Monday, January 11, 2016

We Can Do Hard Things!

I had Autumn help me make dinner tonight, b/c she needs to start learning how to make some easy meals. Then we'll work our way up to harder meals. We made pigs in a blanket (just hot dogs wrapped in crescent roll dough). The BIG learning part came when I told her SHE had to take them out of the oven instead of me. She's so scared of the oven b/c it's hot and she's afraid she's going to burn herself.

I told her I was NOT going to do it, even though she threw a fit and was crying. I sat at the kitchen counter and stayed calm and told her I would walk her through it. I keep giving her encouragement and told her how ready she is for this and how she'll do great. I had her turn off the oven, open the door, let some of the heat escape, and then put on the oven mitts. She tried throwing a fit again but I held my ground and told her I would not be taking them out of the oven. I told her how to do it and she finally mustered up the courage and took them out.

The look of joy on her face when she realized she had done it all on her own was priceless, and was so worth the tears and frustration. I'm really proud of her for conquering one of her fears and doing something hard. After we ate, I helped her w/ doing her laundry. I've shown her how to do it before, but she just needed a refresher course.WE CAN DO HARD THINGS!!!

Also, she wanted me to mention that her hair looks "cool" like that b/c she had me put in braids after she took a shower last night.

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