Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Pretty Pretty Princess Party

Tonight for our combined YW activity we had a "Pretty Pretty Princess Party." We started out with watching this POWERFUL video from BYU Professor Sarah M. Coyne. The first part talks about the affects of the Superhero culture on boys. Then at a 14:52 she talks about princesses. It's really PHENOMENAL, and the YW listened to intently.

After that we talked about some of the things we had learned or things that stood out to us. Then, I had them tell me some of their favorite Disney princesses and I wrote those on the board. Then I had them give me positive attributes that each princess had.

 After that, I had each young women come stand against this white board. Everyone else had dry erase markers and would write something nice about that YW on the board around them. It was so fun to see each YW be surrounded by her fellow YW when it was their turn.

 Sis. S had lots of scepters left over from her school classroom, so she brought those and every girl got a scepter (we talked about what a scepter is and stands for at the end).

 When it was each girl's turn they got to wear a princess sash & crown (I got both of them at the $1 Store) for their picture. As you can see, we have young women that are FULL of personality.

 I loved seeing the different things the other YW wrote about each girl. After they were done writing (we only gave them about 30 seconds for each girl or else we would have been there all night), I would take a picture. We're going to use these in our end-of-the-year slideshow.

 Autumn & us leaders even got to be in on the action. SO FUN!

 After everyone had a turn, we did a quick wrap up about how each of them are spiritually ROYAL & DIVINE! For refreshments we had WalMart cupcakes. The YW seemed to have a great time, and it was meaningful ... the best type of activity!

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Jen T said...

what a fun activity! I am going to copy you! Love it!