Wednesday, June 29, 2016

The Game Plan Activity

 The YW got to vote on Sunday from a list of movies we could watch tonight. They of their own free will & choice voted for "The Game Plan." I don't know if my LOVE of The Rock had any part in them voting for that movie, but that's the one they chose. So, that's what we watched tonight when they came over. We wanted to do a fun & low key activity to try and get some of our less active YW to come. But, 3 of them were out of town and 2 of them never responded to our texts.

But, we still had a GREAT time. We had a lot of treats (which were left over from camp), and had a pretty good turn out. In the summer it's hard to plan activities b/c we never know who's gone on vacation, who's sick, who's in town, etc. It's good for me to host the activities at my house, b/c then it FORCES me to clean! LOL.

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Loran Fabyuel said...

Thanks for posting this. I wish it was able to be translated, but for some reason