Saturday, January 9, 2016

Hearing The Words Of An Apostle

 I got up this morning and was getting ready to go to the temple when Nick came in my room and wanted to talk. He was so excited b/c him and Savi were talking about getting married towards the end of this year when Mom & Dad are home from their mission. I had to remind myself to "be a fountain, not a drain," when I told him about all the MAJOR hurdles they'll have to figure out and overcome before that can become a reality. We came up with a list of things for them to talk about and figure out (mostly about know what the laws are for if they get married there or here, etc) that he put in his phone. I almost didn't go to the temple b/c I had spent so much time talking to him about everything. But, I made myself get up and go, and I'm always glad when I do that. After the session I sat in the celestial room for 30 minutes just soaking in the peace and quiet and goodness.

After I left, I went to my nail appointment at 12:00. Then I stopped at Little Caesar's on the way home to grab some lunch for me & Autumn & Nick. We spent the rest of the afternoon cleaning, relaxing, and I put some finishing touches on my lesson for tomorrow.

Autumn & I went to the church at 7:00 for a special fireside/broadcast from Elder D Todd Christofferson (a member of the Quorum of the 12 Apostles) and his wife. He is in Dallas and so he did a fireside which was broadcast to our church buildings in the surrounding metroplex. It was really good, and he's surprisingly really funny. As I was sitting there and listening to him speak, I reflected on what a HUGE blessing it is to have modern day apostles. That would equate to me getting to list to Peter or James or John speak if I lived in New Testament times! I tend to take things like this for granted b/c it's just what I've always known and grown up with.

After the fireside Autumn made a beeline to Kylie, Kenzie, & Ashley to tell them all hi and give them all hugs. What a great looking group of youth. You can just see the light in their countenances. I'm glad Autumn & I went even though she gave me some grief about not wanting to go. We stopped at WalMart on the way home to grab a few things, and then called it a night.

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