They finally smiled and said thank you but left w/ looks of bewilderment. It was a small thing for Autumn & I to do, but this is what Christmas is all about.
We bought a bottle of this non-alcoholic fancy strawberry daiquiri drink, and decided to drink it in our fancy glasses (notice Autumn has her pinky sticking out). It was really good at first but after a few sips it tasted like cough medicine. YUCK!

Since this pie is so incredibly rich and delicious, we wanted to share it. Plus, there is no way we could eat it all, even over the course of a few days. So, we took some to a few people in our ward that we knew would love it. Including the Bishop to let him know how much we appreciate him.

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