Friday, February 12, 2016

Amazing African Adventure Day 2

 We finally made it to Dubai, and we could tell that we were in the DESERT when we looked out our windows. Look at all of that sand!
 We had a 2 hour lay over, and we're glad b/c we had to go through security again when we got there. Then we had to take an elevator up a few levels, take a train to another part of the airport, and then take a few more elevators to get to our gate!
We found some nice chairs where we could sit/lounge and stretch out our legs. I checked out the shops around our terminal just to get some exercise and see what there was to see. They had a little grocery store, so I went in there to buy some deodorant. I was hoping to find some authentic food but was disappointed to find a Burger King! I can get that in the States. I have my sunglasses on b/c there were huge windows on one whole side of the terminal, and it was bright in there!

 Since we didn't have a long layover in Dubai, we weren't able to go see anything. But, out the window of the airport we were able to see Burj Khalifa, the tallest building in the world. Our flight from Dubai to Johannesburg (Joburg) was 8 hours. But, it went by fast compared to the 14 hour flight we had just been on. We slept, ate, watched movies, and watched on the video map as to where we were.
We were soooooooooo happy to get through customs (it was quick and easy) and hug Papa & Mimi!!! They were such a welcome sight. We loaded all of our luggage into the 8 passenger van they rented and headed towards their apartment.
Autumn made a bee-line to their collection of little bead & wire animals. She's been talking about them ever since she heard we were coming to South Africa. We put our luggage away in the 2 apartments Mom & Dad rented for us.
Mom is AMAZING and had the most delicious homemade soup waiting for us for dinner. We ate, talked, laughed, and then everyone went to bed b/c we were all exhausted. Plus, it was already 11:00 pm South African time and Mom & Dad had to be to the temple by 5:30 am! We're so thankful we are here safe and sound. Let our Amazing African Adventures begin!!!

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