Thursday, March 17, 2016

Autumn's First Volleyball Practice

 Happy St. Patrick's Day! After school/work Autumn & I came home, ate a quick dinner, and headed over to her first volleyball practice. I signed her up for spring volleyball this year, and she's super excited about it. It was fun to meet the other girls and their parents, and then it was right into practice for the girls. Their coach had them do suicides, and then practice serving and setting and bumping.

 The practice is an hour and a half long, and the girls did really well for their first practice. Autumn was a "sweaty head" after, which is going to be so good for her. We both like her coach and think this will be a fun and exciting thing.

 The girls got their jerseys tonight and were so excited to try them on and wear them for a picture. There was one girl on the team that wasn't able to make it to practice tonight, so we'll get her picture next week.

 Of course we had to do a silly one too!

Autumn couldn't wait to get home so she could try on her volleyball shorts w/ her jersey. She looks so happy and I really hope this is something she can practice and get good at, and possibly play volleyball in high school and college if she's good enough. Her height is definitely playing to her advantage!

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