Saturday, June 11, 2016

Camp, Babysitting, Cheer Meeting, & My Autumn Girl Is Home

 I slept on this pool floatie mat (you can see the corner of it poking out at the top right hand corner) on the ground w/ a blanket over it last night, and it was soooooo comfortable! The first night I slept on a cot, but I couldn't toss and turn and it was uncomfortable. This is what I'm going to sleep on from now on when I camp! It was like sleeping on a memory foam mattress.

Once everyone got up this morning, we had them gather up all their things and start packing. For breakfast we had Chick Fil A mini sandwiches, and they were soooooo yummy! While waiting for their parents to come pick them up, the girls made yarn friendship bracelets. Once the sun had come up a little bit and dried the dew off of the tents, we had the girls put the tents away.
All of the girls were gone by 10:30 am, and there was still A LOT of stuff to do to clean up. Next time I'm making them do more instead of thinking I could just do it myself. I need to give them more to do and make them more responsible for cleaning up their own messes. I ended up being there until 12:30 still cleaning up!

 Lexie sent me this pic and said that Autumn has been such a great helper all week. I asked her if she wanted to meet 1/2 way today for me to get Autumn, or if she wanted to wait and meet tomorrow. She said she would ask Jon when he got home from Andrew's swim meet.
 Nate texted and asked if I could come over and stay w/ Olivia for a little bit. They had someone coming over to watch her while they went to a wedding, but the babysitter wasn't there yet and they had to go. So, I went over and just laid on their couch under the fan to cool off while Olivia took a nap. Mowlgi is so cute and is such a good dog. 
 I was going to go get my nails fixed, b/c 3 of them got ruined during camp. But, my normal nail guy couldn't fit me in today. Plus, I have camp again next week so I'll just live w/ janky nails for a while. The babysitter got to Nate & Riannon's at 2:30, so I was able to go and drop off some camp stuff to people in the ward that we had borrowed. I final got to come home and shower before having to leave again. It felt so good to be clean & not sweaty!!!
 At 4:30 I went to a cheer meeting for Autumn's team that starts up in the fall. I'm glad she's w/ the same group and that they're all coming back this year. It's a great group of girls and it's been so good for Autumn.
 As soon as that was over at 5:30 I texted Lexie to let her know I was on my way. Jon said he was willing to meet me half way today instead of tomorrow so I could get my Autumn Girl back. She was asleep when we finally met up, so she was a little confused. But, it didn't take long for her to wake up and start taking pictures w/ Snapchat again. I've missed her so very much and was so happy to give her a big hug and see her!
 We got home around 9:00 and were both so tired and worn out that we went straight to bed. She really makes my life complete and I'm thankful camp is over, that it all went well, and that my Autumn Girl is home safe & sound.

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