Sunday, August 14, 2016

A Cop Giving A Talk In Church

 Autumn was so excited to wear some of her new clothes to church today. She looks so grown up!

During the 3rd hour, I skipped Young Women's and we went to Nate & Riannon's ward. Riannon was going to be giving her very first talk in sacrament meeting ever, and we wanted to be there to support her. But, I guess she was too sick w/ being pregnant and texted Nate an hour before and asked him if he would do it. He was working, but said he could take his lunch break and do it. He did a WONDERFUL job and I'm glad we were there to hear his talk. It was funny to see him up at the podium in his police uniform.

After church I stayed for BYC and then dropped the girls off at home after the meeting. I ran & picked Autumn up from Liz & Liberty's (they were so great to take Autumn home w/ them after church so she didn't have to wait for me while I was in my meeting). Then we went out to Aimee's house b/c she had a car load of clothes and books to give us. She is SO GENEROUS and we're so thankful that she saves her kids' clothes that are too small and gives them to us. I think she has single-handedly clothed all of Lexie's boys.

Autumn & I got home at 6:00 and were DONE! We spent the rest of the night eating dinner, snuggling on the couch, and watching The Parent Trap.

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