Friday, January 29, 2016

2 Dates In One Day

For the past week I've been chatting w/ a guy on an LDS dating website. I've had a profile on that website for years, but nothing has ever come of it. Anyways, we decided to meet today for the first time for lunch. We went to a local BBQ place for my lunch break. Y'all, I have not been on a date in almost SEVEN (yes, SEVEN) years!!! That's a loooooooooooooooong time. I was really nervous beforehand, b/c I'm so out of practice in the dating scene. But, it went really well. He was very nice and polite and we had a good conversation. I'm not reading anything into this other than it was a lunch date and we'll see if anything happens from here.

 Autumn & I went on a Mommy/Daughter date tonight to see Kung Fu Panda 3. I had low expectations b/c the 2nd & 3rd movies (like Aladdin 2 & 3, Lion King 2 &3, Land Before Time 297) are never as good as the 1st one. However, we both REALLY liked this one. It was funny, the story moved along well, there were some great one liners about life lessons, etc. I'd for sure see it again.

On the way home Autumn begged to stop at 7-Eleven to get these lime flavored peanuts her daycare teacher had shared w/ her one day. She was so happy when we found them. I tried them and I thought they were AWFUL! But Autumn loves them and thinks they taste so good. I'm glad they were what she had a hankerin' for, b/c you can't deny a hankerin'.

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